It is that time of the week again. You navigated the labyrinth of windy alleys, ducked your head under the buzzing neon sign and got your glass of beer from the owner. You're now sitting at the counter, drawing signs on the side of the glass with the tip of your finger, waiting to get your menu. The boss excused himself to return into the fragrant depths of the kitchen, whence screams erupt irregularly. Sounds like it might take a minute.

Sat at the middle of the counter, a couple of morose skinks nurse their beer, separated by empty stools from a fuming women. She tackles her meal in a savage ballet of chopsticks, and mutters something like "piss off" when you catch her eye. You quickly turn to survey the rest of the room.

The first thing you notice is one of the green grunters reclining on a sun-lounger, wearing sunglasses and swim trunks. Is that a cocktail umbrella perched on the side of his mug? Trundling in the middle of the room a massive fellow wearing a flannel shirt calls cheerfully at many patrons in a strong voice. Further on, in a corner, a stubby and bearded individual patiently polishes his knuckle duster, every now and then throwing a malevolent look upstairs.

Standing at the first floor handrail, a group of pointy eared figures seem to toast one of them as they pass a massive glass tankard around before bursting joyously in a song. Undisturbed by them, an unlikely trio composed of a lanky mohawk wearer, a chain-mailed greenskin and a chittering hood sit together in a private den seemingly comparing some kind of charts. Next room over, a couple of fur hat wearers play cards under the eye of a withered eccentric sipping a passion fruit drink. The evening seem to be going as usual, as far as you can tell.

The owner re-emerges from the kitchen under the call of "... chau hai la~". He shakes his head and sighs while handing you a menu-slate across the counter. "Ahhh... the pains of handling le petit personnel..." Despite his complaints, you can see the familiar glint of pride in his eye while he raises his head to scrutinize his kingdom. "But we'll get into our rhythm again. I can't complain. Can't complain, really." He winks at you and points to the slate: "Enjoy my friend!"

Div 1: The Big O chefs specialties choicefor starters or main course
Doomed Witches
(2040 Dark Elves) vs Children of Ymir (2350 Dwarves) - Recipe 
Seeing some Delf cooking on the top part of Big O's menu is less a surprise than some Dorf one. Slowly simmered in a Witch Elf cauldron with purple potatoes and Dwarven beer, here is a soup that will satisfy your want for violence.
2-0 for Doomed Witches 

Muten Roshi's Bear School (2080 Kislev) vs School of Dance (1780  Wood Elves) - Recipe 
Those looking for a something more fresh but still as filling will find their content here. A new approach to the famous Kislev olivye salad with the extra fizz of the best vegetables Welf forests have to offer. A refreshing change of pace.
3-1 for School of Dance

Div 2: A more "adventurous" alternative, may be bloody with chewy bits
Sassy Soviets (1890 Kislev) vs Carroburg Comets (1830 Humans) - Recipe 
In a period where people call for bloodier and weirder, is it good to know the classics are always here. Try those Kislev pirozhkis with a side of sauerkraut.  Never disappointing, never out of fashion, the dish of choice for any season.

The One True Path (1890 Chaos) vs Faces of 4Chan (1910 Nurgle) - Recipe 
Talking about bloodier and weirder, here's a good example. One of those mix you will often in div 2 this season. Wild abalone tartare and wasabi cheese, the inbred infant of this cousin union. A true challenge for adventurous taste buds.
1-0 for The One True Path

Div 3: A delicious piñata of classic remakes and rarer culinary occurrences
The Way Of The Leaf (900 Halflings) vs Celebrity Veg 2.0 (1740 Kislev) - Recipe
Halfling fare is getting much more common season after season. Expect to see a lot of it this season, for its influence is slowly taking over the Big O. Like with the present Bubble&Squeak made with some unique Kislev cabbage.
2-1 for The Way Of The Leaf

Div 4: A fine selection of lighter side dishes to change the pace of your meal
Clash of Comrades (1460 Kislev) vs Bar Room Blusterers (1390 Wood Elves) - Recipe
Our fourth dish, for those going for a Kislev dinner. If you're looking for something to accompany you all along your meal, try those blini with Welf-style smoked trout. A delicacy you won't find everywhere along ReBBL and you will come back for.
1-0 for Clash of Comrades 

Divs 5: The dessert tray for those who like to treat themselves at the end
The Ball Pinchers (1350 Wood Elves) vs Winning Is A Bonus (1210 Dwarves) - Recipe  
There are many ways to end a meal. Some will stop at cheese and salad, others will move on straight to coffee and others will cry for some sweets. For the latter: try these Dwarven pastries with a filling of Welf finely crunched nuts.
1-0 for Winning Is A Bonus 

Hi Ho off to work we GO! (1220 Chaos Dwarves) vs Feudal Football (1210 Bretonnians) - Recipe 
We had it last season, they make a comeback. Another classic from the Big O dessert tray: Bretonnian butter pastries and Chorf arrack. Still unchanged, a solid choice for those who like to end their meal with a nice warm feeling in the stomach.
3-0 for Hi Ho off to work we GO!

Deepest thanks go to all the admin staff and tech wizards making possible for all of us to meet, play and write about Blood Bowl.
Here's a list of Big O streamers you should follow; for future time, quality Blood Bowl:

- Zee

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