You dirty, mutinous, oily, conniving, filthy, genocidal, flea-ridden rat...

Hey! They don't have fleas. They have flies.


Slippery, Toxic Vermin

Last week we took a look at the most average team in the game. This time around, we're looking at what is possibly the fastest team period and certainly fasted among template teams. This team has players from every Skaven clan, all working together in grudging teamwork to beat teams on the pitch who they hate more than one another.

If we look at the linemen, there are two main differences between Skaven and Humans. First, they have traded a point of armour for a point of movement. Second, they get mutations on doubles.

Both of these differences make for pretty massive changes to the feel of the team. The change from 6 movement to 7 is arguably one of the most notable; it's where players start feeling fast. The reduction in armour similarly makes players seem more vulnerable, though in practice sometimes armour's susceptibility to chance can make it a lot harder to feel the difference. What mutations add to the team are rather more obvious; they emphasize the non-humanity of the rats and help make them feel like they aren't playing fair.

Looking at the rest of the roster, Skaven get fewer blitzers than humans and more runners, which further emphasizes their need to go fast. And hey! Agi 4! That's a thing that humans don't usually get. Gutter Runners go a long way towards securing the identity of the team as a whole.


The Roster

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-16 Linerat 7 3 3 7   G(APSM) 50K
0-2 Stormvermin 7 3 3 8 Block GS(APM) 90K
0-2 Thrower 7 3 3 7 Sure Hands, Pass GP(ASM) 70K
0-4 Gutter Runner 9 2 4 7 Dodge GA(PSM) 80K
0-1 Rat Ogre 5 5 2 8 Loner, Wild Animal, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail S(GAPM) 150K

Not a lot to say here. We've kept the Rats as they appear in the CRP6. Skaven provide a good balance of possibilities for a template team, while also having a clear thing that they excel at (running).

One thing to note is that Stormvermin are actually 10K overpriced. This is straight out of CRP and I'm inclined to agree with the decision, as it helps put even more emphasis on the extremely cost efficient Gutter Runners without actually crippling the team's ability to use their Blitzers.


One Turning and You

One Turning is a complicated issue in Blood Bowl. On the good side, it feels great when you do it! It can make for exciting games and act as an equalizer for otherwise vulnerable teams. On the bad side, it's sometimes not very engaging. There's not always a whole lot that the defending coach can do about it and for some teams it can become too easy to do.

So, what can we do about this?

I think that One Turns should exist in Blood Bowl, but I don't think that natural one turners should do. But we can't exactly reduce the movement of all players to 7 or less. Well, we could, but that would slow down the game and change positioning mechanics far, far more than we can reasonably get away with.

So...what if we just take away the magical MV10?

In the CRP6, you can increase a stat by 2 points or up to 10, whichever comes first. In practice, Strength tops out at 9, Agility at 6 and only movement and armour reach 10. So what if we reduce the max from 10 to 9? It makes 1 turning harder and it makes Treemen, Deathrollers and Morg 'n Thorg a little less durable...unless we just bend the rules for them.

Because here's the thing. "Cannot increase above 9" is not the same thing as "cannot start above 9". It should probably be avoided if we can help it, but if there's any player who absolutely needs to hit 10, we can still do that!

Regardless, I've gotten a little off topic here. If movement tops off at 9 then what is the actual effect of that? Well, a Skaven 1 turner would be able to take another skill instead of +MV. They'd also need a single push to score. One chain push is not a big ask for Skaven teams; they have access to every single skill that helps with doing them and in the course of building their teams they even want most of them anyway.

It doesn't actually make it that much harder for this team to One Turn, but it does force it to do it in a way that gives the opponent a chance to respond to it. We maintain the mechanic while also increasing the role of the opponent when it's attempted.


Next Time

We looked at Rats and had a length discussion about One Turning, so the naturally place to go to is to have another lengthy talk about another mechanic. Next time we'll be taking a look at High Elves and what it means to make throwing better.


- Kaosubaloo

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