Bent-O: Season X Preview.

There is something in the wind that is calling to you and your feet inexplicably lead you back to that strange maze of winding alleys. As you walk them once again, memories of the past months flutter back, mixing up with the echos of recent conflagrations.
The weather in the labyrinth still makes no sense, seemingly changing along your mosaic of memories. Stifling heat in one lane pushes you to open your collar, just in time for a glacial wind to sneak into it as you turn the corner. You dream of cold beer and BBQ one second, just to pine for warm tea and dumpling soup on your next step. This ramble along the meandering ways feels like a journey in space and time. Wonder if that place is still here? With it's weird dishes and grotesque crowd of patrons...
When you finally arrive at the usual spot in the glow of the setting sun, a few changes are noticeable. An unlit neon sign of undecipherable characters now thrones silently over the entrance door. From inside the building, a symphony of sounds announces intense activity: grating handsaw sounds punctuated by hammer blows and catcalls in bizarre tongues. Open windows from the floor above exhale a strong smell of fresh woodwork, as well as the occasional cloud of sawdust. Intrigued, you go to try the door, only to find it locked. Nobody hears you when you knock on it either. What is going on here?
Looking around, you notice a menu slate hanging on the wall. Handwritten in chalk, with flourishes, the header reads "Returning! Soon™". Then what seems to be the usual menu follows...

Division 1: Pointy Ears in Fashion
Races: Chaos, Delves x2, Dorfs, Helves, Kislev, Lizards, Necros, Orcs x2, Prelves, Skaven, Undead, Welves.
Potential: As always, proven chefs only in this part of the kitchen! You will find your classic and beloved flavors from last season, with additional dishes. Necro, Undead and Welves cuisines will make a come back; while Kislev and Prelves make their first appearance. A more varied selection than last season, aiming to establish new trends.
Recaps by: Krusader and XS

Division 2: Blood, Snot and Tears
Races: Chaos, Chorfs, Humies, Kislev, Lizards x2, Necro x2, Nurgle x3, Orc, Underworld, Zons.
Potential: If you enjoyed the 3rd division last season, you'll enjoy your double serving. Chaos, Chorfs, Double Necro and Triple Nurgle will definitely the acquired tastes of the division, with a sprinkle of mellower ones. Take note of the addition of Underworld warpstone powder, something to spice up any mixture you can come up with.
Recaps by:  Cynergy and GdayNick

Division 3: Vets and Sophomores
Races: Chorfs, Flings x2, Helves, Kislev, Necro, Nurgle, Undead
Potential: Only eight cooks lining up here, but an interesting mix of proven veterans and sophomores. Keep an eye on the duo of Halflings cooks wandering around, the only two in the Big O. Kislev will also be there as it becomes a staple of the conference. A mix for connoisseurs of established and exotic cuisines.
Recaps by:  Fyrs and AussieViking

Division 4: Squirelly Variations
Races: Chaos, Dorfs, Gobbos, Kislev, Skaven, Underworld x2, Welves
Potential: Another line-up of eight cooks. Along a selection of classic choices such as Chaos, Dorfs, Skaven or Welves; you will also find some Kislev delights (the 4th in that many divs), a duo of Underworld madmen and Big O's only Gobbo crazed alchemist. An explosive mix for the adventurous!
Recaps by: Tommo

Division 5A: Grudge Pool
Races: Brets, Chaos, Delves, Dorfs, Lizards, Necros, Woodies x2 
Potential: Another group of 8. This one has the specificity of regrouping only proven chefs, each and every one of them returning. Some get back to their roots while others attempt foray into new lands. Whichever cook-off you'll end up watching will hold its fair share of lessons for aspiring kitchen hands!
Recaps by: Rhys

Division 5B: G'day, Yoroshiku!
Races: Brets, Chorfs, Helves x2, Necros x2, Orcs x2
Potential: The last pool of eight. Composed of returning and totally new coaches, the admission room of the Big O. The absence of mean, scarred vets should make the hazing less chafing. You will find a collection of safe choices to start with. A good place to have an idea of where to start!
Recaps by:  PapaNasty

- Zee

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