MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from The ReBBL HQ, home of REBBL MEMES and well... aham... the League Headquarters. In this beautiful night we saw what seemed an unfair match, a match that the ref should had stopped and left the fans with a bad taste on their mouths.

MO: - Gypsy, all the rumors about FullMetalCos, his connections to the League Management, the midnight team switching, this new team that nobody knew about... everything makes the public doubt. I hope we can clear the waters after this interviews and quite the blasphemous rumors about the organization of this wonderful tournament.

MO: -Coach Bungeeman, please, one second for the fans...

MO: - Here we are Gypsy, with the coach of Cpt. Burn´s Stunty Seamen, Bungeeman.

MO: - well coach, tells us a little about your game plan, did you expected this amount of injuries?

Bungeeman: - Frankly, I expected to suffer zero injuries. Until this evening, I was under the impression that my Halflings were impervious to damage. I'm still considering the possibility that ReBBL Memes employed some kind of witchcraft or trickery.

MO: - so do you adhere to the public concern about Metal's connection with the league's management and the strangely easy schedule they got, the amount of weird things that happens on his games and how ref seems to be willing to expel only some useless players in useless moments to cover the whole thing up?

Bungeeman: - The ReBBL has a long and proud tradition of refs accepting bribes. I feel that to question it would only ruin the fun for everyone else.

MO: - I understand... anyways, on the other hand people have concerns about the safety of the Midgets health and consider unethical to expose them to this kind of violence, as their coach, an experience coach that decided to start this new adventure, what can you say to them?

Bungeeman: - At least they're not snotlings.

MO: - what is your goal for the season, you think is achievable?

Bungeeman: - Win the ReBBL. I won't accept anything less.

MO: - finally coach, We know you chose to start from scratch with this team, and the fans wonder, what a coach of your renown is doing coaching a bunch of rookie halflings?

Bungeeman: - I've decided that all teams should be small and sneaky, but not Goblins, they're evil. My ultimate goal is to achieve a sort of ethnic cleansing, ensuring that the only remaining teams in the league are either Halflings or Snotlings. Obviously, the most sensible way to do this is to foul my way through every other big player.

MO: - Brave words from a coach that I'm not sure is on his right mind... Now Gypsy we got confirmation from FullMetalCos staff that he agreed to answer a few questions...

MO: - tell us coach, the match seemed a little uneven, at some points we saw fans leaving the stadium early... you think it has anything to do with the rumors of a fixed schedule to favor you?

Metal: - Who is spreading such foul rumors? I have a job for them...... on the pitch! I assume they just had no stomach for blood, or far too much stomach for everything else!

MO: - well coach, you know, your connections with the league management, the schedule, the weird issues with your opponents before the matches, people talk, I'm just here to ask you what the public wants to know... we know that historically you where referred as a coach with bad luck, you think with this new team, your luck finally changed?

Metal: - Well, I'm only coaching the team due to bad luck! A management mix-up led to the involuntary retirement of my previous team and I found myself without a job, would you believe it, me? left on the bench! In the eleventh hour a cowardly individual decided he couldn't stomach all the filthy Chorf and Dorf teams in the division, leaving a hole that only yours truly could surely fill! These undead are as tough as the Nurgle boys, shrugging off all manner of injury, but they just don't have the.... claws for the job, not that you could tell if you passed the opponents apothacariat, muahahaa

MO: - so coach, you are telling us a misfortune put you in here? so, are you committed to this team? can the fans expect more from you? do your player trust you will not leave at the first chance?

Metal: - The players should know to trust me, I've never let anyone down, unless you count those rats I used to coach, but.... who cares about Rats? Oh and the Nurgle that I let get retire, but.... who cares about Nurgle! I was hoping to move to more fragrant pastures, but alas, it's a good job I suffer from head colds sir, let me tell you!That being said, I've always been partial to the unbridled rage of those Khorne chaps we've heard rumored on the horizon, but I can trust you with that, off the record, right?

MO: -of course coach, we are not going Live world wide right now. what are your objectives for this season? you think you can achieve them, and what the fans will expect going into the next match?

Metal: - Well, objective number 1 has been achieved - we didn't lose and to double down, we didn't lose to halflings! That being said, they are both a blessing and a curse, whilst the lads enjoyed stretching their decaying joints and slapping some opponents around, the bloody things are a nightmare to practice my necromancy on, theres JUST NOT ENOUGH BITS... The next objective was to get some development, and thankfully when I went out back and dug huge jackedman up (for legal reasons I can neither confirm or deny this rumor) it turned out he still remembered his old form, murdering his way to block of all skills!Objective three is surviving that bloody horrible clawpomb chorf next week, so I'm sure the fans can expect MURDER (and bulging sacks of cash, misplaced conveniently near the referees guild, with our name on it, but shhhhhh)

MO: -Well Gypsy, that is it, I'm not sure it helped the viewers make up their mind about this division and the inclusion of FullMetalCos in it, but I don't think this is the last time we will hear about this. Also Gypsy I have to say that off the record, he promised us a full interview around the new year's hiatus of the league.

for RNN

Michael Orwell saying goodnight.

- Incesticide

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