It should come as little surprise to just about anyone who knows me that I love me some Stunty action. Some of the most fun games I've ever played were in Fumbbl's stunty leeg and its many zanny, gimmicky teams. So naturally, now that I've run out of official teams to look at, that's exactly where I'm going to turn my attention to next.

This particular team is one of my favourites for its theme and design. It was a little overpowered next to the rest of the league, but surely it'll be fine when measured up against regular teams, right?



The Roster

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-16 Horror 4 2 3 7 Dodge, Jump Up, Regeneration, Right Stuff, Stunty, Throw Team Mate AM(GPS) 50K
0-2 Greater Horror 5 2 3 7 Dodge, Regeneration, Throw Team Mate GAM(PS) 70K
0-2 Flamer 6 3 3 7 Bombardier, Leap, No Hands, Regeneration, Safe Throw, Sprint, Very Long Legs A(GPS) 80K
0-2 Firewyrm 4 5 4 8 Bombardier, Foul Appearance, Loner, No Hands, Regeneration, Safe Throw, Wild Animal ASM(P) 110K

50K Rerolls and no Apo or Necromancer

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the sheer odacity of this team. Has it soaked in yet? Well the moment is over, we're moving on anyway.

The lineman of this team is the Horror, and it is a pricey stunty player at 50K a pop. What's more, it gets a rather lackluster 4MV for that price tag with a stat line otherwise identical to a Goblin. For skills though? Regeneration, Jump Up, and Throw Teammate. The Horror is designed from the ground-up to be thrown, usually by another Horror. Its low movement makes it a necessity, its regeneration makes it more likely to survive and its Jump Up allows it to start moving at full speed (such as it is) even if it failed to stick the landing.

Next up is the Greater Horror. First of all, I actually had to change this player's cost. Stunty Leeg allows for player costs in 5K increments, which naturally doesn't work for a regular team. This player's original cost was 75K and was adjusted to 70K here. Aside from that? The purpose of the Greater Horror should be clear enough. It's the only player on the team with general access. That means it's not stunty either, but it does have Mutations on normals, meaning it has the potential to become the absolute killiest strength 2 player in the game!

Or, you know, pick up the ball. Whichever.

Next is the Flamer. This player is designed to do exactly 1 thing, and that's spam bombs. As it turns out, Safe Throw is a great way to do that, too. This player only fumbles the ball on a 1, with any successful throw having a much lower interception chance than other bombers experience. This is somewhat balanced out by the lack of hands, meaning that the Flamer cannot in any way take advantage of its throwing skills to handle the ball.

Speaking of, this might be a good time to mention that throwing bombs does not count as a throwing action. As long as you don't get a turn over. You can throw as many bombs as you have players with bombadier in a turn.

And you know who else has Bombardier? The firewyrn! With Agi 4 and Safe Hands, the Wyrm is actually better at throwing bombs than the Flamer! But only when it feels like it. Wild Animal means that there will always be a 50% chance that a Wyrm throw turns into a wasted action and no hands once again means you can't take advantage of the improbable agility of this creature to handle the ball. On the other hand, you can take dodge on normals with agility access, or even leap + VVL for the 2+, making this the best cage diving big guy in the game. It should frankly cost more than it does, and/or lose agility access, but in the interest of presenting the team as close to its original form as possible I've ignored obvious balance changes for this article.


The Art of the Throw

I'm sure it's quite clear by now, but this team is all about throwing the maximum number of non-ball-things each turn possible. The linemen throw each other, the throwers throw bombs and the big guys also throw bombs. With some lucky wild animal rolls that's up to 5 throws a turn! If you're really daring you could even include a catch or two in there with hand off from the Greater Horror, though I wouldn't recommend it.

For all the throwing this team allows, it also has some pretty substantial weaknesses. The low movement of its players makes it hard to get out of danger, while the constant bomb throwing and lack of hands makes it difficult for its higher-strength players to get SPP. The GreaterHorror has more movement and durability than its stunty lessers, but it can't throw or be thrown and losing stunty means it can't dodge like a stunty either.

In short, there are a lot of weaknesses on this team for a non-stunty team to take advantage of. If, that is, they don't get pitch cleared from bombs first.


Wrapping Things Up

I must confess that Horrors are quite the pain to play against in Sunty Leeg, where you invariably have fewer tools to deal with their shenanigans compared to regular blood bowl, but I can think of no better team to both represent the inherent insanity of the Leeg and also to present something entirely new to coaches unfamiliar with it. There are probably some changes that this team needs to bring it fully in line with where a stunty team should be, but it's still a gem to gaze on and despair.

Would you like to see more Stunty Leeg teams (or more stunty teams in general) make the jump to BB2? And if so, which ones? I think it's pretty clear where I stand on the issue, but I genuinely want to hear other opinions on it as well. And if nothing else, maybe I'll cover a couple more popular Leeg teams here.


- Kaosubaloo

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