Round 1 draft recap for Division 2.

In this article I will go slightly more in depth with some team matchup analysis, as this is our first time seeing these teams.

In future weeks, I will be discussing who and what is finding their way onto the bus. Different teams have different strategies, but we will start to see a common trend here.

Foul is a Div 2 returning team and placed right in the middle during season 4. Dash was an all speed team from Division 3 that replaced Underworld to Brettonians with new blood last season, and added Kislev instead of another elf team.

Draft Phase

No pre-draft powers used.

[FOUL] The World Tour SV (Undead)🚌 vs [DASH] of Bear Paw SV (Kislev)

Ornan’s Undead probably derives its name from the wide tour of skills he’s given players on his team. He collects a lot of different skills on the team, and it will be interesting to see how they get put into use.

Galactic’s Kislev team is a quick and dirty team featuring an agility blitzer, and a handful of block/wrestle.

I am not sure about the consistency of skills on the [FOUL] The World Tour SV, but you don’t bet against the World Champion in the first round. FOUL gets my nod in this match.

[FOUL] Vindaloo SV (Chaos) vs [DASH] A Terrible Idea (Brettonian)🚌

Duuberman’s Chaos is a fresh team that is looking to gain some SPP and attempt to be scary later in the season. Whether they can capitalize on a reasonably low armor opponent or not in week one could set their pace for the season.

NPA’s Brettonians is packing a large amount of guard, and a sprinkle of positional blitzers. If they keep players on the field and the dice are in their favor, they could use their ball handling to their advantage.

I really want to pull for Bretonnia in this matchup, I love the team, but I think they need some extra skills to ward off AV9 teams, so FOUL gets the nod here.

[FOUL] Subbed in! SV (Nurgle)🚌 vs [DASH] of Bob & Weave SV (Amazon)

Karlosibz’s Nurgle has three cpombs. The development has been very strong on this Nurgle team, and they are exactly what people fear about Nurgle.

Fall’s Amazons were the top team for DASH last season, causing a headache in machups and going 7-2. Their team has a handful of stat freaks and a dedicated killer.

This matchup really can go one direction, the lack of tackle on [FOUL] Subbed in! SV means that [DASH] of Bob & Weave SV should run away with this game. I expect DASH to take this one.

[FOUL] Feet SV (Elven Union) vs [DASH] of Lime SV (Elven Union)

This is an elf off. FOUL’s elves are a fresh team that are designed with bash in mind. DASH’s elves are built a bit more vertically and a couple focused players.

To be honest, it is whomever starts breaking armor first. This match should be a toss up, and I have to give the advantage to DASH as Kallisti had a lost of success last season.

[FOUL]ing Is Life SV (Human) vs [Dash] of D-baggery SV (Lizard)

Dwiggs’s humans are a well developed team that is well rounded. They have an ideal Block/Guard/Pro Ogre, one turner catcher, a killer blitzer, and a handful of other skills.

Motleee’s lizards are also a developed team. They have a couple level 3+ Saurus and a one turn skink.

This matchup will be a hard one to call. I have to give the vote for FOUL, as Dwiggs is coming off a strong season while Motleee had some difficulty last season.

No post-draft powers used.


Based on the matchups, I expect FOUL to take the week 3-2. Watch out for the Elven Union mirror match, and the game between [FOUL]ing Is Life SV (Human) and [Dash] of D-baggery SV (Lizard) as they both are a toss up and could break either way.

SweBBA stands for the Swedish Blood Bowl Alliance. They tend to have home field advantage in scheduling playing time, so they may be able to capitalize on sleepy Americans. SweBBA finished middle of the pack in Season 4 and stayed in Div2. DAD stands for Dead Appo Dead, ya know, what happens when your best player dies and the appo takes a nap. They were second place in Div 3 last season, moved up to Div 2, and brought in GypsyPrince to anchor down the matchups.

Draft Phase

No pre-draft powers used.

[SweBBA] IK IKEA SV (Human)🚌 vs [DAD] Big Papa Pump SV (Orc)

Majorbyte’s humans are a reasonably developed human team that includes four level 3 blitzers and two well made catchers.

CRBoyz’s orcs come into the match with a perfect Troll and nice development among multiple positionals.

