The Way of the Leaf

Chubberson - Big O - Division 4B

Why do you choose to play with your race/team

The food, definitely the food. Halfling chef’s cook their beloved coaches (nothing like a good spa when playing in Norsca) and on a good day will even cook food for him. My personal favorite is steamed Werewolf nut sack covered in a hearty Ghoul Jus, just to make sure they don’t regenerate!

Who, from outside your region, would you LOVE to play in the playoffs, and why?

I guess AndyDavo or Larkstar or any of the BBLANZ lads (great bunch!) if they are in. Anyone I have played with in a league before, it always seems to give the old Tiltmeter a boost if you have some history and generally makes for a pleasant-ish game.

Who is your favorite dead player?

Prisoner 666. He was a Dwarf runner for Pit Machine and old team of mine, born from the union of a lovely Pro-Elf working girl and a famous dwarven blood bowler. He made legend himself and nearly led his team to glory but fell short, actually, off the pitch and was dismembered by the crowd, even the apo could not save him. 7358 Block, Tackle, KoR. RIP little fella, I still cry about that when I’m alone in bed spooning my teddy.

Which game was the most difficult?

This season, any game where the chef stole 2rr or less, which was not all of them, but quite a few. We nearly sacked him after a 4 game stretch where he stole 6 or 7  from four games. The fact we had 3 draws from those probably kept the git his job, this 33 percent shit ain’t cutting the mustard.

How much did you pay the refs this season to get your record?

A tidy little sum, but we also had to fork out two 5 kilogram blocks of cheese (Pepper Jack and Swiss) for those damn Rats to lose the last game and hand us the ‘progression by default’ ticket. A ticket we gladly accepted I might add. Very honorable of the rats to keep their end of the bargain, an Underworld rat wouldn’t have. Shard junkies the lot of them.

On a scale of 1 to apo-ing a skink, how hard are you trying to create memes with your playoff run?

Apo-ing a skink, no doubt about that. We are here to win, Ya hear that Baserk, you better protect Combo Carl, that green bag-o-shit may-as-well put a metal rod on his head cos after the wizard lights him up, we’ll be using him as a trampoline!

Snake Kitties

Teddy Rose - REL - RAMPUP/10E

Why do you choose to play with your race/team

Lizards… It’s the team that I feel the most comfortable with. It seems like with their strength/speed combo, If you get reasonably good dice, you can do anything.

What race is your least favorite to play against?

Probably Lizards. My only loss of the season came to them. But any heavy claw team is scary too.

Did you think you would make playoffs at the start of the season?

Not at all. Although RAMPUP was pretty small at the time, This is my first ever league, and I still have major holes in my game.

Who is your favorite living player?

On my team? My Saurus- Captain Crunch(MB Blodge). My most developed player so far.

You have won $1,000,000, but there is a condition: You must compete in a real life blood bowl match.  You are allowed to pick your team from Rebbl coaches. Who becomes your star blitzer and why?

Orabbi seems like the obvious choice…. His target will die.

If you were a bird which would you be?

This sounds like a pre-existing debate from chat…. I’m not taking sides…. So maybe a Cardinal?

The LizzardBlizzard

GemeneRick - Minors - Europe

Why do you choose to play with your race/team

It is jolly good fun to bully people with a huge strength advantage and to annoy people with superfast skinks that dodge everywhere. Also I think Lizzies are interesting to play with their clear strengths and weaknesses. You always have to protect the skinks and a based saurus is not going anywhere.

Which game was the most difficult?

The minor’s final was definitely the hardest. After a suboptimal wizard play, the humans scored quickly in their half. After a blitz all but 2 players were based. I picked up the ball for a side cage and dub-skulled on a blitz to complete the cage. After a ball sack and a overcommit by my opponent, I was 2 2+ away without rerolls from picking up the ball, stalling out the half and winning with a 2-1 grind. That match def could have gone either way.

Who is your favourite player on your team and why?

My krox. Not only do I love his animations (especially when he bites someone). It’s a little minigame for me to put his tail on as many players as possible every turn. My record is 5, and when someone fails a dodge and that animation plays. So satisfying.

What was the worst luck for your opponent that happened in this season?

In the semifinals, chaos dwarfs got to receive the ball first and wanted to kill some saurus. A pitch invasion stunned half his team and one of my players (I did have +1 fan). This allowed me to control his only claw pomber, kill his blodge ball carrier with a dub POW, steal the ball and score.

On a scale of 1 to apo-ing a skink, how hard are you trying to create memes with your playoff run?

There is definitely a chance I will apo my agi 4 skink. Have done so before. I will also be trying to get my krox on 6 players or more to break my record.

What mini would you love to have as the season 9 trophy?

My kroxigor!

- Gypsy Prince

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