Greetings masochistic heathens!

After a short hiatus our boys are back and in action spoiling us with all the Playoff and Sippy..I mean Challenger Cup action. Without too much, or really any, ado.. here we go!

Episode 81 

Run time- 2h 11m

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedTV

Special Guest: Destruction Darby up at the butt crack of dawn just for us!!

Intro and News Around Rebbl and Blood Bowl- Big Ben quiet as a grave..rumors of BB3 mere myth?; Challenger Cup successful thus far; CCL other news water is wet and fire will burn you..; Is convincing your opponent to allow you to score prior to conceding collusion? (If you have your opponent allow you to score then it is collusion imo. Maybe not egregious but..);ReCCL teased; Admin meetings; New Admins! Please welcome Finz, Puckstop, Zee, DrGreed/Hepp, Doof and Hargrim to the BLUE names; Side League run down (thnx Zee!); Imperium kinda sorta without any actual info.. (yes season 1 of Imperium is coming to a close Imperium Cup starts August 4th)

23min- Playoff and Challenger Cup updates and thoughts; Playoffs and CC ushering in the season of bash; Nurgle here to stay- like a skin fungus; Metal’s Pile On theory; Metal vs Fed; Accordians according to Fed; don’t worry they will get back to playoffs eventually they are distracted by themselves)); How to beat Kislev; Wighting off Fed’s Necro; Serj’s Golem Tax-Day: back payments collected; see I told you they’d get back there eventually; All regions still in the mix; REL One looking decimated; Cheese to Div 1 be the dream!; Reroll numbers; Dreams of boosting Oceanic numbers; 6 claw left in Challengers; Various Steins and respectable friends; Train Wrecks and dicing: the kill game; Summer Camp Rant...(Imperium, Cripple Cup, and two playoffs going..? Why no summer camp games I wonder🤣); Battletech; Feedback forms discussed; Improving feedback and communication.. my ears are burning..;

1h26 min Talking Point: Punished vs Deserved- Punished/Rewarded by dice and Streamer/Viewer entitlement/expectations. Secondary point- reaching and connecting to one’s audience 

Wrapping up, geeking out..; Darby owns a Hobby store..? 0.o... I have a new hero! Jokes and send off.

 And thanks for the shout out gentlemen of the podcast!

Next episode should feature He Roto Su Cara the one who breaks faces and the new Clan season major hype!

What do you get when you combine a joke and a rhetorical question?



Until next time! 








- WaitHoldMyBeer

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