(1) Viscardus/Predatory Pocket Monsters/Lizardmen/Canada

  • Viscardus has set a scorching pace through the Americas B Division posting a perfect 9-0-0 record. The first four games of Vis’s season set the standard, winning 2-0, taking a bye win, another 2-0, and a strange concede 2-0. After 4 games, half of Vis’s Sauruses had block, one dinging a third level. That pace would continue as Vis now has all his Sauruses leveled, two of them on blodge, and  additional block/tackle and block/might blow pieces. Viscardus earned the number one overall seed and has played with a methodical steadiness throughout. Viscardus faced his biggest challenge early in the season against the Real Gamers (AwesomeAim) and was in a 1-0 deficit. Viscardus came back with a risky dodging skink on turn 16 and managed to take the walk off 2-1 TD. 

  • STRENGTHS: Developed sauruses. Strong understanding of Lizardmen as a team.

  • CHALLENGES: Relatively underdeveloped skins. Hasn’t been punched in the mouth.

(16) Berzeroth/Karond Kar Jailors/Dark Elves/Italy

  • Berzeroth takes on the unenviable task of facing Viscardus in the first week of the playoffs. With a 5-1-3 record to his name, Berzeroth managed to squeak into the playoffs. The Karond Kar Jailors, often mispronounced, were one of my favorites in Europe A Division but stumbled against top teams like the Edgy Speedies and Cursed Cowboy’s, and dropped a (at the time) head scratcher to the lone college dwarf squad. Berseroth has developed a healthy amount of blodge and dodge players including a level 3 blodgestep Witch Elf. While I still like Viscardus in the match up, Berzeroth’s Dark Elves have the potential to give the almost tackleless lizards fits.

  • STRENGTHS: Tons of dodge in a relatively tackle free zone. ST 4 lineman.

  • CHALLENGES: ST disadvantage. Only one guard piece.

(8) Audrey/Under Oath/Norse/USA

  • Audrey comes out of the Americas C Division with a reputation as the “Bash Queen.” Playing a signature aggressive glass cannon style, Audrey has managed to keep her big pieces alive and threatened opponents with a combination of claw, mighty blow, jump up, frenzy, and dirty player. Audrey coasted on week 9 with a bye that leveled several players resulting in a mighty blow-piling on berserker. Audrey also has a few tackle pieces to deal with the Dark Elves she will see in round 1. Audrey has been on of my sleeper teams all season at 6-1-2, with a loss coming from a missed game and a tie off of a hyper aggressive play versus the King of Draws, WanderingBME.

  • STRENGTHS: Aggressive play and removal based play. Well developed threats around the team. Two dauntless pieces to deal with strength disadvantage.

  • CHALLENGES: Yhetee is begging for MB or block. Fragile team that is still vulnerable to stumbles.

(9) Meat Mannequin/Deep Web Edgelords/Dark Elves/Finland

  • Meat is our second Dark Elf coach making an appearance, boasting a 6-1-2 record in Europe B. A two Witch Elf team with only three blitzers at the moment, Meat brings a little less block to the fight which could pose an issue against Audrey’s block heavy side. A nicely developed level 3 Witch Elf and an AG+ Blitzer are the stars of the squad and bring big playmaking potential that could support a deep run in the playoffs. Meat comes into the playoffs riding a 3 game winning streak, beating the Pink Penguins and Last Picks, division cellar dwellers, and a week 9 bye. Expect fairly classic Dark Elf play from the northern coach.

  • STRENGTHS: Well developed Witch Elf. Strong agility based play.

  • CHALLENGES: Only 3 blitzers, only 2 with levels. Lack of ST and block leaves question marks in the blocking game.

(4) WmMiranda/Gym’s Rats/Skaven/USA

  • WmMiranda (Jim) stumbled at the finish line of a phenomenal Mixed Division campaign. 7-1-1 with a week 2 draw to a well-coached Norse squad and a week 9 loss while playing the #2 team in Mixed, Jim has proven methodical and gutsy all at the same time. Routinely notching two touchdowns per game, Jim has relied on the one two punch of solidly developed gutter runners and aggressive plays from his mighty blow-piling on storm vermin. Kick is back in play with a recently leveled linerat, Jim’s Rats are only missing a natural one turner before being an absolute terror for the out of position bash coach.

