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ArchXL - REL - Div 2 Rank 1

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

When I joined rebbl my only experience with blood bowl was 1 season of playing Ogres in a tabletop league, so I wanted to try something different and passing game elfs seemed to be the most different from ogres you could get. Turns out both teams are about not rolling 1s, so not really all that different.

Who is your favorite living player?

Still Not Inazuma Eleven. Helf Catcher with Blodgestep Frenzy Tackle. He doesn’t have any flashy stats or doubles, but he gets work done. You need a scoring threat? Bam, covered. You need someone out of the way? Bam, covered. You need really hard to remove tackle on someone? Bam, Covered. You need your opponents to be afraid of the side zones? Bam. Covered.

What was the worst luck for your opponent that happened in this season?

I try not to remember my bad luck, and you want me to dig up other people's bad luck? No thanks :P

Who is your favorite dead player?

Girls Und Panzer 2. Helf Blitzer with dodge, agi up, leap, guard. This guy was magic, go anywhere, do anything, provide assists from crazy angles, setup all the crazy push plays. And if the ball was on the ground and within 9 squares of him he would get it and pass it. Met his end on a failed leap against Motlee that I chose not to reroll because I was saving rerolls for something. Dead into apo into dead. :(

If the team you are playing with explodes will you switch to Norse?

Yes, unless pact is available at that point in time. Or necro. I dunno I guess I would have to flip a coin between norse and necro. But definitely Chaos Pact if they are available.

Would you rather fight one Chubstep-sized squirrel or fifty squirrel-sized Chubsteps?

One Chubstep-Sized squirrel. 50 Tiny sized but Human intelligence level dudes sounds way more terrifying than 1 big squirrel

Tooth And Fist

michaels - REL - Div 2 Rank 2

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

Necro are a good team to feel out the rest of the division. They’re high speed but average agility so they can keep up with elves & claw means they can bash with dwarves. Regen means I don’t have to throw another 50k at an apo & zombies equate to a bench really fast.

They’re also one of the few non-elf teams where I feel I can lose a positional & still be ok. I’ve played games with 1 wolf, no ghouls, no golems & still pulled out wins. The team doesn’t rely heavily on any single positional which makes it really flexible depending on how the game goes. With a couple skill ups spread out across the main players you can really open up a lot of options in playstyle that you can’t necessarily do with other teams.

Hardest game of the season?

Kalli….hahahahahaha. Just kidding. Oh man I tried. I really did. Just couldn’t make it through that one with a straight face.

I’d have to say Arch was the toughest just because of that leap piece of shit. If I had to do it all over again that guy would be eating a boot every damn turn!

Who, from outside your region, would you LOVE to play in the playoffs, and why?

I’d have to say whoever goes full tilt the fastest & gives me an easy win. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! (It's barmution….shhhhhhhh).

What was the worst luck for your opponent that happened in this season?

Poor Thessa. He did everything right. It was all going his way. Then fire came down from on high. The end.

Who is your favourite REBBL admin and why is it Metal?

I’m still amazed anyone put Metal in charge of something that isn’t a) a cardboard box or b) something that could be folded to make a cardboard box.

Spoonybard’s got my ticket for best of the best. It could be because he likes to give everyone free wins or it could be...well no. That’s the only reason.

You are on a desert island with Steakmittens and Shadorra.  Which one do you make the leader of your new colony, and why?

What the fuck is a Steakmittens? Are these D&D character names? Look, man, I think it’s great you have a hobby outside REBBL & all that but I don’t want to be part of your larp-group or whatever neckbeard garbage it is you’re trying to peddle so just put your little dice back into your little bag & crawl back to your mom’s basement ya murlock.

Le Gland Bleu

Thessa - REL - Div 2 Rank 3

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

I usually prefer heavy teams but I hate playing races that everyone else plays. Since there were few woodies coach, I went with them with the idea to reroll into something heavier once the current team gets destroyed.

Who is your favorite living player?

Vergolas, my uncatchable catcher!

What was the luckiest thing that happened to you on the pitch?

This was with a halfling team but all the same…. One of my trees threw one of his little teammate, failed the throw and was stunned when the halfling fell on him! Rather unlucky but still very funny.

Who would you ABSOLUTELY not want to play against in the playoffs, and why?

Bleedinghippy and his Chorfs. His team is terrifying and Chorfs are a nightmare for woodies.

If you were a bird which would you be?

An owl, night is beautiful!

How much did you pay the refs this season to get your record?

Nothing, I threatened them instead!

- Gypsy Prince

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