The night is quiet in this post rush hour. A low hanging mist transformed the neon lights of the avenues in a psychedelic cloud, under which a few cars glide smoothly on the asphalt with trail lights like electric fireflies. Raising you collar against the cold, you veer into side alleys, where only a few spots of light persist here and there in the midst of the damp obscurity. As you pass it by, the candle lights of a small shrine reveals the silhouette of a gloomy looking feathered woman holding incense sticks and praying.
A bit further the familiar blinking lights of the hideout neon sign illuminate a group of Elves with bleached mohawk hair cuts dancing in front of the entrance, as they pass a large trophy from hand to hand. You notice that several of are limping severely. One of them, displaying a black eye the side of a goose egg, smiles at you and reveals several missing teeth.

Inside, the chill is dissipated by the warm and cozy atmosphere. At the counter, a Norse patron with a neatly trimmed beard and glasses is typing furiously on a laptop. He mutters something about application, bus and integration as you pass by; but you cannot make any sense of it.

The owner ambles out of the customer crowd as you take your seat and pats you on the shoulder. "Hi there. Welcome. Say, have you seen that guy?". He hooks his thumb at the laptop mumbler. "Total genius I tell you, he can come in here and work for hours. But sometimes I worry about him." He punctuate his sentence with a quick gesture about his temple.
"Talking about madmen, we had some of the broadcasting crew coming back recently. They want me to hang this up." He proffers a crumpled poster representing what seems to be a hand drawn eye with purple tentacles and reads "Chaos Cup V! - February 9th - 11PM UTC." The owner arches an eyebrow. "This can't be good, I tell you...". He manages to shake his head and shrug to himself at the same time. "Now let me give you that drink and dive into my kitchen hell to see what have for you today" he says, putting his words into action.

On the side of the room, a large blue reptile with swim fins tied to its waist, practices throwing motions with an oval spiky ball in hand. A group of antler wearing elves sit around a circular table at the center, apparently drinking and toasting some absent member of them. Next to them a tall goblin in studded leather stares cautiously at a chubby customer occupied at wolfing down a mutton leg. Under the stairs leading up, a dwarf is hunched over a tankard, drinking from it carefully and massaging his back from time to time.

Upstairs, a bloated goat leans with its elbows on the rail, a kitten scrambling on its shoulder, eyes lost in the contemplation of a pair of dice cradled in its hand. In a side room with open doors, you see a werewolf sitting side by side with a female Elf in black leather, both of them sharing a meal. The other room is closed but a bald human is leaning against the pillar next to it, focused on stabbing needles in a miniature representation of said werewolf.
On the top floor, a large orc in flip-flops is alternatively trying on pointy ears and a long cape with a deep hood in front of a standing mirror. A  few steps away, a fur hat bearer scratches absently at his red beard while looking at a world map nailed to the wall. Through the half closed doors of the second room, you can see another group of bare chested elves occupied with what looks like mourning rituals. 

You have no more time to keep observing the crowd as the owner comes back with a menu and another glass. "Sorry, I can't stay long. I have an interview to do with a possible investor. Any waiter will check you out. Enjoy your meal and I will see you soon." You see him don an antediluvian coat and briskly step out. Well, better think about the food for now, you can always ask more questions next week. You focus on the menu, with the sound of furious typing coming from the other end of the counter.

Div1: Big O's finest cuisine, in its fullest glory.
Bash Incorporated (2290 Orcs) vs The Arcana (1530 PrElves) - Recipe 
When we talk about classics, we sometimes talk about something as simple as a meeting of Orc and Elf cooking. Simple and healthy, isn't this what we are all looking for in the end? Like these Shiitake, shimeji, enoki, fried in butter and soy sauce. 
2-0 for The Arcana

Doomed Witches (1910 Delves) vs School of Dance (1970 WElves) - Recipe 
More elvish fare for you. Still keeping with the wabi-sabi art of living from the Wood Elves, someone had the idea to marry fresh fruits with the potent brine found in the Delves traditions. The result? Sour and salty plums in seaweed wrapped rice balls.
2-1 for Doomed Witches

Div2: Hot and spicy, Big O dishes packing a punch.
Sassy Soviets (1780 Kislev) vs Leaping Lizardss (1930 Lizards) - Recipe 
For the adventurous attracted by acquired tastes: here is the product of using Kislev and Lizard cuisines. When traditional cabbage soup meets smoked herring with a side of king crab sushis, you can't get more fusion than that.
3-0 for Sassy Soviets

Da Kahoonaz (1580 Orcs) vs Masters of the Underverce (1460 UW) - Recipe  
As always when Underworld cooks are introduced in the kitchen the other half of the duo can expect some weird things to happen, even when they're Orcs. Witness this week grilled fish and mushrooms with their yuzu and wasabi sauce.
2-1 for Da Kahoonaz

Div3: The subtle, less known part of Big O's traditions.
Gods of Fate (1780 HElves) vs Cyrus's Viruses (1280 Nurgle) - Recipe 
We from the Big O know the importance of breakfast, the first meal of the day. And we asked some High Elf chef to tackle that, problem is someone paired him with a Nurgle partner. And now picture this bowl of delicately cooked rice covered in natto ...

Div4: Big O's last minute delivery, just on time.
Cold Coast Creeps (1470 Underworld) vs Clash of Comrades (1590 Kislev)- Recipe 
Due to popular demand we started to offer take-out options. Bite-size piece and varied assortments to be devoured while lounging on your sofa. Try those thin, delicate slices of raw fish and octopus with a touch of soy sauce and wasabi.  
3-2 for Clash of Comrades

Divs5: The sweet and soft core of Big O's kitchen arts. 
Winning Is a Bonus (1490 Dorfs) vs That's Chaos Theory (1510 Lizards) - Recipe  
When it comes to sweets Dorf cooking is often overlooked, wrongly. It would be easy to dismiss their baking traditions but, here at the Big O, we do no such thing. Instead we pair them with Lizard chefs to create those delicious taiyaki with sweet red bean filling. Yep.
1-0 for That's Chaos Theory

Mal Fario (1430 Helves) vs Off Work Boyz (1420 Orcs) - Recipe 
Aahh, the delicacy of High Elves cuisine. Probable the standard used for every haute cuisine one can encounter. But Orcs are not to be overdone by Elves, no matter the field. So this week their opposition gave us those splendid dango, green tea taste.
2-0 for Mal Fario

Deepest thanks go to all the admin staff and tech wizards making possible for all of us to meet, play and write about Blood Bowl.
Here's a list of Big O streamers you should follow; for future time quality Blood Bowl:

- Zee

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