After an honorable 2nd place and a healthy team at the end of season 10, it seemed coach Troukk had secured his position as The Torture Club's head coach. Alas, it was not meant to be, as a mix of overconfidence, bad luck, and lack of actual skill in the game finally took its toll. Even though Nurgle is a relatively easy team to keep alive, his awful choices led to the deaths of some of the team's core players.

First came the death of Dr. Greenwood at the hands of a rock thrown from the crowd:

Then Dr. Freeman perished after coach Troukk instructed him to dodge (why is a killer pestigor dodging?!):

Then Dr. Okeson was murdered by a gutter runner (YES, REALLY!):

And finally, Dr. Holliday fell to his death when this useless coach asked him to dodge like a puny elf:

The Torture Club's President, Dr. Francis More, has decided enough is enough and told coach Troukk that his contract will not be renewed for next season. Rumors say there is a rookie Norse team looking to hire this incompetent coach as long as he is willing to be paid in tacos.

- Troukk

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