Before we get started with this, I'd like to thank Ledeas for throwing this team my way. I can think of no better way to introduce the delectible desirees than to quote the words that introduced me to them, so here they are:

"Everyone loves to look at lovely ladies. I mean there are free-lance cheerleaders! So let's take a look at a team made of all women. Women from the pits of hell!"


The Roster

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-16 Linewomen 6 3 3 7 Foul Appearance G(APS) 50K
0-6 Succubus 7 3 4 7 Foul Appearance, Hypnotic Gaze GAS(P) 110K
0-2 Hellhound 6 4 4 9 No Hands, Sure Feet S(GAP) 120K
0-4 Imp 5 2 3 7 Stunty, Very Long Legs, Leap, Stab A(GPS) 90K

70K Rerolls with Apo

Wow, look at that. First of all we have Linewomen who skipped leg day in favour of working on their makeup. I suppose one demon's Linewoman is another Demon's cultist, as there can be little doubt that these ladies are the followers of certain demonic mistresses. Maybe they were once Amazons who were lured away from their sisters by the promise of eternal beauty? Or maybe they're just really into that.

Speaking of their mistresses, next up is the titicular Succubus! With the same statline as a Witch Elf, Strength access and Hypnotic Gave, these entrancing ladies are functionally more reliable, but also much more fragile, Vampires. With Succubus you don't need to worry about your team eating itself, but lower armour, 3 Strength and no regen all translate into players who are much more vulnerable to the opposing team. The real power of this player and this team is its relatively string-free access to Hypnotic Gaze, allowing the Beauties to exploit and crack open even the most minor of positioning errors that an opponent might make. Just remember that Gazing often gives up free blocks.

Next up is the Hellhound. This player is agile, fast and strong, but the loyal doggos have no hands and cannot handle the ball. Combined with Strength access and these players are both effective defenders for their Succubus mistresses and the natural blitzers for when you really just want to murder another player. This whole team is one that lives or dies on positioning and these pups are no exception, with their constant threat helping to serve as a warning that attacks against more squishy players will face retaliation.

Last of all we have the Imp! This magnificant stunty player costs a massive 90K! But its stubby wings make it half-way proficient at leaping and more so than other stunty players allows the imp to go there it pleases. And then stab whatever it pleases! Whatever flaws this player may have, it's always nice to have a consiquence-free stab available against Wood Elves or Skaven, right?


Foul or Fair?

You may be wondering why I've been playing up the Beauty of this team when it's full of foul appearance. There is actually a bit of clever word play going on here, best explained by another small quote from the wonderful Ledeas:

" 'What is Fantastic Appearance?' you may ask yourself. It is Foul Appearance only in reverse. These fantastic creatures are so beautiful it is hard for anyone to hit them. So same skill, different way to look at it."

In Ledeas's original draft, Foul Appearance was rebranded and represented stunning and otherworldly attractiveness instead. That said, I can't help but wonder. The Succubus are literally hypnotic, after all. Maybe they really are stunningly beautiful. Or maybe they just use their hypnotic powers to make you think they are, when they actually have a hideous visage underneath? Whatever the case, they are undoubtedly entrancing ladies and that lends then some small defense against the brutes they play against.


Wrapping Things Up

Ledeas's stated goal with this team was to create an agility roster that could stand up for itself and give opposing players second-thoughts before bashing in. I think the roster achieves those goals, that I'm honestly not sure how viable it actually is in practice. On the one hand this is an extremely powerful team with a wide array of tools available to it. On the other hand, it's a punishingly fragile team, with expensive positionals and sub-par line fodder. Is it overpowered, overpriced or just right?

Damned if I can decide. I do however think it's an interesting concept and an interesting team to look at in a thought experiment such as this. The posibilities of a developed roster are enticing indeed!

...At least until it inevitably self-destructs.

Thanks again to Ledeas for bringing this team to me!


- Kaosubaloo

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7347 GAS access, hell yeah! - Zee

Thank you for your presentation of my ideas. Your write up was fun to read and it was interesting to hear you ideas of the players. - Ledeas

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7347 GAS access, hell yeah! - Zee

Thank you for your presentation of my ideas. Your write up was fun to read and it was interesting to hear you ideas of the players. - Ledeas

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