MO: - Hello everybody, I'm Michael Orwell, reporting from Abu Shabby Stadium, home of United Scarab Khemirates. We were presented with a wonderful spectacle of grace and finesse. With a clear dominant Delves team that could not stop Imhoterry Pratchettep Show.

MO: - Gypsy, the match started promising for the Old Ones, with a fast repositioning on defense, but that did not help, since a few minutes later the elves scored an easy TD. With the ball on Khemri's hands, they tried to push down the middle of the field, but Ra n Bone Man failed to deliver, and with a full compliment, the elves easily stopped the advance. It was needed for Ptahlor Swift to start playing to see the first blood of the night, but was too little too late, and with a couple of leaps, the Elves stopped the score.

MO: - The second half started better for the Old Ones, with several removals early on the half, but Gloranlana was on fire, the elves easily scattered the ball, a quick recover was stopped with a lighting ball, and Khemri again had a chance to score. Gloranlana had other ideas an a moment later the ball was again on the ground. Here the the Imhoterry showed started, again and again he picked the ball, sustained blocks and even dodge to allow the Old Ones to tie the match on the last seconds.

MO: - Gypsy, we are told that Bobbybintang agree to talk to us.

MO: - Well Gypsy, we are here with the Coach of Darkstar Second Liners, Bobbybintang, hello Coach. How do you feel about the result?, you were playing against one of the tougher teams in the division, and you leave the pitch with all your elves and with a nice draw.

Bobbybintang: - Almost all the elves. It doesn't look like Apple Fanta will be back from the lightening bolt to the face. Always knew it was going to be a tough match. Harringzord was a good dwarf coach but he's really got these Khemri playing at another level.

Happy with the draw and happy it was a nail biting finish.

MO: - Coach, we saw a dominant first half from your team, with the Khemri players unable to do damage or move the ball forward. Can you tell us what happened on the second half?, the elves started to drop fast.

Bobbybintang: - We were lucky in that first half not to take more damage. I think maybe the Khemri were showing us a little too much respect if anything. Was a bit of a hugfest for the first few turns. The start of the second half was pretty brutal, but just balancing out the odds. Once I was down by a couple I felt that we had to make a move quickly before it got out of hand.

MO: - Talking about that, you did manage to get the ball in your hands twice in the second half, and we though that this would end in an easy 2-0. A lot of nuffle and a disgusted wizard in the crowd took this from you. How do you feel your team starts the final sprint of the season?

Bobbybintang: - got the ball, but you never really have the ball unless you get it safe. I was really hoping to remove Terry on one of those sacks. 

Terry the thro-ra had an epic game. Catching a high kick, picking up the ball again and again and finally dodging out to score. He played like a real (slightly dead) Elf today and made my boys job a lot harder. He's taken a little stick in the past, not least from his own coach, but today he was a deserved MVP.

The team is out of the playoff race, so just looking to improve my coaching a bit in the last few games and develop a few players. Gloranlana the freak witch will probably die soon, but there's still room for improvement in the meantime.

Obviously need to give it my all in the final games to keep the playoff race honest for the other teams in the division. I really hope that Khemirates qualify as they're a great team and Zord is a top bloke.

MO: - There you have it Gypsy, cold headed words for somebody that got his victory robbed by an elfish Khemri...

MO: - And now to the press conference from Harringzord.

MO: - Hello Coach Harringzord, hard match for your team, can you tell us a little about your mentality coming into the match?

Harringzord: - I expected this to be a tough game today. This is a highly skilled Elf team with a bad habit of not staying still!

MO: - Your team had a thought first half, you could not catch any elf until late in it, when it felt already over what happened within the team that made Ra n Bone Man being the designated blitzer, and what made you change it over Pthalor Swift?

Harringzord: - I discussed the plan with both players on the training field and we felt it was important to keep Swift in play as a safety on our defensive drive. Ra n Bone Man knew he had a job to do in the first half and he'll be disappointed to have let the team down, but he is only human after all.

MO: - On the other side of the coin, we have Imhoterry Pratchettep, with a performance beyond believe, He alone seemed able to stop the elves to score again and close the match, even the wizard was not enough. Any comments on that?

Harringzord: - I demanded a big performance from Pratchettep after he nearly cost us the match with Cold One Cannibals last week. I was pleased to see him deliver when we needed him, meaning there was no need for the... disciplinary action... that another failed pickup would have forced.

MO: - Talking about your season, many analyst view Khemri as a subpar team, but your performance proves them wrong, what you think you can accomplish with this team, are your guys Championship material?

Harringzord: - This team are capable of beating anyone on their day and they've recovered well from a tough start. The long-term vision has always been to become the first Khemri team to compete in GMAN 1 and we're very close to achieving that target. We're still right in this playoff race and everyone else will have to snatch a place from our cold, dead hands!

MO: - And finally coach, you have a tough match against Nurgle Murgle Ourgle next week, what do you think is gonna happen?

Harringzord: - It's a must win match for Nurgle Murgle Ourgle so we're expecting a hell of a fight! But I'm confident we can produce a positive result.

MO: - Well Gypsy, there you have it. An entertaining match when 12 elves were actually on the pitch, The Old ones with still a chance for the play offs, and the Delves happy to continue to develop that Legend in being, Gloranlana.


for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying Goodnight.

- Incesticide

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