MO: - Hello Gypsy, hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell bringing you this exciting match, from The Morgue Stadium home of The Phobias Reborn!, we witness how this 2 coaches, battle to settle once and for all, how was the best among them.The Muten's fans showed up in great number to support their team. Even tho the Muten's were playing a really rough(almost unsportsmanlike like defense) the first casualty came in the form of a KO for The Phobia's side.

MO: - This aggressive defense forced the undeads to score early on their drive, and with almost half of the first half to go, the Muten's got the ball. Without the ball, the undead felt more comfortable, and the blood started to pile, even Broly, a Muten's player decided that he would rather play for the undead the rest of the match.

MO: - The Jumpers didn't stop with the aggression, but more than a few KO's, they got nothing out of it... I worth to say that the ref seemed rather blind. With a few seconds to go, the Kislev scored, giving the final attempt to the undeads to go to the lockers with an advantage, sadly Trypanophobia didn't deliver. and with that the half ended 1-1.

MO: - The second half started slowly, and the only thing we can say is that the ref decided that was enough, no more stomping, and some poor skeleton got a red card. half way though the second half, the undead decided to start putting pressure, and they even manage to set the ball lose, but they couldn't retrieve it. This action did not scared Krusader at all, he kept playing with the ball, trying to even attempting a few passes. The undead couldn't capitalize on this mistake on judgment, that even tho kept hitting the ball carrier couldn't pick up the ball.

MO: - With a few seconds on the clock, the undead executed a perfect offense that allowed them to tie the match...

MO: - We are here with Krusader, after this exciting match... coach Krusader, a few words for the fans that came in mass to see your team... how do you feel about your team performance?

Krusader: - We played well. It's a shame Lady Luck turned her gaze away at the last minute, but what can you do? No, I think our fans can be happy with how our boys played.

MO: - We saw a strong and ruthless defense on the first half, that forced the undead to score early on their drive, this was a tactical decision, or your personal grudge with Werecaster got the best of you.... the ref was part of this?, did you know him from early matches?

Krusader: - Look, we knew that Werecaster likes to favour a hitting game, so we had made the decision earlier in the week, during a training session, to commit to an aggressive strategy. It is also a known thing that Werecaster's boys will score quickly if they feel at all pressured - and they didn't disappoint.

As for these baseless and unfounded allegations of our team being involved in any form of collusion or bribery of match officials, I categorically deny all such accusations!

MO: - The violent part that the team showed was spectacular, but on the other side of the coin, the ball handling abilities were, to put it nicely, lacking... some rumors attribute this to your newly found passion, broadcasting. You wanna say something to the fans that feel like you are no putting enough attention on week, and the results are feeling it....

Krusader: - Look the fans know that everything will work out. They saw that things were fine last season during the great Hooker flood, and the season before during the great Drug binge. This season is the first time in Div 1 and it has just taken a bit longer to find a groove- but we'll get there.

MO: - Finally coach, what is your objective for this season? Can we see Muten on the playoff? And how you feel about the decision of Broly to change sides mid match?

Krusader: - Of course we'd like to head to the playoffs - that is the overall goal, and I am sure our fans would love to see us there. Currently the plan is just to take the season one game at a time, and get the Boys back into fighting form.

As for Broly, look we weren't too surprised- he has always been a little dense...

MO: - There you go Gypsy, a team on the rise, and a coach that might not be doing enough to put this team on the top.

MO: - Gypsy, now we are going to the post-match press conference from Werecaster.

MO: - Coach Werecaster, what can you tell us about your mentality coming to this match, the grudge with Krusader made this match special for you?

Werecaster: - Simple, he don't like how I coach my team, I say he is to cowardly to take a chance, its the same downfall with most living coachs, they like to coddle their players in a protective blanket like they are some kind of defenseless infant who can't take punch or dodge! So yeah I looked forward to giving his players a nice beating they would remember.

MO: - In the first half, we saw your team unable to hold the pressure defense Muten offer, and then, when trying for a score in the last second of it, a tragical fail, you think your guys were a little unstable this match?

Werecaster: - Simple, I told the damned ghouls if they scored again they could eat the Corpse of whoever died that match, You'd be surprised how much of a motivation that is to them once they know they have a good meal on the line, the rest of the team was simple, protect the ghouls and hit anything that was living really damned hard. Should have seen the faces on the opposing teams face's when the ghouls got their reward, was almost as sweet as denying them the victory in the last seconds of the match.

MO: -  do you have any words about the ref performance?

Werecaster: - what Ref?

MO: - well the ref... mmm I see, Gypsy, It seems the ref suffered some kind of freak tragic incident, cause right now the ref seems dead.... Anyways, back to the match...

MO: - and finally coach, any words for your fans, that leave the stadium a bit disappointed, and what are your goals for this season?

Werecaster: - Pft, We have been slaughtering our way through the damned living, if they have complaints about the match simple, come bring it up with me (Grins evilly) I will make sure to listen closely. As for goals that is simple, Make sure we are feared and that no one will look down on us, we may seem crazy in our style but I'll be damned it if has not worked for us

MO: - ok Gypsy, I think this is all from The Morgue... wait, one second, yes ok... Gypsy it seems that the mic on Werecaster is still on and we can hear him now with his staff...

Werecaster: - Look down of us for our play style all you want... But I'll say this, you'll only regret it Hehehehe... Anyway what a better motivation for your team to know your coach see's you all as expendable...

MO: - Seems that the mic was found, in a match that had everything, failures, TDs, death, carnage, and betrayal, both coaches seem happy with the result, the end of the season will tell if this result helped any of them at all or only to their competition.


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Michael Orwell saying Good Night

- Incesticide

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