It seems that Spain is the the country to keep an eye on when it comes to one day tournaments. After Karlosibz taking the Cripple Cup title, here comes another Spaniard to take the crown in Chaos Cup.

My guest today hails from Zaragoza, Spain. He plays in two Spanish leagues, one being Liga Hispana where he acts as Head Admin since 2017 and recently won the title, plus a local Table Top league. In ReBBL you will find him playing Orcs in GMAN and finishing a season as Pro Elves in Clan. Not a man to concede and always looking for a challenge: Muppetillo!

Can you tell us about the origins of your nickname?
My nick comes from around 10 years ago I believe. At that time I believed that Muppet was "Puppet", which I liked, but a year or two before I just realized that was Muppet from The Muppets, and I was just "Oh well w/e, I just let Muppetillo (as tiny Muppet here in Spain)". 'Cause Muppet is almost always picked on every game I play... So that's pretty much it  :smile:

When did you start playing Blood Bowl and how did you discover it?
Hmmmm.. I started playing BB at the release of BB2 in 2015. I had discovered it when I was younger here at home with my brother, who is 10 years older than me. We had a TT game named HeroQuest, that's my first contact with fantasy games, and is the reason I love fantasy games that much. 
When I was a teenager I discovered GW and their Warhammer fantasy (the first race I was amazed at was Delves in that time). And saw a game there with an Orc and a Hoomie fighting for a ball on the box and I was "Hey? what's this?" I searched for infos about it but never played it, because I couldn't afford to have a team and didn't know anyone who played the game.
But when I started working and using Steam, I saw BB on the platform but heard that BB2 was coming; so I decided to wait for it and start then. And here I am right now with 1.5k Hours on the game :joy: 
Btw at HeroQuest I always picked the Dwarf Hero, but stopped that at BB hahaha!

You said you're also playing in a TableTop league, when did you decide to join one?
I was talking with another coach from Liga Hispana named Salegas around Nov. 2017, and we discovered that we were both from Zaragoza. He just told me that his club was running a BB league and just invited me to join the league as a sub from another coach that was dropping and taking his Skaven team. I like BB that much that I couldn't resist the offer to try TT. And I always enjoyed the miniatures ( but not painting) :smile:

So, back to online BB, when did you discover ReBBL?
My first contact with ReBBL was S8, I discovered it via Karlosibz: both of us were in contact here on Liga Hispana and he was saying so many good things about the league. And knowing that was a huge league, how it is I was thinking "If it is that huge, for sure there are plenty of good coaches, and I want to face them!"
I always took ReBBL as a reference on how you guys work with the community you have, and try to improve our league in the same way.

I too am always amazed at how ReBBL managed to create such a community around a game that can be so frustrating and painful to inflict upon each other...

Talking about the community, you probably already have your hands full being Head Admin of Liga Hispana but do you think about being more involved in ReBBL; maybe by streaming, writing or becoming an admin?
Oh! I stream my games of GMan, as well of the other leagues I play, on Twitch! Recently I was tempted by a guy with his name in black to join the recappers for next season. But right now I don't know if I will be able to join... but it's a thing that I have in mind for the future. I'm also planning to create a brand new clan for next season :smile:

To talk about the game. You recently won the Chaos Cup, are 1 day tourneys your favourite format? (compared to eternal, resurrection, or others)
It was the first 1 day tourney I ever played. I was aiming to play one whenever I could, but my schedules for weekends are tricky and I can't play them on normal European schedules. So knowing that this one was being on Big O schedule was really good news for me! 
Talking about formats, I enjoy all formats that allows to develop the team. Resurrection is not a thing I like to play because you play such a different game, that it is another wholly different game. Playing thematic cups is just part of the fun!

Muppetillo then humbly points out that the choice of Norse for his first Chaos Cup helped him to secure a victory.

Besides your team choice, what would you say was the key to your success?
Hmmmm... That's a hard one.

I would say it was at least at 35% luck. Because the matches against TheTrueBlu, Larkstar & Luminous (whom I was expecting to just humiliate me with his Woodies) were a bit favoured by dices on my side. I had a wizard on last two games, iirc, because of the stadium upgrade. But the mage didn't do that well for them: Larkstar just 0/4 fireball me, and Lumi snaked a dodge right after the wizard.
Besides the dices I believe I played solidly and had confidence in my plays. Because it is a thing that helps you to just not get mad if something goes wrong. That's because I was coming from a bad attitude at the game (tilting in last matches, and things like that); and game after game I just recovered my confidence which allowed me to play the best I could.

