MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from The Tower of The Sun Stadium, the extravagant and full of luxury home of The Voltrex Vanguard. The game started with with a lot of blood, first a boot on some vermin face removed him, and right after that an elf decided the he was too good to live, and just die. With the ball safely in the back, both rats and elves decided to see who could kill the most.

MO: - After the second stomp on a rat face, they started to feel the pressure and start pushing for an early TD. With 3 rats injured Herhi finally decided to score giving the elves plenty of time to score their own TD and end the half 1-1. The stomps continue, and even tho the ref finally decided to stop it, a few words from Rama_Set calmed him. With just a few seconds on the clock, the Halond decided to run the ball in, and with that the half ended 1-1 with 1 elf that decided to die and 4 vermin stomped to the infirmary.

MO: - The second half started as the first half ended, only with fewer vermin on the pitch, a few seconds into it, another elf decided that his was too good to live, and try to commit suicide, sadly the team apothecary acted in time and force him to stay with the team. The elves left the ball exposed, and the rats promptly rushed the ballcarrier, we even heard him calling out his cleaning assistant "this filthy rats are touching me" while he was getting prone on the floor. A second elf decided to pick the ball, but promptly the rats just surround him, took the ball from him and score. At this point was pretty clear that this pretentious elves didn't wanted to be even close to the vermin, since they kept removing themselves from the field.

MO: - With two/thirds of the half played the elves scored, the rats just received the ball and their Super Star, Myllo just run all the pitch for an easy TD. The fans started to roar, the heat increased and with only a couple of minutes left in the clock, again the elves were on the back foot. The only 2 elves in position to score decided to fake a KO, and with that, the match ended.

MO: - Well Gypsy,  I will try to get a few words from Kummo...

MO: - Well Gypsy, we are here with Coach Kummostern, tell us coach, you started this season as the REBBL runner up, you think your players are still thinking about that defeat? Your results seems a little unimpressive this season.

Kummostern: - Yeah, the finals were very tight and down to OT. Not sure if it was because of that loss or if div 1 is just so full of potent coaches but start of the season was harsh for the team, a tie and a loss in 2 first games. But rats have been gaining some speed and we have not dropped from playoff competition yet.

MO: - We saw the Elves playing a really nasty match, fouling at every chance, was this what you thought they would do? did you prepared your players to endure this?

Kummostern: - My scouting team gathered some info and heard that Ramaset is a coach that doesn't give up so we were prepared for both bribe or wizard. We tried to make it so that if he wanted to get good hits on our vermins and gutters he would need to either commit contact or expose their best players. They did the 1st one but that worked much better for them than for us. So yeah, we were prepared but it seemed like the ref being sleeping during 1st half we weren't prepared well enough.
We planned to try and not give easy shots but we didn't prepare rats to endure the kicks no.

MO: - There is already a lot said about Myllo, and we know every other coach on the league wants him dead, but he keep delivering and winning matches for you, how you deal with a player ego that big?

Kummostern: - As a coach i try and win games without him or if i need to field him on none-oneturning drives i will try and use his movement and 2nd head as advantage. Him paired with Sorsa the 3rd are very hard to stop. Also i try and plan to win games without oneturning but since opposition is often so good i usually will have to rely on him.

Gladly he is humble and easy to handle. He knows he is good but doesn't make number out of it. As a coach i feel like he should be part of the team, part of why we keep winning and drawing games and i want our team to not be carried by one player, as notorious as he is. So far it has been a fight to try and get reputation despite having such an awesome player people love or love to hate.

MO: - Finally coach, after that tremendous run last year, you feel pressure to deliver the championship for your team, are the fans a factor in all this?

Kummostern: - Fans have been very supportive. I still get mails about how people respect me. I hear a lot of how well i coach from peers. Its been awesome. I hope we can get that championship one day but it will be hard. Div 1 alone is so full of competitive teams i feel like getting to playoffs will be a price itself. Getting to finals again won't be easy even if we qualify. We were lucky to have team for most of the games and especially when bench mattered. Lets see if we can pull this off one day and not be one hit wonder.

MO: - and now Gypsy, lets go over to the press conference.

MO: - Good afternoon coach Rama_Set, we are glad to be able to speak with you... We saw a brutal play style from your elves today, any comments on that? You thought that was the only way to defeat the vermin?

Rama_Set: - We understood, quite well I should add, that if you give the vermin any chance to scurry away and waste the clock on cowardly tactics, they would. We simply ensure the referee agreed with our perspective and understood the value in showcasing the finest Blood Bowl possible.

MO: - Understandable coach, I think we all agree that vermin are just disgusting... moving on; after the fast TD of the rats, the clock was on your favor but a crucial mistake allowed the vermin to sack your QB and easily score after that, what happened there, was a planned move? the QB misplaced himself, his defense abandon him? There are internal conflicts on the team?

Rama_Set: - Yes that was an unfortunate lapse in judgment. Our coverage at the line of scrimmage was far below my expected standard. We have launched a full inquiry in to possible Druchi interference, but until then I take full responsibility for an obvious coaching error.

MO: - Talking about coverage, how did you prepare to cover Myllo? is he just impossible to cover? Reminds me of another rat, long gone, Messi... you think he just needs to fall from grace, just like Messi?

Rama_Set: - Yes, he is quite problematic to game plan for. Part of our brutal play was an attempt to expose Myllo. If you are astute, you have noticed that I n the second half we used our speed to run around the edge of the skaven defense in an attempt to remove Myllo from play. Combined with the earlier lapse in coverage, it was pointless to try and manage the clock until that threat was neutralized. Alas, he cowered in among his brood and refused to face our superior players on an even footing.

MO: - Being almost half the season, you think you can make a balance of your team performance so far?

Rama_Set: - Of course. Our players are well trained in attacking the ball and have had some success in that, especially in our matches against the green skin menaces. However we lack advanced blocking techniques, or the physicality to match the brutes that infest this division. One of our catchers, Kalberen Starseeker, has been working to fill that gap and we shall see how it changes the complexion of our physical game. Overall, we have obviously achieved great heights, but there are a number of teams in this division who are adequate opponents and we will need to avoid careless coverage and ahem Druchi interference, in the future. At this stage, we are still aiming for the top half of the division standings and better if we play to our potential.

MO: - So coach, we can assure the fans that this season The Voltrex Vanguard will be in the playoffs?

Rama_Set: - You have not seen as many centuries of life as I have, and so will not be aware of the unpredictable nature of life. Doubly so for Blood Bowl. What you can be sure of is that the Vanguard will present the highest caliber of play. We can not promise that this will lead us to the playoffs as the jealously and pettiness of the other teams in this division may lead to all sorts of underhanded tactics beyond our control. But rest assured that we are deserving of a position and will play to that level.

MO: - Finally coach, any thoughts on your next opponent?

Rama_Set: - Our brethren? The Bloodthirsty Sea Guard? An excellent team whom we have been following closely. The Slannesh Slaughterers displayed the barbarism they are famous for and The Sea Guard suffered for it. Some of their best players are missing for our match but it will be a tough, even contest. My suspicion is that the match will turn on whomever makes an error first. I can not be sure that Coach Tylhadras will do so, but I can be sure we will not therefore the Vanguard will win by a score of 3-2. If we force the ball away from Marcus Kane, look for Tralek to have a big match.

MO: - Well Gypsy, there you have it, we witness an interesting match, with high score, high casualty rate and beautiful blood bowl, then Myllo decided to win, and well, at least for now, nobody can stop him.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying Goodnight and merry xmas to you all!

- Incesticide

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