With only one dedicated killer, the humans will probably have difficulty standing up against the AV9 orcs. I expect the humans to be ground down and for DAD to take a victory in this match.

[SweBBA] Smack Attack! SV (Skaven) vs [DAD] :hearts: F-News SV (Underworld)🚌

Mr. Shady’s rat team is a fresh team with a one turner and a handful of skills on positionals.

GypsyPrince’s underworld team is absolutely disgusting. They have a perfect troll (but having claw instead of guard), two killer blitzers, and a handful of specialized pieces.

Being completely biased in this matchup, I feel that I (GypsyPrince) was not only the bus, but is also the driver, and I will run over Mr. Shady’s team. The high amount of tackle and punishment that the Underworld deliver should deliver DAD another win.

[SweBBA]Karaoke Clowns SV (Wood Elf)🚌 vs [DAD] On Arrival SV (Chaos Dwarf)

Mikethemachine should rename himself Barrythemachine. These wood elves are sporting the most disgusting wardancer in clan league. A couple other highly developed postionals make this a very vertically focused team.

Herotosucara’s fresh chorf team splits between offensive skills and guard.

While chorfs have a bit of guard, the game will really be dependant on whether they can limit Barry’s impact and stop the OTTD. This game will likely go in favor of SweBBA.

[SweBBA] L.o.A SV (Chaos) vs [DAD] Pool SV (Lizard)

Razta has a highly developed Chaos team with a high degree of guard and kill. They only have 1 cpomb so far, but this team is developing to be very scary.

Furril’s lizards have a lot less guard, but may have the advantage in movement. They also have a handful of other skills that may help with positioning and scoring more touchdowns.

I am hard pressed to say that this match is anything but a Chaos win. That said, if they can’t do enough damage to the lizard team, the team with the most touchdowns wins and lizards are known for scoring. I have to lean towards a SweBBA win for this match.

[SweBBA]Short fuzes SV (Chaos Dwarf) vs [DAD] By Dawn SV (Amazon)

Steave’s chorf team looks similar to Herotosucara’s. They lean more towards using guard and a bull centaur ball carrier.

Ryanamandaanna’s Amazons are a fresh team that comes into the match with 7 blodge and a wroge. This team is similar to those that dominated in Division 3 last season.

Against anyone that didn’t have easy access to 6 tackle pieces, I would lean towards the Amazons. Unfortunately, they were matched up with a team designed to murder them. I give this game to SweBBA.

No post-draft powers used.


Based on the match ups, I expect SweBBA to take the week 3-2. There is a heavy wild card game between Chaos and Lizardmen that will probably define the overall match. Swebba was able to use the final round of the draft to make matchups that leaned heavily in their favor.

RNG and BEST are two Div 3 promotion teams. BEST took the best overall record last season, while RNG squeezed in as the fourth seed. RNG comes back with a couple coach substitutions, while BEST replaced one coach.

Draft Phase

No pre-draft powers used.

[RNG] Razzle Dazzle SV (Human)🚌 vs [BEST] Birdosaurs SV (Lizard)

Uber The Noober’s humans are a fairly standard fresh team. There was a lot of success for new human teams last season, so we will see if that holds up in Div 2.

Grrzoot’s lizards sport a bunch of level 3 Sauruses, a Block/Pro Krox, and a level 4 agi skink.

I expect the Lizardmen team to out bash and out score the Humans, putting BEST up in the win column.

[RNG] Toucan Vengeance SV (Elven Union) vs [BEST] Periodically SV (Human)🚌

Hindy’s elves are a fresh team that brings a lot of dodge to the field, along with two fighty blitzers.

DireSickFish is a second season Human team that started off very strong last season, but had a pile of injuries hit the team.

This game could quickly get out of hand one way or the other. If the humans get some early casualties, they could grind out the match. The lack of tackle might see the elves being able to screen and score with impunity. I have to give this game to RNG, as the humans are lacking in both tackle and speed.

[RNG] Horrible Cliches SV (Dark Elf)🚌 vs [BEST] Pieces of Eight SV (Norse)

MonkeyMan’s elves are a returning second season with a handful of stat and double freaks.

Raver’s norse had a rough go with injuries but still managed to go 7-2 for the season. This second season team has a lot of tools to disrupt and well developed runners to score.

