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Chaqua Lions (High Elves, Coach: Wrekd) vs Sci-Fi Sauri (Lizardmen, Coach: CthulhuCollector)

Chaqua Lions started out strong. They won the toss and chose to kick, nothing surprising there, but then as the kick was happening they managed to confuse the lizards and end up with their line of scrimmage players not in front of the hitters.

Soon after the catcher Verwarthil Undoors was able to blitz through the saurus James Blish, knocking it out in the process, to run past the line of Sauri to the skinks in the backfield. The other catcher Orastil Cuyaian followed him through, and the blitzer Melditien Auglata found his own way through dodging past the increasingly confused saurus Jack McDevitt. Together the three formed a screen in front of the now isolated ball carrier, the unusually fast skink 0011.

Thankfully for Sci-fi Sauri, the saurus H. Bean Piper was able to blitz to push open a hole in the screen, allowing 0011 to run up full speed along the wide zone where there were at least a few lizards for support. On the forming battle line at the line of scrimmage, kroxigor Isaac Asimov brutally took down the lineman Barranion Undomiel. As the elves were distracted by the crunch and the splatter of blood, the skink 0010 heroically darted straight through their formation to form a much needed protective screen for the ball, and Jack McDevitt ran around their back to attempt to trap as many elves as he could between it and the kroxigor.

Despite all these efforts, the Lions were able to blitz their way to tag the ball from the backfield, and dodge out a couple of elves to also threaten it from the front. For 0011 there was just one thing to do, it dodged past the elves in front and used it's incredible speed to score an incredibly sudden touchdown!

On their following offence the high elves formed what looked like spearhead formation piercing through the lizard line, with the catcher Verwarthil Undoos blitzing through at the tip. The spearhead proved a surprisingly effective battle formation, knocking down the kroxigor and several Sauri, but the real purpose was to allow a quick pass by the thrower Tharranduil to Verwarthil for another really fast score.

So this was almost like a reset of the game, with the score on 1-1 on turn 4 as the lizards set up 11 against 10. Or well, it would have been a reset, except for the fact that both teams were already visibly tired at this point.

Following a failed pickup by 0011, Verwarthil Undoos dodged through the saurus advance on the left wide zone to contest the ball, but slipped on the grass right in front of 0011. The lizards could then continue their plan to advance the ball on the wide zone. They left 0011 inadequately protected from the elves on their own side of the pitch though, so the lineman Niphenien Kiendian was able to knock it down. The catcher Orastil Cuyaian dodged in to retrieve the ball, but it slipped out of his grip! Thankfully for him the lizards were not able to react to this and Orastil made the pickup on the second attempt as his teammates knocked down Sauri all around him.

Anticipating a pass play, the lizards blitzed a cage corner and marked up the one scoring threat, Verwarthil, hard. Recognizing that he had 2 turns to score rather than one, Orastil then opted to blitz through himself to go for a pure running touchdown. Three linemen were able to dodge through as well to form a protection detail, successfully preventing the lizards from stopping the score.

So at the start of the second half Chaqua Lions were up 2-1, setting up for their own offence with 9 elves against 11 lizards. They once again went for the spearhead offence, this time with Orastil as the tip.

Following a failed pick up by the thrower Tharranduil Malyatinu, two Saurus and four skinks quickly invaded the elven side of the pitch. No dodges were needed for this, with most of the Lions being tied up in the spearhead formation. To the horror of Tharranduil, the skink 0010 picked up the ball right in front of his nose!

The elves mustered a panicked scramble backwards and Tharranduil was able to dislodge the ball, though unfortunately for the elves 0010:s sidestepping skills kept it out of reach. After some elf-whacking by the Sauri the skink 0001 was able to grab to ball and run to the corner of the pitch, recognizing that there was no need to rush the touchdown and risk slipping in the grass. Two of the other skinks formed a protective screen.

So at turn 12 the Lions where once again setting up for an offence 9 against 11, though this time with the scoreline at 2-2. The elves went for blitzing a hole in the lizard line and filling it with players once again. They got a touchback, so no failed pick up this time, though they may have underestimated the lizard speed because the lizards were able to blitz and knock down the thrower in the backfield. The elven bash game kicked into high gear this drive though, with initial blitz through injuring a saurus and a defensive blitz to retrieve the ball KOing one. Since this gave the elves a higher degree of pitch control, they decided to go for a running play with the thrower this time rather than a pass play.

A couple of skinks attempted to screen in front of the advance, but 0011 slipped in the grass. A failed vanity pass left the ball exposed for an attempted pickup by 0011, but that one failed too, causing the skink to be surfed on turn 16. After this the thrower Tharranduil picked up the ball again and ran it in for a 3-2 victory!

Chaotic Predatori (Chaos Dwarves, Coach: Sti Cazz) vs Innuendo Bingo (Orc, Coach: Makali)

Chaotic Predatory upon winning the toss, made the somewhat unorthodox choice to kick the ball in a bash on bash matchup.