  • STRENGTHS: Diversified skill builds on key pieces. Strong positioning and tactics.

  • CHALLENGES: Handling the bash as AV7. One leveled linerat.

(13) AwesomeAim/The Real Gamers/Humans/Canada

  • AwesomeAim may have the best comeback story of this college season. Starting 1-1-2 in Americas B, The Real Gamers finished 5-1-3. Two early losses came against coaches that more or less abandoned the league as well, giving him losses where other coaches were gifted byes. AwesomeAim has made ST+ rolls look like normals having a ST+ Blitzer and Catcher. Throw in 4 pieces with guard, and this is a very bashy human squad. This may be one of the bigger clashes in style as AwesomeAim’s smash mouth style meets a measured, cerebral approach from Jim Miranda.

  • STRENGTHS: Stats. Guard everywhere. Passing game levels.

  • CHALLENGES: No tackle. Unleveled Ogre is starting to feel bloaty.

(5) The Mighty Q/Toy’Saur’Us/Lizardmen/United Kingdom

  • Q is the second 22 point qualifier from the Mixed Division also posting 7-1-1 and coming off a big win against Gym’s Rats. Q has made the best out of the cards he was dealt, having only two leveled Sauruses after the 9 game slate. Q has made some great risky plays with his skinks, who seemingly all have sidestep, with on blodgestepper as the leader of the skink gang.

  • STRENGTHS: Developed skinks. Level 3 Krox locking down the line.

  • CHALLENGES: At the mercy of the dice with few skills on Sauruses. Will likely be at a ST disadvantage in round one versus a guard heavy orc team.

(12) Jorcajo/The Garlic Orcs of Athena/Orcs/Spain

  • Jorcajo flew under the radar in the highly competitive Europe A Division where the difference between 2 and 6 was one win. Finishing the season a 5-2-2 over rival orc coach LavaLamps, the ORCBOWL 2.0 winning coach punched his ticket at the literal last moment. As was the story in Euro A, Jorcajo had trouble with the Cursed Cowboy’s, dropped a head scratcher to the Everlorn Eagles, and had an unfortunate week one draw with the Pink Penguinz. Jorcajo did a great job fighting back and did it in an old school, orc bash way. Bouncing back from a dead blitzer and an AV bust Blorc, the Garlic Orcs now look beefy with 4 block guard pieces, led by a level three black orc. Expect a ton of haymakers to be thrown with a blitzing mighty blow throughout the game.

  • STRENGTHS: Guard. Block. Reliable thrower.

  • CHALLENGES: No tackle to deal with dodge. May face challenge against big guys.

(2) Glokta313/GNTM 1449ers/Amazon/Austria

  • Glokta leads a well coached Zon team out of the Europe B Division which was absolutely brutal this season. At 8-0-1, Glokta’s only loss came with an underdeveloped week 2 team. Having leveled every positional on the team and a linewoman to boot, the 49ers look to be a well oiled machine for the first round. Led by a level 4 blodge tackle POMB blitzer with a AG+ Blitzer and ST+ Catcher, this team has all the tools to bash, run, or pass. Add to that two guard pieces and Glokta has a team that is highly adaptable and a nightmare for teams that still have any gaps in their composition.

  • STRENGTHS: Well rounded build. Key stat ups. “Star” player.

  • CHALLENGES: Lack of tackle maybe? There is no dodge heavy team for Glokta to face until a potential round 3 match up assuming both teams make it.

(15) CrashDax/SMASH BASH!/Orc/USA

  • Crash is another Orc coach that flew under the radar behind some other orc teams like Atrakz, Ripped Fangz, and Da Soul Touchaz that were making noise in the middle of the season. SMASH BASH! May be the least conventional early orc team, sporting a jump up blitzer, an AG+ lineorc, and a block MB Black Orc. With two guard pieces, CrashDax is bringing a little less ST than some othe the other orcs, but has a balanced attack for orcs. Crash also takes a very close 3rd place in the Americas A Division with 16 points 5-1-3 record with a TD delta of +4, just like second placed Dinos for Sotek.

