With two weeks left in Clan League Season 4, the Admins are talking about changes for season 5, and they actually want our feedback. All feedback should be directed to your clan leader, who will relay information to the admins.

Do we need to adjust starting gold amounts per div - including minimum power spends?

The current gold is as follows:

  • 8 million Gold Pieces for division 1 clans (600k in powers)

  • 7.5 million Gold Pieces for division 2 clans (500k in powers)

  • 6.5 million Gold Pieces for division 3 (and below) clans (450k in powers)

Which teams need adjusting into which tiers?

The current tiers are as follow:

  • Tier 1: Chaos Dwarves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Necromantic, Skaven, Wood Elves

  • Tier 2: Amazons, Chaos, Dwarves, Elven Union, High Elves, Khemri, Norse, Orcs, Undead

  • Tier 3: Bretonnians, Humans, Kislev, Nurgle, Underworld, Vampires

  • Stunty Tier: Goblins, Halflings, Ogres

Which powers do not need to be changed? Which powers need to be adjusted, how do we need to change them?

1) Miscommunication! 0-2, 100k

This power causes opponents to "miscommunicate" their intended draft day powers, acting as if those powers were never used at all! The use of this power must be stated to a clan admin (who is NOT in your clan) in a PM prior to the draft. Only notify the opposing Clan Leader AFTER the draft is complete of your diabolical ruse! (unless they play Confusion!, in which case they must be told immediately) Any clan powers used by your opponent failed to trigger, and remain available for future weeks. If BOTH clans attempted to use "Miscommunication", both clans DO use up one charge of this power. Additionally, if this power is used no other clan powers may be activated except for Emergency Intensive Care (as it is not a draft day power).

2) Emergency R&R! 0-3 50k

At the start of a draft, the clan leader may choose a team from his own clan and award it a free resting match. The team will concede to an admin team before playing their match. That team will regain all their MNG’ed players, and will lose 1 Fan Factor.

3) Last Minute Switch! 0-1 150k

At the end of the draft, the clan leader may pick two teams from his clan and switch up their matches. Coach A would face the opponent of Coach B, and Coach B would face the opponent of Coach A. Once a Last Minute Switch! is played, the opposing clan may not use a Last Minute Switch! that would affect any of the 4 coaches involved in the first switch.

4) Lock Bank! 0-1 50k

At the end of the draft, the clan leader may pick a team from the opposing clan. That team will not be allowed to spend any money from their own bank during the inducement phase. they are still allowed to use the petty cash that they receive from playing against a higher TV team. (please note, you receive two uses of this power when purchased)

5) New Blood! 0-2 100k

At the start of the draft, the clan leader can nominate one of the teams in his clan, this team is removed from the league permanently and a new team worth 100k gold less than the original team is added to replace them, skills may be bought following the rules in the team building section. The team can be of a different race, but still must be unique to the clan. You cannot use this power on a team that started the season under 1100 TV. You cannot switch to a Tier 1 team unless you were already a tier 1 team. This power is not mandatory if rolled as part of Nuffles Will (see below).

6) ASSASSINATION! 0-2 120k

At the start of a draft you may nominate 1 player from any of the teams in the opposing clan and have a hitman attempt to assassinate their player.  Roll a d6 using the discord dice bot, on a roll of a 2+ they are injured during the assassination attempt and must miss the next match! (This is handled by an admin result used to apply an MNG injury to the player in question)  If you roll a 1, something has gone very wrong as you have accidentally hired an assassin who is a fan of the opposing clan! The opposing clan may nominate a player in one of your clans teams who receives the MNG injury instead! Thankfully the teams Apothecary/Igor are able to prevent any permanent damage!

7) Emergency Intensive Care! 0-2 100K

The player will be whisked away after the game into intensive care to recover from any lasting injury suffered during the game. This means if a player suffers a permanent injury (niggle, stat bust, death) during the game, the coach can decide to not confirm the game and ask his clan leader to use the power.  The injury of will be changed into MNG by a Clan League Admin instead.

The power needs to be officially claimed in the discord channel no later than 24 hours after the game has been played, and the game cannot be confirmed, so please press “No” when asked to confirm the game if you intend to request this power.

The power can also be used at the start of the season to heal an old injury on a returning player, without applying the MNG.  This will not count towards the maximum of 2 uses of the power, but will cost 100k of the new season’s bank - this is NOT taken from the clan power budget. You need to note this on your “Clan Ledger” when you complete the team re-buy process and you can then purchase the affected player without the injury.

8) Inspiration! 0-2 100K

At the start of a draft nominate one player from one of your clan’s teams who is within 5 SPP of levelling. This player has been working hard on the training grounds between matches and has gained a level!  The level up will be provided by setting up a game vs an admin team, which will be awarded as an admin loss to the clan team. The player to level will receive pass/intercept/cas spp to gain the needed spp to level. A second admin game will be assigned after the first, to reissue any MNG injuries on the team. The second game will also be applied even if there are no MNG on the team for consistency, due to potential loss of Fan Factor, etc.

9) Confusion! 0-2 50K

Play this power before the draft occurs. This power switches the draft order, causing the team that was due to draft second to draft first instead. You may not play a Confusion! to counter an opponent's Confusion! Additionally, this power does not switch the order of power usage in a draft.

10) LACES OUT DAN! 0-1 120k

Play this at the end of a draft after all other powers. Any games that go to penalty kicks from this draft phase are resolved in your clan’s favour despite the actual in-game result.

11) Nuffles will! 0-2 100k

Use this power at the beginning of a draft to leave the choice of a power up to the fickle god that is Nuffle. Roll 1D11 using the discord dice bot and use the power associated with that number (counting down the power list) during this draft, you may not play any other powers during this draft phase, this power is unaffected by Miscommunication! If you roll this ability (an 11) you are truly blessed by nuffle and may roll 2D10 and receive both associated powers! As noted in New Blood you DO NOT have to use that power if it is rolled. You may also use Emergency Intensive Care in the same round as this power is used.

Any other changes?

Got some additional ideas? Let your leader know.

- Gypsy Prince

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