The scrimmage hits on dwarves did no damage. The blitzer Drew Peacock blitzed one of the guard dwarves, only getting a push. This left Drew ahead of the pack and thus vulnerable to attack, and as a team effort a hobgoblin, a bull and a dwarf brought him down. Then the hobgoblin Scarlip Bonethief moved in for the foul, which only resulted in the ref sending him off. So Drew got the first removal, with his face.

The teams formed a battle line that followed the line of scrimmage and then bent up a bit on the right wide zone where Drew had made his blitz. Frenzi-Kork Burntskin, one of the bull centaurs, ran all the way around the line on the left side, to tag the ball carrier Buck Neckid from behind. Buck was narrowly able to push him off, and the thrower Heywood Jablowmi threw himself at Frenzy-Korks hooves to keep the ball out of immediate danger.

Meanwhile at the line an attack of the other bull centaur, Horemheb Burrntskin, was skillfully counterstriked by Wayne Kerr the black orc, causing the first casualty of the game. As the bull was carried off the pitch, Chaotic Predatoris team apothecary immediately rushed to begin nursing him back to a playable condition. This gave the Orcs the momentum needed to gain a clear upper hand on the line, which was good timing because Frenzi-Kork Burntskin was becoming a real problem for ball safety.

Ichi Sake diverted his focus from the line to blitz down Frenzi-Kork, and then quickly jumped back into the line. The bull centaur wouldn't give up so easy though and immediately got up again and blitzed the ball, knocking Buck down and dislodging the ball! This scared the Orcs enough to get a move on.

As the Frenzi-Kork and a reinforcing hobgoblin was dealt with, it was up to Ichi Sake to sort out the mess, hopefully for real this time. He dodged out from the fighting line, picked up the ball and attempted a handoff to the lineman Harry Balzac, who was a bit ahead of the pack and thus in a position to outrun the dwarves and hobgoblins. Balzac fumbled the catch though, leaving Chaotic Predatory just enough time to form a two man screen in front of him. The screen consisted of the hobgoblin Gnash Stonebone, who had been knocked down by the sideline, and the dwarf Martan Solidstep, who dodged out of the battle line.

As the thrower Heywood Jablowmi recovered the ball the dwarves suddenly started to have some some success in knocking down Orcs, knocking down several in one go. This encouraged the screening players to abandon their post and join the fighting. This allowed Heywood and two bodyguards to run forward with the ball uncontested.

That may have been worth it for the Chaos Dwarves though, because in the fighting they left behind the blitzer Buck Neckid was gravely wounded. This was quickly followed up by a successful foul by Zmarut Giantgob on Drew Peacock. The Orc apothecary managed to save Buck Neckid from certain death, though unfortunately his hand was smashed in the process. This meant that the Orcs had very suddenly become two blitzers down.

The dwarf Fharlak Smokeyhair made a last ditch attempt to bliz down Heywood, but Hey, Ichi and Balzac made short work of him ending with him being carried to the KO dugout. As Innuendo Bingo were about to score on turn 8 to end the half in an easy 1-0, they attempted a controversial handoff to Ichi Sake, which was fumbled. Thus the half ended 0-0 instead.

Thanks to Fharlak Smokeyhair quickening quickly Chaotic Predatori were able to field 11 players for the second half against Innuendo Bingo's 9. The 9 decreased to 8 as a blitz by Htanlund Daemonball knocked out Harry Balzac.

The offence started well for Chaotic Predatori with the black orc line being knocked down, and the bull centaur Horemheb Burntskin, eager to get to play again, making his pickup. Soon after that Ichi Sake took what is probably a career ending injury to the second dwarf blitz of the drive.

The snowball was in effect, and the Chaos Dwarves used their numbers advantage to trap most of the remaining Orc team in a compact surrounded position at the center of the field and slowly advanced with the ball on the right side of the pitch.

The one remaining Orc blitzer, Eric Shun, was able to mark the ball through a very daring dodge. This caused the bull ball carrier Horemheb to knock him back and retreat backwards again, though not necessarily to safety as he proceeded to join in on the fighting with the black orcs in the center.

At the next turn Heywood Jeblowmi, as the sole defender of the left flank, was injured by another successful Chaos dwarf blitz, this time by the mighty blow dwarf Khatan Slicetongue. A well timed shove on a back orc by the hobgoblin Zmarut Giantgob was also able to free the ballcarrying Horemheb Burntskin to run up full speed on said flank. I question the urgency of that speed though, since at this point the Chaos Dwarf team were in complete control with literally all the remaining Orcs being trapped in the center.

The fighting in the middle proceeded as Horemheb Burntskin waited patiently by the touchdown line for turn 16. Control was maintained, Eric Shun was maimed, and Chaotic Predatory won 1-0!

- Dreamifi

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