With the latest update, it is now possible for coaches to follow up to 15 individual coaches. This is once more your typical Harringzord-has-an-idea-and-majorbyte-quickly-implements-it type of situation, so not all the kinks might be worked out yet.

To follow a coach

This is fairly easy, just head over to a coach's details page, and press the rebbl fist:

The grey fist indicates that you are not following a coach, while a colored fist inidicates you are following a coach.

Easier unfollow

So, once you have some coaches that you follow, you maybe want to drop somw... instead of searching every coach you might be following, you can just head over to https://rebbl.net/account and unfollow the coaches you wish to unfollow.

Show my the followers!

So, what can this all be used for, you might wonder. Well, for starters, there's a new filter in https://rebbl.net/rebbl/upcoming

Here the rebbl fist button lets you filter the games of coaches you are following. some might have not set a date and therefor they are displayed as "UNKNOWN".

Please let me know if you have an idea or see something that can be inproved. Just come over to the rebbl.net channel on our discord channel.




- majorbyte

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