Sea change here in division A, as we get to the halfway point of the season. With coaches now getting a feel for the game, some with mentor advice, the season really begins right here right now. There’s two main shoutouts I want to make. One is to rand who is apparently doing a 60 team recap and power rankings (?) which is amazing and insane in equal measure. Another is to Hubster who has started recapping I believe Euro B. More press is better press, so go show these guys some love if you haven’t already.

Also, shoutout to yourselves the coaches! No drops, every game played so far is a great start, and in these shorthanded leagues it’s so much more important. Good on you all! 

Rank 1

Cursed Cowboy’s (Dimmy Gee)

3-1-0 (↑1)

Dimmy Gee sits atop the leaderboard, unbeaten after 4 weeks, with chaos. That is not a sentence I thought I would find myself typing, but here we are! Butch Cassidy and co have come fast out the blocks, cas-ing 9 and running in 5 touchdowns. 

Tom Horn picks up mighty blow first, which is an eyebrow raising pick if ever I’ve seen one. It’s a statement of intent when your first movement 6 level doesn’t get block on a normal roll, with Dimmy clearly backing the Gor with his 3rd team reroll. You’d think that this makes the Cowboys easy to sack, but when you carry on a 5-5-3-9 piece things get a bit more complicated.

Both dark elf teams lie in wait, and this will be the first real test for a team that has previously faced 8th, 9th and 10th on the leaderboard. Coming away from the necro with a 1-0 win is a promising sign, but blanket agi 4 will cause problems for this breakout leader.

Killer stat: They have received more hits than they’ve given(144 - 163).

Rank 2

The Garlic Orcs of Athena (Jorcajo)

2-2-0 (↑4)

Jorcajo is the only other unbeaten coach, and beating the second placed team is a good way to put yourself in second place in a power rankings exercise! 2 levels pending implies that the coach is currently away, most likely using their hard earned winnings to get a new black orc rostered.

Standout player has to be Mu’ , with 2 passes for 16m this season. With no catcher on the team, being able to get those quick passes lets you drop your ball carrier back out of the pocket. This in turn frees up your cage corners to get back into the fray and push the drive.

Through both the dark elf teams, GOA host the slumping dwarves and then travel to a resurgent but still basic nurgle team. That should be 2 wins, putting the chaos on notice. It’s going to be all about consistency from here on out, and orcs start with more reliability than chaos. Considering said chaos have decided to eschew block and carry on strength 5, I back the ork.

Killer stat: 5 surfs inflicted, one for every touchdown. A sign of a good coach. 

Rank 3

The Edgy Speedies (Jobeyobey)

3-0-1 (no change)

The speedies have established themselves as an early frontrunner, beating the Jailors 1-0 to move into second place. The spp is fairly concentrated so far, with the only development being Malral getting to blodge.

The lack of passing is a big standout feature, but with the last 2 fixtures being against fast and agile teams it’s understandable. Things probably won’t improve there, with the next two being pro elves and the division leaders. An incisive 24 tile play is a big part of most elf teams’ offensive playbooks however, especially against the slow bashers of this division.

The witch elf front doesn’t seem to be improving either. With only 90k in the bank, Jobeyobey has to face pro elves with no frenzy threat, and a slower than optimal team. Fingers crossed he’ll have a bench in time for the potential div deciding game in week 6!

Killer stat: It has to be the 0 completions. They’ve also only inflicted 1 casualty so far!

Rank 4

Ork Varieties (Lavalamps122)

2-1-1 (no change)

It’s tough to decide who is ‘best of the rest’ but after a closer look I think Lavalamps deserves the spot this week. His team has developed well, with 3 levels in 2 games. The eye catcher is Braeburn who gets dodge first up. This is a great level in my opinion, since you’re another mvp away from blodge and in the meantime he’s harder to knock down.

The blocking balance is also worth looking at(154-161). It’s better than the chaos, but the varieties will be looking to pump that first number up since at the moment those are rookie ratios. This team certainly won’t be able to go 1:1 against claw bash and live!

That’s a long way in the future though, and for now you’d definitely back these orcs against early nurgle and 10th place pro elves. As it stands, the world is their orchard. 

Killer stat: nothing is jumping out at me. An even 200 yards rushing!

Rank 5

Karond Kar Jailors (Berzeroth)

2-1-1 (↓4)

Sticking with the theme of copying the league table, we see the Jailors slip back into the midfield. Which is a shame because on the face of things they seem to be doing everything right. They now have a minimum of 3 blodge (pending level), and the makings of a bench after 4 games played. They’ve also only taken an average of 40 blocks a game, which is completely respectable for bashy elves with early guard.

It just goes to show how competitive this division is that they are where they are. On the face of it this is still a dangerous team to play against in a fresh league, and 3 of their games have come against the 4 teams ahead of them in the rankings. A result against the Cowboys this week puts them in a great spot as the schedule suddenly softens right up.

Killer stat: 7 passes with no pass or catch skill! Keep that going!

