In a move that shocks some and comes as a relife to others, the Lineman League Leadership has created a ban on the Chaos Beastmen.

Apparently the ability to have access to 3 style of skills, starting stats, and Horns has created a feeling of explotation amongst the Average of Joes.

This writer finds this to be acceptable and looks forward to the following bans:
1) Lizards, Skaven, and Orcs -- These are all dirty animals like Chaos Beasts and have no place on the pitch.
2) The Use of Wizards -- I mean, Come On! That is not average. Its pretty, but not average.
3) The Royal Box -- Royals! Who needs them?
4) Cheese -- I mean it is curdled Cow Juice.... Humans are strange.

Now the Administration team of the Lineman League has put forth a 'Restructure' Program that allows current Coaches of Chaos teams to create new teams with a bonus.

  •  2 random players recieving 16spp.
  • Another 5 recieving 6spp.
  • Naturally, anyone going this route will be put in with the second season teams, not the fresh teams.

The ramifications are staggering! 9 level ups. Time to reroll Dwarves or some other infuriating team to level?

In conclusion I applaud the new direction and look forward to more sweeping reforms.
I tell you Average Joes, there is a life out there for you and it is in the Lineman League.

As Elves.

- Ledeas

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The mistreatment that Chaos gets in this league is outrageous, first no Star Team made out of Chaos and now this... - Incesticide

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