MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from the hot south, home of many interesting teams, but we were scend here to watch a clash, a 2 way game between AussieVikingr Winged Centaurs and Fyrs Yced Saturday Nyght Femur.

MO: - The first match was played in Chaotic Citadel Stadium, home of Winged Centaurs, an unusually violent Chorve team. And Gypsy what we witness here is closer to a crime against unhumanity than a Blood Bowl match, the little sadist midgets just run rampant, killing, maiming, and over all destroying the undeads, this report at some point even felt like feeling pity for them. The result, a easy 3-0 in a match that only have one team on the pitch... Gypsy, we can only imagine the what the revenge match would look like, with both coaches having a strong relationship out side the pitch, a relationship that might be hurt after the crime that occurred today.

MO: - The second match was played in 2001 Odyssey, home of Saturday Nyght Femur, the game started with several casualties made by those nasty chorfs(quite similar as how the first match started), but the already devastated Undead team, thank to Ramtut III, kept delivering punches to stop the midgets advance. Ramtut kept punching, and dodging, and breaking tackles to the point that the Chorves lost all their momentum. And even tho in the casualty department where even on the pitch, the magic of being undead allowed them to still have enough player to field almost a full compliment for the second half.

MO: - The second half become intense, with this tight 0 - 0, and a revenge might be on his way. The ref felt compelled to follow the rules, and with this the amount of undead players expelled pile on, but still, not even this stopped those putrid fellows to keep pushing forward, Ramtut III as the spear head. At then end with 6 players on the field for the chorves, the rookie, Boogie Shoes 2 easily avoided a tackle to walk into the end zone. 1-0 for the Undead at the end, and a bit of revenge after what was a total massacre.

MO: - Gypsy, we are going to talk with AussieVikingr now.

MO: - Well Gypsy, here we are with the Coach of Winged Centaurs, hello Aussie Vikingr, what can you tell us about this last match, did you team got complacent after that easy victory last week?

AussieVikingr: - Thank you for the invite Michael, last game was a bit rough, my boys can admit that. Were they complacent? I believe they did become a little complacent, especially after the prior week's demolish of Fyrs's Undead team. I believe they just took it easy with every block thrown and was punished for it

MO: - The first match was, as you say, a pure show of demolition, what can you tell us about your game plan going to that match?

AussieVikingr: - We sat down as a team and watched match day tapes of Fyr's team. We knew it was going to be a hard game. Our boys were facing an uphill battle against the explosive strength and exceptional team work of the Saturday Nyght Femur (SNF) team. Our game plan was to see if we could get a numerical advantage on the pitch, as a straight 11v11 game would end up in a draw or worse. And getting a numerical advantage was going to be extremely hard as SNF has a large bench

MO: - about those tapes, we know about your relationship with Coach Fyrn,  that you share scouting information and tactics to further improve both your teams and knowledge of the game. Do you think this arrangement might be broke after this two matches?

AussieVikingr: - Definitely not. Well i hope not. In fact i think i believe it has bound us closer together as we now have a great rivalry between us. The record stand one a piece for wins afterall.

MO: - about the second match, did you expected Ramtut III on the pitch, the he ever told you about him before? You think it took your guys by surprise, he seemed to be unstoppable on the pitch.

AussieVikingr: - Did i expect him to be so unstoppable? No i didn't. Our boys were at full strength and Ramtut III made a mockery of them all, especially when they were literally going at the game half heartedly. I have reprimanded several of my players for this lapse of effort and eagerness to win
And between you and me, the board of directors have given me a decent tongue lashing for that loss.

MO: - and finally coach, can the fans expect a playoff run this season? you think is a fair assessment of your situation and your team?

AussiteVikingr:- That loss was a massive set back for the team in the standings. Heading into swiss, we were full of confidence to close the margin against Alpaca's Bright Moon Poets. Now, its a coin toss i feel. Due to our format, we don't verse the number 1 seed going into swiss. Knowing all this, can we do it? I believe so. We have a winning culture in our team and nothing short of a win is unacceptable. Expect to see my team bounce back with vengeance and make the playoffs.

MO: - Gypsy, we are told we also arranged an interview with coach Fyrs Yced, I will gonna catch him now...

MO: - Well, we are here with Coach Fyrs Yced, tell us coach, how you feel about this couple of matches?, we know the first was rough on your team, but you bounce up and won the second.

Fyrs Yced: - Well, I can tell you that facing those dirty chorfs in back to back weeks was not something we looked forward to....even less so after the absolute beating we took in the first match. Losing all but two of our key players made for a rough go of it. Thankfully Ramtut III was available for hire this week and came in to extract some vengeance and lead us to victory

MO: - talking about back to back midgets, don't you consider the league should had set the calendar in a way that would prevent this kind of things, we all know how nasty those fatty midgets can be.

Fyrs Yced: - I absolutely feel that way but unfortunately the limited number of teams willing to play this season in the outlands of the Big O region meant league leadership were forced to get creative with their scheduling techniques. This meant that only the first seven weeks of our season were known to us from the outset.  We came in knowing that our seventh match was against the dirty little buggers but were completely shocked when the remainder of the season was made available to us and we were forced to play them again for week eight. We were really hoping for one of the two fling teams in our division. If you are going to face little guys, it is certainly more enjoyable with they are fat and squishy.

MO: - and now going to the matches, both  matches were gruesome spectacles of violence, but the first was almost a war crime against your team, what was the difference? may had been that those key players weren't that important, is your team with fresh faces more hunger for victory now than then?or is just Ramtut III that much better than anybody else.

Fyrs Yced: - To be fair, those chorfs came in with the fires of Hashut blazing in their bellies...they simply wanted blood and a win more in week seven and after the beating they handed us I think they felt we would be a push over in week eight. Particularly since key players were out, including our team captain Open Sesame.  Luckily the dead no longer have memories meaning no recollection of what occurred pre-match, let alone the week prior.  Our fodder was able to keep it together while one of the temps we brought in more than earned the money he was paid. Ramtut III is a God-King among mortals...Hack Enslash on the other hand....well, let's just say we will probably not extend him another offer

MO: - We know you have a personal relationship with AussieVikingr, some people even say you share information and tactics to improve both your teams, is the relationship hurt after this couple of matches, is the sharing information and scouting continue? The fans got a gruesome grudge against the Winged Centaurs.

Fyrs Yced: - On a professional level AussiVikingr and I will continue to collaborate, as that is what true professionals do ...but on a personnel level the day will come when every player on his team has been raised from the dead to do my bidding with his soulless corpse raised to serve as my personal water boy.

MO: - Finally coach, you quite literally raised your fans from death after week 7 match with that victory,  we already saw Boogie Shoe II T-Shirts been sold... what are your expectatives for the rest of the season, and this team in general.

Fyrs Yced: - We intend to win out the remainder of the season. Unfortunately, because of the grave we dug ourselves into by dropping what should have been easy wins in the first half of the season  , we will still be at the whims of fate and Shyish. It will take those teams that are currently leading to lose or draw several matches for us to possibly take the lead. All I know is that this lot of rotting corpses had best give it their all or they may see me leaving them in the off-season to take up that offer I have been extended to coach in Khermi.

MO: - Well Gypsy, this was a long trip, and I must say I'm happy it's over, I prefer listening those growls calling Dimebag than seeing another fatty midget with claws running around. A friendship destroyed, lots of players maimed or finally put to the grave, great blood bowl, when everything turns to dust at the end.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight.

- Incesticide

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