Rank 6

Mouldy Shamblers (__Yor__) 

1-1-2 (↑4)

Ok bear with me guys. The bottom half of the league is pretty rough viewing all told. So why not give the coveted 6 slot to the on form nurgle team! Yor has been dealt a pretty rough blow in the form of Acremonium dying an untimely death during a 1-1 draw in week 3. They bounced right forward though, recording their 1st win last week. It might’ve been against last place but hey, it was an agi team.

There’s more than a seed of hope here. Trichoderma has gotten to block, and now all of a sudden things are gonna get so much better. With your most important block and your blitz both getting more reliable, the Shamblers can look at each turn as a good puzzle, rather than a minefield of 1/9s. 

They’ve also gotten a bench up and running, while sitting at a mere 1040 tv. This is bribe territory against the bash and wizard territory against the blodge, although every penny has to now get saved up for that 4th warrior. The road ahead looks mean green and tough, but now Yor will be approaching it with a spring in his shamble.

Killer stat: these are one of the few teams that give out more blocks than they take. In spite of this they’ve sustained more armour breaks than they’ve taken. All told, unlucky.

Rank 7

Grufbar Zhufbar (Troy_Tempest)

1-1-2 (↓3)


This was going to be a coinflip till I saw the stats. The dwarves not only have given out the most hits(200), but they have the best blocking ratio in the league (1.27:1). The second stat is more important, because it implies good positioning and good block minimisation on defense. Or it could mean that the opposition is 1/9ing before they take all their blocks on the turn.

 It’s somewhere between the two as this team currently sits in the bottom half of both the table and the power rankings. My top 3 prediction looks a little silly now, as development has stalled to almost a complete halt. Kruten has gotten dodge however, which gives the coach a little more leeway on committing his secondary.

Next week is more orcs, and this time without the ace in the hole Burraz. It’s a tough assignment, but a good result would help pull this team out of the slump before their playoff hopes completely disappear.

Killer stat: bearing in mind the blocking stats, the fact that armour stats are even (32-32) might explain some of the results.

Rank 8

E-Reptile Dysfunctional (Goofd)

1-1-2 (↓1)

Goofd definitely has cause to complain about these rankings. Placed 6th in the league and with a fairly well put together team, 8th looks kind of silly. But this is a lizard team which is struggling to get all 6 saurus on the pitch at the same time, and one with 17 spp on skinks. Their only win so far was against 1000tv nurgle all the way back in week one. You can start to see it.

But let's focus on the positive. Puff has gotten 2 casualties and put in 3 mvp performances, and is now a level 3 saurus after 4 games. That’s extraordinary. Whether they take guard, break tackle, mighty blow or tackle or a crazy stat, that is a great weapon to have both on offense on defense. 

Rango has also caused 5 injuries and may be the best big guy in the league. Now with stand firm, he can slot in anywhere with mv 6 prehensile tail. Another star piece. There’s plenty of potential, now we just need to see the results.

Killer stat: 0.023 is the probability of one player getting 3 out of 4 mvps.

Rank 9

Everlorn Eagles (Oldyella)

0-1-3 (no change)

Down at the bottom we find the pro elves, who aren’t having the most fun time of it. After being 2-1 ground twice, they then got a point to the lizards before what must’ve been a heartbreaking 1-0 against the nurgle, who were the only team below them in our week 3 ranking. 54 armour breaks sustained later, and it’s quickly getting desperate.

The roster seems reasonable enough however. Although the blitzers only have 7 spp between them, when you’ve got passing and catching skills they quickly become unattractive to level. With Risscon getting to accurate, hopefully Oldyella can find the vanity opportunities needed to get both blitzers to at least blodgestep.

Sadly mvp luck has gone against the eagles as well. 2 linemen combine for 18 spp, which is more than the 1st 4 rostered positionals put together. Castien taking a movement bust is pretty awful all told, and until they’re replaced this team is looking very shallow. At least the passing game has improved!

Killer stat: 39 blocks a game conceded. That’s dark elf (av 8) stats on a pro elf (av7) team.

Rank 10

Pink Penguinz (b3sh)

0-1-3 (↓2)

Normally necromantic teams pay a ‘Wight tax’. Your wolves roll loads of doubles and stats and in exchange your wights get killed and maimed. The Penguinz don’t even have anything to tax and yet their wights have picked up 2 perms. 2 weeks after the last recap, Sparkly is still on 0 spp.

21 blocks, 5 armour breaks, 5 stuns. Sad times.

No levels still, with the spp getting shared pretty liberally and 4 zombies on 5spp. This is a 13 man team with only 11 on the pitch next week, so things will most likely not improve. If it was ccl these guys would’ve already disbanded, but in an eternal league b3sh has to play this out for another 5 games. All the best to them.

The next 2 games (Lizards and dwarves) feel pretty important, because I don’t know where else the Penguinz are going to get points in what is a very competitive division all told. No bye weeks and no drops mean that every spp needs to be earnt. At least he can induce some bribes!

Killer stat: Their armour has failed on 34.6% of blocks this season. That’s closer to armour 7 than armour 8 and 9. 


Closing comments

That wraps up this week! Having all the stats available lets us do some a lot better analysis. Check back in 2 weeks time for some more analysis and arbitrary judgement!

All the best,

- Losre

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