Third Place

Sudden Pain

Two dead Nurgle positionals in a row. Not much else to say here; pure catharsis is all you need sometimes.


Second Place

Is This a Screen?

Technically this clip is tied with the last one, but I didn't get the vote and I like it better, so I'm giving it the Number 2 spot. Still not first place, but hey, this sort of play deserves that little extra bit of prestige.


Rules for Next Season

The Clipping Competition's Next Season will be starting tomorrow and, with it, a new platform and a revised set of rules. Going forward, all posts about the Clipping Comp will live right here on REBBL News. As for the rule changes? Well, here they are going forward:


1) Each round will last for 1 week, starting on rollover day. Only clips from the present week will be accepted

2) You may submit clips from both casters and players, so long as the game is a REBBL game

3) You may submit exactly 1 clip per week. This can be submitted to me either via reddit PM (/u/kaosubaloo_v2) or via the comment section of that week's REBBL News Clip Comp post.

4) You may not submit a clip form your own stream

5) You may not submit a clip from the same stream, 2 weeks in a row

6) You may not submit a clip from any stream which has already had a clip featured as clip of the week

7) If more than 1 coach submits the same clip, the coach who submitted it first will be credited for it

8) Submitted clips will be reviewed and voted on weekly. The clip which recieves the most votes will be declared the Clip of the Week. Voting is conducted on the REBBL Discord, in the clipping-competition-entries-and-voting Channel. The clip with the most REBBL Fist emoji reactions wins the week.

9) You may vote for any number of clips, once each. Anyone found voting multiple times for the same clip will be banned from the competition.

10) This competition will run each week until the end of the season. After the final week, a final Clip of the Season vote featuring every clip of the week will occur. The submitter of the Clip choosen as Clip of the Season will recieve a prize. Probably a Mug or something. Pending Metal doing the legwork.You will also receive a cool trophy on


First Place

For Bubu

There it is. The winner of the whole damn thing. The grand prize goes to BigChuck!
...Probably. Metal has the book keeping on this submission and not me, but BigChuck's the one who actually clipped the clip, so it was probably them. Hit up Metal for your fabulous prize!


- Kaosubaloo

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