  • STRENGTHS: Unconventional wrinkles for an early orc team. 3/4 Black Orcs with block.

  • CHALLENGES: No tackle at all going into a Zon team. May be outbashed later in the playoffs.

(7) DimmyGee/Cursed Cowboy’s/Chaos/United Kingdom

  • Dimmy took the regular season crown in Europe A Division, a highly competitive division where play came down to the last game to determine the winner. Dimmy had some rough dice vs a great effort from Troy’s Dwarf squad but otherwise had an undefeated campaign at 7-1-1. Arguable the most noticed “student of the game”, Dimmy has developed in leaps and bounds throughout the season both tactically and mentally after college and tons of ladder grinding. He also boasts one of the scarier teams in the league, with the ST 5 Chaos Warrior and a ST 4 MB Goat. Dimmy has a bit of a “greedy” build opting for MB on two pieces before guard, leaving it to good rolls and reroll management with a high ceiling and a low floor on any given game. The key for Dimmy will be getting those removals before bad dice strike him or he will find the lack of guard and block may prove lethal against a bash heavy lower bracket.

  • STRENGTHS: Stat ups. Removal threats.

  • CHALLENGES: No tackle. Block missing on key pieces.

(10) TickleBump/The Cheap Beer Chuggers/Orc/USA

  • Overall, a pretty shitty coach. Not much to say here.

  • STRENGTHS: Likes beer.

  • CHALLENGES: Non-functioning brain.

(3) Succuboi/Ripped Fangz/Orc/United Kingdom

  • The second place Europe B squad, Succuboi leads an undefeated squad that is known for its freakish 6 Black Orc build. The Fangz do not have 6 Blorcs, but has two ST+ blitzers bringing the same strength with better mobility and agility, leaving the Fangz as a daunting task for anyone to handle. Add to that a MA+ Thrower and an addressed guard deficiency, and the Fangz present one of the scariest bash squads in the league. Succuboi’s sole “blemishes” on his 7-2-0 come in the form of two early ties against a now defunct Rat team and the third place Deep Web Edgelords.

  • STRENGTHS: Strength. Mobile thrower with block.

  • CHALLENGES: Handling dodge opponents. Not a ton of removal threats yet.

(14) Gebro99/Dinos for Sotek/Lizardmen/USA

  • Gebro takes the number two spot in the chaotic Americas A Division with a 5-1-3 record. Gebro has a fairly developed team with 4 block sauruses and a bench skink for some safety. Having not seen a tremendous number of Dinos games, the losses are somewhat head scratching, losing to Chorfs, Dark Elves, Lizards and drawing Kislev. Gebro did finish strong taking on 3 of the leaders in Americas A for the season and taking all 3.

  • STRENGTHS: Good development. Depth to prevent “Kill the Skink” strategies.

  • CHALLENGES: Only standard skills. Securing the ball with skinks.

(6) NotDK/A-to-Z Guarantee/Amazon/Canada

  • DK comes out of Americas C with one of the least conventional teams out there. Sitting on a TV of 1040, DK relies on the inducement game to throw looks at opponents that they may not be ready to handle. DK’s lone loss comes at the hand of Audrey’s Norse. DK’s last game lost a developed blitzer with guard and followed it up by firing a second blitzer, perhaps to minimize TV. With 150k in the bank, expect playoff shenanigans.

  • STRENGTHS: Unpredictability. Seemingly strong grasp on inducement games and advanced tactics.

  • CHALLENGES: Inducements for reliance on loner pieces. No fully developed regular pieces.

(11) Kitakaze/Lost Presidents/Human/USA

  • Kitakaze is the regular season Americas A champ. Kitakaze has one of the largest skill diversities in the league and includes a ST+ Ogre and a MA+ Thrower lending to both bash and dash styles of play. Kitakaze’s “negative” results have come against top teams in the division and an early week one drumming by Kislev. It’s hard to say what to expect from the Lost Presidents as they truly can do it all at any point or time.

  • STRENGTHS: Ability to do it all. Only two pieces without at least one skill.

  • CHALLENGES: May not to keep up with more specialized strategies. Removal of specific pieces can sink entire game strategies.

- Ticklebump

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Thanks for the work that went into this! Nice to get more coverage of the college league! - steakmittens

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