Stab Skink: Check. Claw Saurus: Check. Prehensile Tail everything: Doublecheck.

Wait. This is the serious one. Time to scale back a bit...


Leaping Lizards

Lizardmen are engineered. Grown, rather than raised. Each of their players is designed to serve a specific, hyper-specialized roll. They aren't so great at working outside of those rolls, either. They know they were made to fulfill a roll and they're either devoted enough or too stupid or too lacking in creativity to work outside of those rolls.

More broadly speaking, they are representative of other teams with strict, specialized and distinct rolls. Their role as a template team is for a sort of tent-poll team. A team where a single player or player type, in this case the Saurus, defines the team. And then everything else is there to full essential rolls in a sort of "this is what we have left" kind of way.

Of course, Lizardmen aren't a perfect tent-poll analogy. They arguably have two pillars, with each pillar supporting the other haphazardly. But, you know, let's stick with the tent poll metaphor. It's cleaner, if not strictly accurate.


The Roster

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-16 Skink 8 2 3 7 Stunty, Dodge A(GPS) 60K
0-6 Saurus 6 4 1 9   GS(AP) 80K
0-1 Kroxigor 6 5 1 9 Loner, Bone-Headed, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail S(GAP)


Lizardmen are a team of extreme optimization. We have linemen slash catchers in the Skinks with a high running speed. We have Speedy blockers in the form of the Saurus with high strength and we have what is arguably the best Big Guy in the game in the Krox.Once again, this team looks the same as it does in CRP6. I debated adding additional players but decided against it because, frankly, the team is good enough already.

The downside to all of this specialization is that players are vulnerable in there single-minded design. Take away the skinks and the ball becomes almost impossible to handle. Take away enough Saurus and there's nothing left to protect the skinks or to defend the pitch.

That all said, Lizardmen are good. They are probably the best template team on the list (though not necessarily the best overall), and they need to be watched very carefully because of it. There is a strong argument for knocking a point of movement off of the Skinks and even then, 6 Saurus is just a lot.

My gut feeling is that this team should probably see a small change during playtesting, but I'm not certain what that change will be just yet.


When to Bend and When to Break

As already touched upon, Lizardmen really stretch the role of a template team. They qualify for positionals only on a technicality and they stretch the limits of appropriate stat distribution. Basically, they are too well optimized and it's a genuine problem because it makes it hard to find alt builds or compete with them as other teams.

But Lizardmen are also the codifying example of a team build that's not represented by any other template.

Sometimes it's okay to break or bend a design rule.

It's not something that should be done casually or else you'll end up with a mess of a game, but occasionally? With carefully targeted application? It can be an extremely powerful tool to add flavour and mechanical breadth to a game. I've already spelled out the necessary precautions for Lizardmen. It can be a little scary to include them anyway! But I cannot see Blood Bowl being made less for their inclusion.


Next Time

We take a second look at some metagame mechanics and see what we can see about them.


- Kaosubaloo

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