The city is already draped up in its night gown by the time you set out. The atmsophere has something eerie: rwos of red lanterns hang from dark buildings, the omnipresent silence broken only by some far away staccato of firecrackers. Along the network of back alleys, few windows are lit up and offer signs of life. They spout rattling sounds of mahjong tiles, laughter explosions and clinks of banquets eating. Smells of grilled meat, spicy fish broth and sweet potato treats mingle together to form the usual aroma of New Year celebrations.

At your usual spot things are pretty quiet. Shreds of mist roll in the electric halo of the blinking neon light. Seemingly lulled by its gentle buzzing, a female silhouette in bird helmet is slouched against the wall, covered by a blanket. In her sleep, she twitches and trashes, moaning "ya- yamete!" You briefly consider waking her up before thinking better of it, in view of the potent moonshine smell emanating from her.

Inside, the ambiance has that particular tone of sedate happiness resulting of full stomachs. Notepad in hand, the owner is in full discussion with a patron drinking from a massive mug of tea. Passing them by, you recognize the armored and bearded podcasting enthusiast. While waiting for them to finish their conversation, you sit at your favorite spot and take in tonight's crowd in their habitat.

At one side table of the main room, a bare chested elf is methodically eating pieces of marbled cheese with a glass of wine, a satisfied smile on his face. One table over, a tall goblin in studded leather spins a spiky oval ball on his fingers, revolutions among the spiral volutes of his cigarette smoke. The central circular table is occupied by a mix of stupid looking goats and impassible reptiles, all looking ready to start a tabletop game. Between the tables, a Bretonnian knight accompanies a ghoul with oversized shoulders as they roam the room and call out for tickets.

The first floor gallery displays a rat with green claws strutting around with in high-collared cape and pointy bascinet. Two small blue reptiles dance some celebratory samba steps while a blue-faced dwarf drinks solitarily in a private room. The half-open doors of the other one let slip fragments of a discussion about the respective merits of togas and flannel shirts.

Next to the highest floor railing, a very buff looking dwarf holds up a pair of goat horns for a large orc in flip-flops to look at, in return for examining the evil looking shoulder piece the latter brought. Another dwarf, all wrapped up in his tiny leather jacket, is trying to turn a ghoul skull into a drinking tankard. In one of the rooms, a tall white haired elf with a black eye punchily tries to sort out a pile of tickets spread out on the table in front of him.

The owner, as often, pulls you back from your contemplation. "Hello there." He sports a slightly melancholic smile as he gives you a menu and a glass of beer. "Good to see you; so I can tell you now: in two weeks, I'll be out of this business." Shruging in response to the look of surprise on your face, "Well, I've found some investment opportunities oversea. Plus it was getting hard to run this place on my own, I needed a change. But don't worry we still have a couple of weeks ahead serving clients. So fill your boot while you can, hahaha." With a pat on the shoulder he leaves you staring at the menu...

Div1: The main stands to attend, do not mind the queue.
School of Dance (1840 WElves) vs Lazy Lounge Lizards UTD (1820 Lizards) - Recipe
A dish that will please those looking for fresh fruits and vegetables. And who better to bring it to you than a pair of Welf and Lizard chefs? Prepare to delight in those freshly roasted bananas soaked in coconut sauce. One serving is never enough.

Warc Machine 3 (2110 Orcs) vs The Rat Way To Go (1900 Rats) - Recipe 
Yes Skavens are famous for their cheese, but this should not over shadow their deep knowledge in strange herbs and powder to spice our dishes up. Take a classic: stir-fried rice noodles with mushrooms and add that crazy Skaven sauce mix for the kick!
2-1 Warc Machine

Div2: Spicy and weird alley, for food adventurers.
Da Kahoonaz (1650 Orcs) vs Fork Tonnes (1450 Lizards) - Recipe
You want some meat, but you also want some soup. ¿Porque no los dos? Take some pig spine, an Orc favourite, boiled for hours in pork broth to the point of unearthly tenderness. Serve after pouring generously spicy and sour soup on it, with coriander and green chillies.  
1-0 Fork Tonnes

Masters of the Underverce (1590 UW) vs Never Swapping (1800 Necros) - Recipe  
You loved an Underworld troll Chef for Salt Bae? Get ready for another serving! This time bringing you whole fish stuffed with lemon grass, and coated in Warpstone salt before being grilled. It'll take all the Necro art of slicing to cut that delicacy open. 
2-0 MotU

Div3: New take on the classics, discovery and nostalgia.
Saturday Nyght Femur (1480 Undead) vs Bright Moon Poets (1450 Necros) - Recipe 
Can't go more classic than grilled sausage, always a safe choice. But you'd like some variations and we understand that. Try our specialty: fermented pork with sticky rice and garlic, grilled  and served bite-sized with a side of green chillies for a bit of sting.
2-0 Bright Moon Poets

Div4: Pick me up snacks, good from sunrise to sunset.
Bar Room Blusterers (1790 WElves) vs The Blessed Ratmen (1600 Rats) - Recipe 
What happens when you mix Welvish art of grain selection and the total cheesy madness of Skaven chefs? Well, this week brings an answer to the question: toasted bread (crispy outside, fluffy inside) with a gooey filling of rainbow colored cheese.   
4-1 Bar Room Blusterers

Divs5: As always, ending with some sweet treats, oh yeah.
r/theredpill (1590 DElves) vs Wood Lands Warriors (1460 WElves) Recipe 
Fruit lovers where already drooling when we saw Welves and Delves lining up to cook something sweet. But, being elves, they managed to surprise us with this sour green mango, sliced dipped in sweet paste made of fish sauce, dried shrimps and red onions.
2-1 Wood Land Warriors

Hi Ho Off to work we GO! (1650 Chorfs) vs Off Work Boyz (1530 Orcs) - Recipe 
Ok, I will be straight with you, when we saw that this week a Chorf and Orc combo was in charge of designing some dessert, nobody was really excited for that one. But we would have missed a unique treat: durian fruit on sticky rice, the whole drowned thick coconut syrup!
2-0 HHotWwG

Deepest thanks go to all the admin staff and tech wizards making possible for all of us to meet, play and write about Blood Bowl.
Here's a list of Big O streamers you should follow; for future time quality Blood Bowl:

- Zee

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