First things first:


The Winner

Congrats Trav3ler! Go talk to Metal about your prize!

Also: Next season no bonus clips will be accepted. Just, you know, something to keep in mind


Post Mortem

So we tried some new things this season. Some of them worked some of them didn't let's look at some of what I view as the problem areas...


Not Enough Clips

We've been having trouble getting enough clips! Especially later in the season. Part of this is, I think, because of a change I made, where winning a clip of the week made that stream invalid for future clips. The point of this was to encourage clips from a wider variety of sources, and I think we achieved that, but I don't think it was worth the cost of the clips I had to exclude. I think there's a middle ground where we can still encourage a wider variety of stream sources without loosing out on the bulk of the clips that were invalid, so expect some changes on this next season.

Of course, part of it is also that rebbl coaches just don't bloody read. I might have to talk to Metal about making weekly announcements on rollover to get more attention to the competition...Anyway, it's something to thing about.


Clip Sources

So I'm just going to go ahead and say this: Clips really need to be actual Twitch Clips. One of the weekly winners was deleted this time around and it was a not-clip clip. Of course clips can still be deleted, but they have to be deleted manually and we can always have a talk with metal if a streamer has deliberately deleted a winning clip.

Other than that, each type of clip requires a different method for embedding and not all of them have the same quality guarantee. I think standardizing to the most common format should help simplify the task of managing this thing and help prevent issues like what happened with the Week 5 clip this season.



Sometimes things happen and a post won't get out on time. It's impossible to completely avoid this, but I think it can be mitigated. Less of an issue and more a topic of future improvement, so it's included here.


Valid Leagues

For about half of this last season, All Rebbl Leagues other than Imperium One-Days were valid choices for submission. I'm still not 100% about this choice and would actually like to get some feedback on it. Do you like the additional competitions? Do you want Imperium in there as well? Should there be a side comp specifically for some or all of these leagues (though after the Cripple fiasco I'm hesitant to do this one)?

You tell me. As is, we're probably going to start the next season the same way we ended the last one. That is to say, With all non-Imperium/One-Day Leagues being valid for submission.

Speaking of, we didn't do playoffs this season either. That was because, frankly, I needed the break. But I'd like to work out a way to do it next season. Maybe I can recruit someone else to manage it for the off-season?

It's something to think about anyway. At least I have 3 and a half months to do that thinking.


And so there you have it! See you soon for Clippy Season 14!


- Kaosubaloo

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