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Intellectual's Chaos (Chaos, Coach: Matto) vs Innuendo Bingo (Orc, Coach: Makali)

In the first half, which was Innuendo Bingo's possession, Intellectual's Chaos got a lot of momentum very fast by getting a blitz kickoff event and a kick close and unguarded enough for them to attempt to catch it themselves. The catch failed, but that was basically a scrum from turn one with no clear advantage for either team. Matto played that immaculately, and with a few clutch pushes on ball to scatter he was eventually able to turn it into a score on Makali's half. There was time enough for Innuendo Bingo to try to counterscore within the half, but Matto defended it well and the dice wouldn't quite have it.

In the second half Intellectual's Chaos failed picking up the ball 4 turns in a row, burning all of their 3 rerolls. That wasn't even the most relevant part though, cause meanwhile in those same turns Innuendo Bingo reduced Intellectual's Chaos down to 6 players, while Innuendo Bingo were still on 10. The pickups might have contributed in making Matto stand up his players to take more hurt rather than dodging out though, to keep the Orcs from getting to the ball. He was able to keep the ball uncontested for 3 of the turns, but he was punished hard for it with removals. This resulted in an easy counterscore for Innuendo Bingo on turn 13.

In the following drive the whole team of Innuendo Bingo as a unit smashed through the small remains of the opposition. This was perhaps a bit of an overcommitment though, cause the beastman Gnargy Antler responded by making the pickup this time, and then immediately long bomb punting the ball far into Innuendo Bingo's half, where it could barely be reached. Innuendo Bingo now had 2 turns to score, but they'd have to gfi a bunch to get in scoring range and someone would have to run full speed completely the other way to get the ball and prepare for what would probably have to be a pass and haldoff play the next turn, or perhaps a pass and run this turn. Makali chose running back to the ball as the first action, made the pickup with the blitzer Drew Peacock and then made his first gfi to just get one step closer to the other Orcs with the ball. That gfi double oned, so that was the game over.

So in summary both teams scored on each other's halves for a 1-1 draw. I'm playing Matto next week and I'm a bit scared now, he played this really well.

Chaqua Lions (High Elves, Coach: Wrekd) vs [GMAN] Don't mess with us (Dark Elves, Coach: Pete)

A blizzard raged as the game was about to start, so as the Chaqua Lions won the toss they chose to kick. A failed pickup by the witch elf Baneritt resulted in the Chaqua Lions pouncing on the opportunity, blitzing a hole in the line and invading the half with 3 players, with the catcher Orastil Cuyaian picking up the ball right in front of her nose. Don't mess with us's tackle mighty blow blitzer Indriorn promptly responded by blitzing Orastil into a KO, recovering the ball. After this the witch was able to make the pickup and the ball was secured in a classic cage on the left side of the line of scrimmage.

Chaqua Lions kept the pressure on by blitzing a cage corner to base up and surround the cage. This pushed Don't mess with us to retreat with the ball to the sideline while taking some blocks resulting in a second KO in their favor. After this the Lions suddenly changed their priorities and spent their turn using the fact that they were based up to get blocks of their own in, which allowed Pete's dark elves to advance their sideline cage, as well as a large contingent of their team as support, a full movement forward pretty much uncontested. 

This meant that the Lions got so out of position that they were no longer fast enough to be able to get in front of the advancement. The situation evolved into a vertical battle line with the dark elves in the wide zone and the high elves beside them. Then that turned into Don't mess with us shifting their line to defending the touchdown zone for a fairly comfortable stall position that got them the turn 8 score. Of course, it helped that they were winning the punchout.

At this point the blizzard cleared. Chaqua Lions made no attempt at the one turn touchdown, opting instead to try to make back the numbers disadvantage with los blocks and a foul. The ref made that backfire with a sendoff and no damage.

Second half started with the Chaqua Lions fielding 6 players on offence against Don't mess with us's 11. Said 6 players quickly ended up completely trapped in a full surround and getting beaten on. After a couple of turns of that they were all on the ground and the ball was no longer theirs, though miraculously they were all relatively unscathed. Not to be deterred, the lineman Horthborn Wertaniel made a surprise dash for the ball as the dark elves were throwing it around among themselves, and he actually held the ball for a second or two, but it was not to be. Don't mess with us scored their second touchdown on turn 13.

In the next drive the Lions ran up most of their players as scoring threats, preparing for a big long pass play. Alas their thrower, Tharranduil Malyatinu, failed his pickup. The dark elves committed most of their team to mark all the scoring threats, but dispatched two linemen, Ridfin and Lithir, to deal with the thrower and the ball. Heroically Tharranduil was able to get away from them with the ball and make a long pass to the lineman Niphenien Kiendian, who caught it but failed to dodge past the lineman marking him. In the final seconds of the game, the witch elf Beneritt was able to evade the clawing hands of Niphenien and pass the ball into a 3-0 victory.

- Dreamifi

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