Powered by the last fumes from the recent days of food and drink abuse, you slowly trundle along those familiar back alleys once more. After a couple of weeks of holidays, you feel ready for a well deserved rest at your favorite hideout.

The outside of the place looks quite as usual. Bathed in the blinking light of the neon, lulled by its soft hum, a drunken fellow is slouching against the wall. Lying in a sea of confetti, the barefoot individual sports breeches and suspenders and a Santa hat firmly tuck on the head. In a drunken voice he sings "On the Seventh day of Christmas, Nuffle gave to me ..."

Stepping inside in the toasty heat, you pass the world map and a goblin with green powder under his nose looking perplexedly at a calendar showing "Week 6". At the counter you see the owne a notepad in hand, taking notes as he chat with a customer sporting a flannel shirt and a heavy helmet on his brow. Another patron, a Bretonnian yeoman without helmet and headbanging to the sound blasting through his headphones, is nursing is drink.

You take your usual seat and, waiting for the owner to finish, scan the room. Besides the heat, you notice the unique smell of roast food and rich spirits distinctive of the year's end. In a corner of the room, a mummy is trying on some Egyptian-looking crown while looking at its reflection in a mirror. In the middle of the room, an elf in a sleek dark  leather outfit standing in front of a blackboard covered in diagrams explain something to other patrons.Between the tables a Bretonnian peasant roams around endlessly, calling a Spanish name and leaving a trail of mud in his wake.

On the second floor, a fur-hat wearer is holding a toy gun and taking pot shots at the crowds with foam projectiles as he leans over the rail. Behind him a tiny blue reptile tries to stay inconspicuous in the shadows while sneaking his way out. One room is closed, but the doors of the second one are wide open, revealing a feathered woman drinking with a bloated goat sitting across a low table.
One floor higher, a green-skin in red chain-mail is engaged in a conversation with an elf sporting a paw like gauntlet. Sitting on the rail is a small, hooded figure dangling their feet and showing the sign for 6 with their paw. Next to them a minotaur is sitting against the wall, meowing softly and sometimes going nyan.

Still trying to process what your eyes are seeing, you're surprised when the owner slides a menu towards you together with a glass of beer. "Happy New Year! How are you?" He smiles at you as he vanishes his notepad in one of his many apron pockets. "I hope you'll stay with us this year, for we have a great many preparations for you to taste!"
To these words, the yeoman removes his headphones and look at both of you "Well, my bretonnian band and I are facing some Dorfs next week and we're not sure if we're supposed to send for Zug or Griff..." Without waiting for an answer he puts his headphones back on and return to his headbanging. The owner arches an eyebrow at you and barely has time to point at the slate before a waiter comes to grab his attention.

Div 1: Timeless classics everybody wants to have.
Old Hobart Honeybadgers (1810 Helves) vs Warc Machine III (2010 Orcs) - Recipe 
We all love our classics once come holiday season. And who would refuse a warm, thick soup to kick things off? Take the fame Helvish onion soup, infuse with the earthy Orcish truffles. To degust slowly with a side of toasted bread and a glass of wine.

WesC's Wolves (1820 Necro) vs School of Dance (1920 Welves) - Recipe 
Another Big O classic of this season. Necro and Woddies paired once more: the former bringing their slicing science to the table while the latter brings the smoothest of products. The result? An incomparable smoked honey-glazed Christmas ham.
4-1 for School of Dance

Div 2: Those recurrent weird dishes you cannot avoid. 
Faces of 4Chan (1880 Nurgle) vs The Scuffling Dead (1620 Necro) - Recipe 
The terror of Christmas Eve for the faint hearted. The evil child of Nurgle love for gooeyness and Necro art of claw use. This unique oyster stew will not appeal to each and everyone, but some only swear by it's creamy spicy goodness.
2-0 for The Scuffling Dead

The Nurgtown Crooners (1890 Nurgle) vs Sôdai Senlin (1250 Zons) - Recipe 
The arch-enemy of many. Barely endurable at Christmas, always rejected the rest of year: brussel sprouts are a natural choice for a Nurgle holiday; used it in the traditional Amazon grapefruit and ricotta salad. Many said drinking helped.

Div 3: the often overlooked but capital side dishes.
Winged Centaurs (1560 Chorfs) vs Monty's Tosspots (1260 Flings) - Recipe
We know many of you have varied preferences when it comes to holiday side dishes, one that cannot be failed is stuffing, whether to fill a lucky poultry, or rolled in balls by itself. Halfling were on it: sausage meat, onions and sage. Then chorfs had to pour moonshine in it...
3-0 for Winged Centaurs

Div 4: that space between main dishes and desserts.
Chaos From Laos (1740 Chaos) vs The Blessed Ratmen (1450 Rats) - Recipe 
Some, me included, say a real holiday meal is not complete with a proper cheese board. And what better than Skaven expertise when it comes to cheese? Some thought it wasn't enough and decided to add some Chaos veiny blue for the kick.
2-0 for Chaos From Laos

Divs 5: the sweet grand finale of any holiday feast.
Rocky Road to Redemption (1210 Brets) vs r/theredpill (1380 Delves) - Recipe 
Big O traditions oblige, it would have been criminal to finish our holiday feast without the cornerstone of any Aussie holiday meal: the Pavlova. Prepared with love combining the Bretonnian know-how of meringue baking and Delve passion for tropical fruits.Yes.
1-0 for r/theredpill

Off Work Boyz (1410 Orcs) vs Very Dead Corpses (1470 Necro) - Recipe 
For those who prefer a more filling tradition to finish, turn yourself to our Necrorc Yule log. Made with the most delicious génoise, filled with the tastiest chocolate buttercream, glazed with its unique formaldehyde based syrup and with true mushrooms growing on it!
2-1 for Very Dead Corpses

Deepest thanks go to all the admin staff and tech wizards making possible for all of us to meet, play and write about Blood Bowl.
Here's a list of Big O streamers you should follow; for future time quality Blood Bowl:


- Zee

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