If I was going to go based on the previous season record it would be 7-2 to 6-3 with an edge towards the norse. Both teams have seen quite a bit of success and this match could go either way. I will have to lean towards the dark elves because they should be able to out survive the norse. I am expecting RNG to take this game.

[RNG] Bad Dice SV (Lizard) vs [BEST] Games SV (High Elf)

Mego’s lizards are a fresh team. They have a lot of block, and an agility and a diving tackle skink.

Spoonybard’s second season high elves are in an odd spot, they are using their AV8 to be a very fighty elf team.

Having gone 7-2 with these high elves last season, I do not expect Spoonybard to lose against a fresh team, so this match goes to BEST.

[RNG] The Other Dwarfs SV (Dwarf) vs [Best] Around! SV (Undead)

Puckstop101’s dwarves are a fresh team with the priority on guard, a wrestle runner, and an agi runner.

Trunkhead’s undead are also a freshteam that nearly matches the amount of block on the dwarves.

With only one guard piece, but three strength 4, the undead team may have difficulty pushing around the dwarves. Positioning will be key if they hope to turn the match around. I have to give the nod to RNG in this close matchup.

No post-draft powers used.


Based on the match ups, I expect RNG to take the week 3-2. Both clans seemed to take advantage of being able to counter pick the bussed teams. The tough matchup is dwarves vs undead, and that will determine how the week shakes out.

ANZAC comes to Division 2 with a chip on their shoulder, as the only team to be relegated from Division 1. They plan to rebound from a rough season and take on SURF who is coming off a difficult season as well. Narrowly avoiding relegation to Division 3, SURF is coming to the pitch to push all the others off of it.

Draft Phase

Anzac uses hatred of public transportation on orabbi and his dwarves.

This is the first and only use of a power for Division 2. Did you know this ability doesn’t mean that orabbi’s team can’t be bussed in the 3rd round? It specifically says that it blocks them from being the FIRST team put on the chopping block.

[SURF] Big Umbrella SV (Khemri)🚌 vs [ANZAC] Ogre Da Top SV (Ogre)

If your goal is to crush you way to victory, a line up of 4 mighty blow Tomb Guardians might be just what you are looking for. Big Umbrella has a lot of strength on the team, while having two flexible Thro Ras that may attempt to score touchdowns.

The only way to beat the strength of 4 Tomb Guardians may just be to have 6 Ogres who also come packing mighty blow. The Ogres themselves come with 3 block players, which is 1 more than the Khemri. They also spared no expense on Gnoblars, as they are all rookies.

This match will be a pinata for Khemri to gain some SPP, but they need to be cautious for their mummies and the danger the Ogres present.

I pick SURF’s Khemri to come out on top, as they may be able to grind out a win with slightly better ball carrying in overtime.

[SURF] White Walkers SV (Norse) vs [ANZAC] Reavers SV (Necromantic)🚌

The White Walkers are a fresh team that brings all the positionals, some spiked boots, and a little bit of controlled rage with the double mighty blow Berserkers.

The Reavers come to the pitch with one Star Wolf and one rookie. The Beast will wrack up injuries while The Darkness will be scoring all the touchdowns to gain some development.

ANZAC should see a win in this match, by using their more developed team and their superior amount of guard to control the pace of the game.

[SURF]ing The Salt SV (Dwarf)🚌 vs [ANZAC] Malcontents SV (Chaos Dwarf)

Dwarves vs other even angrier Dwarves.

Orabbi comes into the match with a fresh dwarf team, complete with 9 players with mighty blow. We all should have seen this coming.

Bob152 has a much more developed team and it even includes a cpomb blocker. He also has 5 guard players, which may render all of orabbi’s mighty blow to be ineffective.

ANZAC should pull this match off, partially because I don’t expect to see [SURF]ing The Salt SV controlling the pitch or going for touchdowns. But also because Malcontents was one of the shining star teams last season for ANZAC.

[SURF] Sole Sistahs SV (Amazon) vs [ANZAC]Gods of Olympus SV (Human)

Wu’s Amazon team is about as hard hitting and as aggressive as any you’ve ever seen. It is a fresh team with 2 mighty blow and a frenzy blitzer. They also include 2 dirty players.

