As some of you may know, I played Dwarves for 4 seasons in REBBL. It's fair to say I have a pretty good understanding of Dwarves, what makes them work and what doesn't.

As I see it their main flaw is two-fold. First of all, they are pretty helpless against highly developed teams, with high-strength and claw-based bash teams able to out-muscle them and high-movement teams able to outrun them. Second, they are just pretty monotonous to play against. There is only one reasonable game plan for a Dwarf team. So we're going to try to tackle both of these things, make Dwarves a little better against high-TV teams and a little more willing to play with the ball.


The Roster

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-16 Longbeard 4 3 2 9 Thick Skull, Block, Tackle GS(AP) 70K
0-4 Troll Slayer 5 3 2 8 Thick Skull, Block, Frenzy, Dauntless GS(AP) 80K
0-4 Runner 6 3 3 8 Thick Skull, Sure Hands, Diving Catch GAP(S) 90K
0-1 Deathroller 4 7 1 10 Loner, Thick Skull, Dirty Player, Juggernaut, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stand Firm, Claw S(GAP)


Wow, those are some positionals. I suppose the good news is that Dwarves are just as bullshit as ever for the Lineman League, because Longbeards remain unchanged. But that's about all that's stayed the same here. Up to twice as many Troll Slayers are now available for a total of 4, each at a 10K discount compared to before. This increases the team's surfing threat and gives it more muscle against high-strenght teams, but it's come at the cost of the Blitzer and the team must also be more careful than before about which blocks it takes. Factor in the similarly rosted-enlarged Runner and the team has much lower armour now, which should force the Dwarves to be more proactive.

Speaking of, that running is now 10K more expensive in exchange for Diving Catch and Agility access. This makes building throwers or receivers a breeze, let's Runners catch accurately on a 2+ and even gives them less terrible odds of catching a HMP (which Dwarves can induce access to for the cheap cheap price of 60K pre-Altar).

Last of all we have the Deathroller. This bulldozer has traded Mighty Blow and Break Tackle for Claw and Thick Skull, meaning that it's more able than ever to crack open high-armour teams after just a few levels at the cost of some of its already limited effectiveness against Agility. The inclusion of Thick Skull makes it a better thematic match for the Dwarf team, while the price reduction from 160K to 140K acts mostly as a correction to what was previously an overpriced player.


Mercenaries and Stars

Normally I ignore Star Players for these articles, but for Dwarves I think they are something that's important to bring up. I have a few different issues with the Star Players as they currently are that I'll not really get into, but for Dwarves specifically I think effectient Secret Weapon inducements are important. They should act as both an equalizing force against high-TV teams and as a strong thematic piece of what it is to play Dwarves.

To that end, one very important player is the Deathroller. To my eyes, a Deathroller Mercenary or Star should be a viable if infrequent alternative to a Wizard inducement. This version of the Deathroller is a step in the right direction, but a rookie is likely to generate a lot of stuns without mighty blow and to struggle against blodge. We want something a little better, so let's try and get there.

Name MV ST AG AV Skills Cost
Hornsby 5 7 1 10 Loner, Thick Skull, Dirty Player, Juggernaut, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stand Firm, Claw, Break Tackle, Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Sneaky Git 250K

At 200K with an Altar, a team that can afford to Induce a Fireball can also probably Induce Hornsby.Frankly he's probably too cost-efficient, but if the Rats can get away with it then so can the damn deathroller! Compared to a regular Deathroller, Hornsby has Mighty Blow for knocking players out, +MV and Break Tackle for hitting the players he wants to be hitting, Frenzy to fish for POWs and Sneaky Git because, hey, who doesn't love fouling with a 250K War Machine?

This Star Player is probably about as close as I can get the Deathroller to my vision of its ideal roll without making it just way too good. As it is, he's pushing that line in terms of sheer cost-effectiveness.


Wrapping Things Up

Dwarves with less armour, less expensive Death Machines and mroe ball handling ability. What's the worst that could happen? And yes, Hornsby is a pun. You get a point if you can figure out what it's from.


- Kaosubaloo

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