As things are winding down over here at Fantasy REBBroL central, we're taking another look at those half-formed ideas that never quite made it to the page. Some of these are minor changes. Some of the non-impactful ones, and others still are just half-baked; pieces to a larger rework that never materialized.

Let's take a look at the teams.


A Durable High Elf

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-4 Blitzer 7 3 4 8 Block GA(PS) 100K

The change here is a pretty simple one that pairs well with the Dark Elf changes made earlier in this series. Doubling the number of blitzers that High Elves have access to makes their team feel more distinct from Pro Elves while also allowing them to inch closer to the original role of the Dark Elves prior to my changes. There's no functional difference between the Linemen and Blitzers on the two teams anyway, so why not let the throwing team have a couple more (expensive) Blitzers?


Brettonians with Artillery

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-16 Peasant 6 3 2 7 Fend, Right Stuff G(APS) 40K
0-1 Trebuchete 2 5 1 10 Loner, Really Stupid, Bombardier, Secret Weapon, Strong Arm, Hail Mary Pass, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm S(GAP) 120K

What happens when you combine a Troll, a Treeman and a Bombardier? Something that looks a little like this. Brets have neither secret weapons nor a big guy and I think both of those situations are unacceptable so I combined them together into one package! We've given the Peasants Right Stuff to facilitate their new role as ammunition, while the Trebuchete itself is a stationary piece of...well, artillery. It can throw peasants when they need to be thrown. It can throw bombs when there's no peasants to throw. And, being a war machine, it needs a little assistance from its team to act as its crew and help it move, load and fire.


Better a Price

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-16 Thrall 6 3 3 7 Thick Skull, Thrall G(APS) 50K

50K Rerolls

Okay so I touched on this last week but I was originally going to write a whole article about Vampires that included additional changes. That article fell through, but I still had at least one gem from it that I wanted to include somewhere. With that in mind, Thick Thralls.

The logic here is simple. Thick Skull makes fewer bite teammates result in removals. Increasing the cost of the thralls compensates by making it harder to have a large bench of them, but cheaper rerolls help to balance things out to make sure you aren't over-paying for your core roster. A 3 Vampire 4 Reroll build will cost the same amount to hit 11 players either way, but costs start to increase for each Thrall after #8.


Passing Undead

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-4 Ghoul 7 3 3 7 Dodge GAP(S) 70K

What if Ghouls could pass? Honestly I'm not convinced it would even make that large a difference for the team. After all, Ghouls are by far the most fragile undead players and, with 3 Agility, they aren't especially well suited to dramatic passing plays. All the same I'm pretty sure this little changewill help extend the effective TV range for the team at least a little bit. Maybe it's all they need for coaches to keep in an extra season?


Wrapping things Up

And with that we come to an end to Fantasy REBBroL! It was a lot of fun to write all of these crazy articles and hopefully you had fun reading them. You can let me know what you thought of the project as a whole in the comments here or on discord. I'd love to hear it and, who knows, maybe it'll motivate me to do similar things in the future.

Speaking of the future, the REBBL Playoffs are here and I'll see you all in the stands!


- Kaosubaloo

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