Sunhawk and his Humans are also a fresh team. They are a reasonably tight budget team, but with only 1 catcher.

The lack of tackle on the Human team will definitely hurt them, but with some lucky injuries, they could pull a win out of this matchup. I give the nod to SURF in this game.

[SURF] Engines SV (Necromantic) vs [ANZAC] Undeatopia SV (Khemri)

Stouticus’s [SURF] Engines almost look like a necro team that got to add a little bit of extra leveled drizzled in. Jucpomb werewolf, jugg werewolf, and not a lot of development otherwise.

Remember all the things I said about [SURF] Big Umbrella? Well, Werecaster’s Khemri team is exactly the same. Odd. Too bad he isn’t playing against Ogres.

I expect a lot of carnage out of this game, the jucpomb wolf could retire some Tomb Guardians early. Or the Khemri could put a lot of the necro team out of commission. I expect SURF to be able to score more touchdowns.

No post-draft powers used.


Based on the match ups, I expect SURF to take the week 3-2. Both of the bussed teams were not seriously counterpicked against, but being able to determine the final two matchups look like it may have tilted the matchup into SURF’s favor.

THICC and BBT are both participants in Div 2 last season, so I am sure there is some history between these two. Oh yes, the old Clanifesto says that they met round 1 last season too! THICC took it 3-2.

Draft Phase

No pre-draft powers used.

[THICC] Bearded Men SV (Dwarf)🚌 vs [BBT] Carnival of Pain SV (Necromantic)

Shadorra’s dwarves were actually piloted by his other half (steakmittens) last season. The dwarves have a little bit of development, with a focus on guard. They also sport a block +agi and kick-off return runner.

Regor’s second season necromatic team boasts a cpomb wolf and a cmb wolf. That is where most of the funds went,  as there is little development outside of the flesh golems and a wight.

This could go poorly for the dwarves if they get spread out, the ability to remove dwarves with the werewolves will be troublesome. I expect this match to go in favor of BBT.

[THICC]Rats With Roots SV (Wood Elf) vs [BBT] Suicide Squad SV (Brettonian)🚌

SeanManTV’s wood elves contain the second stat freak wardancer with Not Yasinde. They also have a utility knife of Moonshine and a handful of level 2 and 3 elves.

Orielensis’s bretonnians are a fresh team that sports a reasonably high amount of tackle and dirty player.

The wood elves should have a significant advantage in this matchup, but the amount of guard on the brets could protect the cage from any tricky plays. I have to give this one to THICC to tie up the matchups so far.

[THICC] Apo'Less'tles SV (Undead)🚌 vs [BBT] Karak Ninjutsu SV (Dwarf)

Mmcnaughton’s bargain basement fresh undead team has a lot of room to grow. The mummies are currently the key piece on the team, and they will need to do work to propel the team forward.

Filadeus is a fresh dwarf team that sports two mighty blow troll slayers and 6 guard.

Based on their compositions, I’d expect this to go to the dwarves. The TV difference means that the undead will be able to bring a wizard which may heavily impact the outcome of the game. Based on the wizard alone, I am going to lean towards THICC taking the victory.

[THICC] N' Furry SV (Necromantic) vs [BBT] Punchin Yo Face SV (Chaos Dwarf)

Chubstep’s necromatic team is a second season crew that prioritizes guard, while having one kill wolf, and one dodge wolf.

Le Bread masqué’s chorf team has one heck of a bull centaur ball carrier, a couple claw dwarves, and a handful of guard.

As long as the chorf team doesn’t get pulled around, they should be able to out bash and outscore for a BBT win.

[THICC] MusicORCS SV (Orc) vs [BBT] Namby-Pambies SV (Wood Elf)

Steakmittens takes over the orcs that have a mix of level 2-3 black orcs, a pomb blitzer, and a couple guard players.

Notorious Noob’s wood elves are a fresh team that has a long way to go to be competitive.

THICC probably set the game between these two in order to feed the orcs additional experience and development for the rest of the season. This one is highly likely to go to THICC.

No post-draft powers used.


Based on the match ups, I expect THICC to take the week 3-2. The matchup to watch is the undead vs dwarf game, as it hinges greatly on the wizard and what can be made by it.

- Gypsy Prince

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