So Metal and I were chatting, and we independently predicted the results for wk3.  Being the gaming type we might be making it a competive!  So for the record these are those predictions.

Game Metal's pick Basmans' pick
Cirque de l'ours vs Two thin coats
Cirque de l'ours
Cirque de l'ours
Glart DeathGrips Jr. vs The Marc of Nurgle
Glart DeathGrips Jr.
The Marc of Nurgle
Maybe a seasion vs [R] Thank you parents No pred No pred
Orconudos BBC vs The Highland Avengers Orconudos BBC Orconudos BBC
The Damned Horde vs Rap Scallywags Rap Scallywags The Damned Horde
Kroxodile Dundees vs Zmaji Severa Kroxodile Dundees Zmaji Severa

Those those instrested Metals thinking can be found in his recap vidoe where as my commentry is below

Muppetillo's Orcs vs Mcnaughton's Chorfs

League leader Muppetillo Orcs takes on the Chorfs of Mcnaughton in a clash of killer teams.  With five mighty blow between them expect red crosses to be liberally distributed.  Mcnaughton entered the league with high expectations on him but I think it’s fair to say his opening games haven’t gone exactly to plan and he is missing two blockers for this game.  Given the expected physical game that could prove to be a fatal weakness.  He will need to leverage his Claw MB although with movement 4 the blocker is likely to take as much as he gives.  Verdict: Muppetillo to win a possibly pyrrhic victory

Basmans_grob' High Elves vs Laacis’s Dark Elves

2nd placed High Elves Basmans_grob (and the author of this) face off against Laacis’s Dark Elves with both teams having similar TVs and development.  The Dark Elves boast more block and a str4 Blitzer while the High Elves have an AG5 Blitzer and a Str4 Thrower (as much as I wish this was the other way around!) so this one could be close. Verdict: Too close to call

Gremzilla's Woodies vs LewishM's Kislev Circus

High scores are expected in the 3rd and 4th placed game where the 8 man Woodies takes on the Russian circus of LewishM.  The two MB on the Kislev side could do a lot of damage to Gremzilla’s elfs and the 3 journyelves could prove a good way of burning though RRs and turnovers which is why I’m picking LewishM to edge a high scorer.

TCold's Norse vs Meshuggah's Lizards

Fresh from getting diced last week (sorry about that!) the leagues Norse will be thirsting for revenge and the Lizards are their targets. With a massive Block disadvantage (3 vs 10) Meshuggah Lizards will be hoping that raw strength will outweigh skill.  However when facing TCold’s 5 frenzy players (4 with block) the Skinks half-life isn’t likely to be long and the Lizards could struggle to run though and with 2 RR and the limited Block struggle to push though.  So I’m backing Norse for the win.

Cpt J Yossarian's Rats vs Hordemaster's Undead

The Rats take on the Undead next.  The Rats boast a surprising number of smashed ankles (4 of their 13 man roster), lowering their speed advantage.  The Undead also boast 3 MB and a foul inducing 16 man roster so I wouldn’t bank on there being a full complement of Rats going into week 4. If the Undead get a good first turn this could easily snowball so I would say Undead for the win.

Chug Manmilk’s underworld vs helGn McMacsmac’s Nurgle

Chug Manmilk’s underworld already boast 2 claw MBers, with a third on the way, and they could so quite a lot of damage to helGn McMacsmac’s Nurgle.  With 160 (at least) of inducements a wizard or killer star player could add fuel to the fire.  However, despite scoring plenty of TDs, the Underworld have yet to score a league point.  The Beast could work wonders on the low str goblins and disturbing presence will render any goblin tossing even harder than usual.  The underworld have five players one score away from levelling so I’m backing Nurgle for a classic grind win but next week’s underworld could be a lot tougher and their season could easily be about to turn around.

- basmans_grob

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