This is the team I have long threatened to write about if I couldn't think of any other teams to cover. Well guess what time it is? After an abandoned attempt at modifying Vampires (don't ask) we have a 1 week hole in the schedule, so that can only mean one thing:



The Roster

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-16 Gnome 4 2 3 8 Thick Skull, Right Stuff, Stunty, Dodge S(GAP) 50K
0-2 Daredevil 5 2 3 7 Thick Skull, Right Stuff, Stunty, Dodge, Diving Catch, Sprint A(GPS) 60K
0-2 Mad Bomma 4 2 3 8 Thick Skull, Right Stuff, Stunty, Dodge, Bombardier, Secret Weapon, Strong Arm AP(GS) 60K
0-2 Squigslayer 5 2 2 8 Thick Skull, Right Stuff, Stunty, Dodge, Block, Frenzy, Dauntless GS(AP) 90K
0-2 Dwarven Cannon 2 3 3 10 Secret Weapon, Always Hungry, Throw Team Mate, Hail Mary Pass, Strong Arm P(GAS) 50K

60K Rerolls

Okay so, hopefully, you see why this was my go-to threat.

Starting things off we have the linemen for this stunty team. Gnomes are slow but tough for stunty players. Then you glance at the skill access and things quickly start going loopy. The Gnome does not have Agility access. It does, however, have Strength access. That means that this is a stunty team that can spam guard to its heart's content! POMBers are an achievable goal, as is stand firm or dauntless. Basically a gnome can take everything that makes Dwarves annoying. Except for tackle or block. So, you know, 50/50 on that one.

Next is the Daredevil. This stunty player combines 5 movement and sprint to be about as fast as a non-skink can reasonably can be. Diving catch not only provides a +1 bonus to catching accurate passes but also helps catch Hail Mary plays and even bombs (more on that in a minute). The standard stunty agility access is also uniquely useful, with catch, sure feet and jump up all building well off of this player's rookie kit

Also, we have bombs! The Mad Bomma is a slower, more expensive Bombadier with strong arm and P access. Honestly I think it gets the better deal. This is a player who, with the help of the Daredevils, can actually reasonable gain some SPP. That means that Hail Mary Pass is never too far away. Even without HMP Strong Arm means that balls and bombs can be thrown further (if not necessarily more safely).

The Dwarven parallels continue with Squigslayers, the smaller, cuter, Gnomish equivilant to Troll Slayers. In terms of stat lines these are literally Trollslayers with 2 strength and stunty, but in terms of these team they bring a little bit of more serious firepower to the team. Built in block and dauntless, general access for tackle AND easy Mighty Blow? If ever there was a Stunty player who was going to murder people, it was the Squig Slayer.

Last of all is the Dwarven Cannon, the player so blatantly stolen from Dwarves that they didn't even bother changing its name. With the movement of a tree and the strength and agility of a human lineman, the Cannon is not going to set any records. No, it exists for one reason only, and that's to shoot Gnomes out of a bloody cannon! Strong Arm gaurentees that TTM will always be a 2+, while HMP ensures that if it ever accidentally picks up the ball it's going where you want it. Pass access (and nothing else) means that it can take pass to be better at both or Nerves of Steel to just ignore tacklezones (which will probably be an issue for a player with 2 movement and 3 strength).


Stunty Thick Skull

Do you know how Thick Skull works? If you said "Injury rolls need to be 1 higher to KO instead of stun" then you are wrong! What the skill actually does is it turns injury rolls of exactly 8 from KOs into Stuns. Stunty, however, makes rolls of 7, which would normally be stuns, be KOs instead. The result? Players with both Thick Skull and Stunty are KOed on 7s, Stunned on 8s and Badly Hurt on 9s!

Things get weirder still when you bring other player skills into the mix. A roll of 7 is statistically the most likely result, but a player with mighty blow (or dirty player) active will instead have their 7s turned into 8s, actually reducing the odds of KOing the player! Of course it will still increase the odds of a badly hurt or worse so this isn't exactly broken, but it is extremely unusual.

Thick Skull is a weird skill! It still should be extraordinary though.


Secret Weapon Checks?

One more thing to note: You may have noticed that I've bolded the Secret Weapon skills on the roster. Fumbbl's Stunty Leeg uses a rule from an older version of Blood Bowl where secret weapons have a number associated with them. Basically, every time a drive ends, you roll 2D6 and if you roll higher than the number then the player gets sent off. If you roll below it then the ref missed the weapon and you can play another drive. This is kind of important on a team with 4 important positionals with Secret Weapon!

In bringing the team in alignment wit BB2 I've stripped out that rule, but the team should probably have some additional change to compensate for the loss. Maybe give them 50K Bribes? Maybe make some of their playesr cheaper? I'm not really sure on the best solution here, but whatever it is, they definitely need one. It's something to think about.


Wrapping Things Up

Do you like Gnomes, the Dwarviest of Stunties? Has their existance filled you with glee or dread? And what about the weirdness that surrounds Thick Skull or Secret Weapon? This whole team is a brain full to keep track of, but it's one of my favourite teams from the Leeg while also being one of the teams most different from those in the standard game.

Whatever the case, we're approaching the end of the season and the end of these articles. Yes! I'm sorry to say, but I'll be discontinuing Fantasy REBBroL with the start of playoffs. Maybe I'll come back to it some day. I'll certainly right more articles in the future. But this specific brand of insanity? Next week will be the very last one.

I hope you've all enjoyed the ride as much as I have! Until next time.


- Kaosubaloo

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Another odd team, Thank you. - Ledeas

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