Bent-O [S9W9] 

The first thing you notice, as you slide the door closed behind you, is the number of silhouettes occupying tables in the gloomy end of the room. The owner navigates between them and the back of his counter, a bandana covering his head and his hands filled trays and glasses. He winks at you, and nods towards the counter, where nobody is sitting, yet.
"Hello there!" he greets you with a smile and a wink. You notice beads of sweat over his brow, as he bends over the counter to drop a glass of beer in front of you. "I'll get to you in a second, those folks in the back need a bit of handling." He steps back in the shadows of the kitchen, his hands full with dirty trays and glasses, comes out loaded with fresh ones. You look at him sliding smoothly from one customer to another, dropping trays and glasses in front of them, picking up menus and making sure every one is happy. The big, hunched silhouette seems to have become a regular too, as well as the tall one with the fur hat. A couple of lanky ones sit slightly further apart, and you could swear they have pointy ears. 
The owner gets back to you and slips you a menu-slate. "News have been going around, we're starting to get a more diverse clientèle." He points over his shoulder at the kitchen with his thumb. "I had to get some temporary help, it was getting a bit tense in here." He gives you a large smile. "Don't worry! We'll always have time for you." He picks up a basket and waves it at you. "Here, we have a special treat for you this week, as dessert. It's something we think of - OI, YOU !" He rushes back to tangle with some loud customers, waving a stern finger at them.
You tuck in, enjoying your beer, your wobbly seat and the Wear & Tear patina of the counter.

Division 1 - High quality dishes, beloved by students and masters worldwide.

Bash Incorporated (2350 TV Orcs) vs Warc Machine III (1690 TV Orcs) - Recipe 
A double serving of Orc grub, known in the jargon as the Orc double stew. Maybe not the most glamour on the menu, but filling and reliable. Never goes out of fashion
Outline: Fungus on fungus action, can be ruthless even to legendary ones.
2-0 for Warc Machine III 

TeenageMutantNinjaGoblins (1390 TV Underworld) vs Catastrophy (1680 Tv Chaos) - Recipe 
The punch of Chaos peppers, a rare find these days in the Big O, married with the Underworld bizarre meats and warpstone powders. Why? Because we can!
Outline: Chaos skewers, with a sprinkle of warpstone, to hit the top of the Scoville scale.

Division 2 - What would a main course be without its accompaniment?

Muten Roshi's Bear School (1680 TV Kislevs) vs The Arcana (1660 TV Pro Elves) - Recipe 
When the uncommon becomes the standard. Kislev ice cold gumbo laced with Pro Elf unique spicy zip. Trying it is loving it. Trust me.
Outline: Intricate flavours braided together for tight finish despite a rough edge.
2-1 for Muten Roshi's Bear School

Monty's Tosspots (1350 TV Halflings) vs Old Hobart Honeybadgers (1750 TV High Elves) - Recipe 
The famous sausages of Halflings cooks, packed in the renowned pastries of High Elves chefs. Always a good choice for a choice, anytime, anywhere.
Outline: Who can say no to a good Halfling "Sausage-Inn'-Elvish-Bun"?
4-2 for Old Hobart Honeybadgers

Division 3 -  The rainbow of side dishes, expect more adventurous choices.

Never Swapping (1840 TV Necromantics) vs Sassy Soviets (1650 TV Kislevs) - Recipe 
Two styles in fashion this season and going strong, at least in their corner of the Big O. A promising marinade, potent and flavory, full of surprises.
Outline: A nose of wet fur for an aftertaste of cold sweats. An acquired yet intriguing taste.
2-1 for Sassy Soviets

School of Dance (1680 TV Wood Elves) vs The Nurgtown Crooners (1980 TV Nurgle) - Recipe 
Two of our quality traditions fusing into an instant classic. Subtle tastes at first despite a strong nose, for a complex and tight finish.
Outline: Wood Elf Tofu with Nurgle Thousand-Years Egg, the Yin and Yang of side dishes.
3-2 for School of Dance 

Divisions 4 - The cheese and desserts tray no meal would be complete without.

Queens of the memes (1470 TV Amazons) vs Saturday Nyght Femur (1400 TV Undeads) - Recipe 
Amazon spicy pastries are often a rare sight, and surely not to everyone's taste. Usually goes down better paired with some Undead ice-cream.
Outline: A delicate pairing, with Amazon sweetness losing some flavours to the cold.
2-1 for Queens of the memes

Khorne's Elf Experiment (1440 TV Pro Elves)  vs Springfield '92 (1120 TV Underworld) - Recipe
Warpstone is an ingredient more and more popular these days, and can be used to spice up many types of dishes, such as these nice, classic Elvish compotes.
Outline: While Underworld powders became more popular, they rarely suffice to make a full dish yet.
5-2 for Khorne's Elf Experiment

Finish your meal in style with a mis-fortune cookie, on the house!

This weekly piece, with its qualities and short comings, wouldn't exist without many other contributions. Hence the following words of gratitude: to the admins, technicians, recappers, writers and coaches for taking on their time to make ReBBL a splendid place to enjoy our Blood Bowl hobby.

More specific and personal thanks, in alphabetical order:

  • Cynergy: Member of [O₂] clan. Coach of "The Nurgtown Crooners". Big O streamer. Recapper of division 3. CCL experimenter. Proud owner of a ReBBL mug.
  • Fyrs: Coach of "Saturday Night Femur". Recent arrival but active coach in the Big O community and around. Offers commentary-free brodcasts of some ReBBL games, to help when available. 
  • Gypsy Prince: Coach of "One Punch Ogre". REL streamer. Our editor-in-chief here at the news section, always working on offering us better tools and looking for new recruits. Many thanks for enduring me.
  • Krusader: Leader of [bOot] clan. Coach of "Muten Roshi Bear's School". Big O streamer. Recapper of divisions 1&2. Kislev enthusiast. Nominated for the title of "Coolest Novocastrian". 
  • Majorbyte: Coach of "Âlve". The tireless worker behind, without which present article would simply not exist. Hat off, Sir.
  • PapaNasty: Leader of [O] clan, coach of "Bash Incorporated". Big O streamer. Offers late games streams and always up for good advice as many experienced ReBBL coaches can be.
  • Schlice: Member of [O₂] clan. Coach of the "Ratfuckers United". The person you have to thank every time you see the match reports, check the play-offs brackets and the weekly match summaries. Many deserved thanks.
  • Seriasssam: Member of clan [HrsY]. Coach of "Leaping Lizardss". Big O Streamer. Recapper of division 4A. A recent and active addition to the community as well. Prays for OP skinks. 
  • Tommo: Member of [O₂] clan. Coach of "The Arcana". Big O Streamer. Talented Elf coach and passionate streamer. Not often online, so do not miss him.

- Zee

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