Against Barsek, in semis, was a rough game to play: I was in a bad spot but managed to steal the ball on his drive (no wizard on this game) and reach the end zone to score the final 1-0 of the game.
And against Lavajackal I believe that after 9 hours of 1 minute turn games we were both just tired; and the game was just decided on plays that were made by fatigue. He just 1d one of my piece, without block when he could have scored and allowed me to not let him to score on his drive. 2nd drive was just removal after removal and stalling until turn 16.

After a brief intermission, featuring yours truly trying to help a stressed out roommate chasing a cockroach at 1 am, things returned to normal. (Who keeps the balcony door open in winter?)

You seem to have played a lot of different teams, do you have any favourite?
Orcs. Orcs are my favourite team, followed up by Undead. But mostly Orcs, it's the 1st team I started playing with. I like the race, and I like them as a team: resilient, hard to deal with, blitzers are great, and I love the troll design we have in the game! Despite not considering it a must have piece on the team.

Would you say not tilting anymore is your major strength when playing Blood Bowl, and what do you think are your weaknesses?
Yeah not tilting is one of them definitively. I just learned that if you have the right attitude you just discover ways to deal with the problems that you don't see if you are constantly tilting about the game. One of the things for that is just trying to enjoy the game on every moment, even when the game is just spitting at you and punching you hard.
And a major weaknesses for my playstyle is that  sometimes I just yolo and my positioning game is not that good. So I just put constant pressure on my oppo most of the times; but when your oppo is  good enough, that is just not enough to make him suffer and make mistakes.
I'm just very critical, so most of the times I simply think it's my fault when it comes to losses or things that happens in the game, and that pushes me to improve.

At least you can be proud of yourself for that Chaos Cup! Do you have any other proud achievements as a Blood Bowl coach?
Hmmmm.. I'm proud of reaching season 9 playoffs and reaching them with 3 weeks to be played; with a 2 seasons Necromantic team I was having my 1st run with. I had a really good team: ClawPOMB wolf, fleshies were good, but then regen didn't want to work and lost both fleshies; one on the last GMAN game and one on the Ro32 round where I lost :( 
My playoff run was fucking intense, all of it, and put it in a really good place on my things to be proud of :smile:
And winning the league I'm running is a thing to be proud of too, for me!

Suffice to say that Muppetillo was as Nufflie nominee for his season 9 in GMAN with his Necromantic team.

Despite such successes, are there still coaches you watch play to keep progressing? 
For sure! AndyDavo is one ot them: I watch most of his CCL Orc run. I've seen many of The Sage Skaven games (Thanks Beermonkey for sharing it with me). And seeing casted games always helps!
Harringzord is awesome as a caster btw, I really enjoy him, Metal is really good too, and many others I've seen for sure (SeanMan, IronAdept....)
Karlosibz is one of the coaches that I know; that I like to watch too because I respect his way of seeing the game and him a lot as a coach.

Which player skill do you enjoy the most using on the pitch?
PILE IT ON!!! Just for fun purposes. I always remember Twitch chat saying that when I use it, and it's why I enjoy it hahaha.

Twitch chat always the source of "meme" ideas, or "bold" ideas if you're so inclined.

Do you have a favorite Star Player?
Hmmmm... Taking a look at FUMBBL, haha. I would say Varag, despite his price, is the perfect blitzer: 6439 with MB what more do you need?! And I enjoyed using Hubris with Pros. 
Chainsaws are funny but they always seems to be busy cause they are always out by turn 2 or 3 :shrug:

Chainsaws always seem to just run out of gas when they're not sawing their own face off. Bloody useless gits.

Do you have a kick-off event you hate?
Well I'm playing a lot of Skaven right now (2 leagues with them). So I am hating Blitz! cause I never have one in my favour, being Skaven! And I'm hating Perfect D with all my soul and body: only when I have to OTTD... and they just put the pieces on the easy way to OTTD ¬¬ Happened me two or three times already btw xD

Do you have a favourite stadium enhancement?

Do you listen to any music when you play Blood Bowl?
Well I mostly listen to non copyright music cause I'm streaming and I don't want to let the VOD with a muted part on him, but I also enjoy it. Noncopyrightsound is the place and this is a good one.

Do you have any snack or drink to recommend with Blood Bowl?
I just drink water and eat chips when I have some, but the best you can do is do not eat chips! Stay healthy!

But if you eat chips, which flavour?
BBQ, or standard... Now I want some! You monster! :joy:

With playoffs approaching, is there any match-up you would wish to see, and why?
Any of Zord's matches, cause Khemri rocks!

As always congratulations to Muppetillo for winning the Chaos Cup, on his first 1 Day tourney adventure! And many thanks for taking the time to answer my question as for waiting patiently while I had to rush after a crafty cockroach. 

- Zee

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