So for long time readers, you will know that I have a soft spot in my heart for the Lineman League. From the first iteration under Lich's Looney Lineman League, to the Average Bois of Rumblebee and Rusty Seabutter, and now we have....



A re-imagining of the Lineman League, we have a new format that is in the middle of season. If you have the time, drop by the reddit page or discord channel and take a look around and maybe grab a pint.

So the first change is it is not ALL linemen. That is right, you get TWO (2) Positionals. The only rule is that they can not be the same one (for the most part).

The second rule was, there is no death in the Beer League. You get an Admin Rolled Injury. Maybe it is a Miss Next Game, maybe it is an Armor Bust. The end result is, never death. Second Rule Subesection B: You can't fire the guy unless he has Two (2) permanent Injuries. Not sure if that is as soon as he gets 2 or after the 2nd one.
**EDIT** This rule has been removed. Not sure if you can fire anyone at anytime or what? I mean it is a volunteer fun league for the Players. Right?!

Third Rule. No Stadium Upgrades: EXCEPT BEER STANDS!
I mean, it is a beer league.

Other fun aspects of the league is that the teams are supposed to be infulanced or named after real life pubs, bars, and other boozey establishments. (Personal Plug -- I named mine after a local pub Corbett McGee's Irish Pus of Anderson, SC, USA. )

There is more fluff and stuff, so I will link to the original post by Hero, the Admin of the League and the fountain of this inspiration. ( )

There are some teams banned from compitition. Elves(all), Dwarves, Amazon, Norse, Chaos
1: Halflings may take 2 trees
2: Ogres may take 2 Ogres
3: Skaven may not take Gutter Runners
4: Vampires may only take 1 Vampire


So far I have found the league to be fun and the concept to be a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stale world of Casualty Driven Blood Bowl. The 2-1 Grind is not so grindy when everyone is playing a theme. From Skinks being baby sat by a Kroxigor, The Human Catcher being the star of his team, or Orcs doing Orc things with a Black Orc being 'the big guy'; the Beer League may be a fun alternative to CLAN games you can't get into or something to do while waiting on Rollovers.

Come join us.
And maybe have a 2nd pint with us?






- Ledeas

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It has been the most fun format i've played in awhile - Marasai

It has been the most fun format i've played in awhile - Marasai

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