The Season 9 Player Awards

These awards are coming a little bit late but I had to take writing sabatical to regain my will to live write, and to let my liver recover my writing/drinking combo habit. So while you lot still remember that there was season 9, let me present you the player and team awards for best accomplishments in several Blood Bowl metrics.

The Manic Frenzy Award (Most blocks inflicted)

Some players like to block. Some players REALLY like to throw blocks. Then there’s these players, who’ve thrown so many blocks across the course of the season that they might have been a frenzying, blitzing werewolf in a past life. But unlike least season winner they are not.

Seven Circles (DIV2)
152 blocks

I did not expect this.

Bare Gills (DIV8B)
152 blocks

Or this.

F(r)iends (DIV8C)
148 blocks

I exptected this though :)

The Favoured of Khorne Award (Most casualties inflicted)

Speaking of werewolves, these players have been doing their best impressions of legendary REL killers HateMyHair and Rod Longstaff. Or the modern breed from Ficction mutant kennel in the form of Speedo McPessimism.

Born to be wild! (DIV7)
26 casualties

Interesting I have not heard about this player all season long.

Ravens Claws (DIV1)
24 casualties

This one was on Player Team Of The Week several times.

Really Old Kings  (DIV7)
23 casualties

I remember this fella too. He grew up now.

Prof Paresthesia's Pets (DIV4)
23 casualties

Is GMAN going to have its own killer wolf breed?

The Bargain Boozers’ Discount AV Award (Most casualties sustained)

Not all armour is created equal. Sometimes the elven smiths produce AV7 god-armour, and at the opposite end of the scale, there are these poor gits...

Sneaky Blinders (DIV8F)
9 casualties suffered

It still lives !!!

Primetime Nibblers (DIV1)
8 casualties suffered

One of the most dreaded killers of season 8 was enjoying the casualty box little too much. Just 3 points left to legend. Sad. And that niggle, even sadder.

Sneaky Blinders (DIV8F)
7 casualties suffered

It still lives too !!!

The Serial Killer Award (Most kills inflicted)

These players see nothing but red - initially a red mist of anger which gives way to the spurting blood of their deceased opponents!

Snow White & the 6 Chorfs (DIV1)
5 straight-up murders

This one is pretty much given.

Unaccompanied Minos (DIV2)
5 straight-up murders

Wow. Chorf on the best killer list. Color me surprised.

The Saviour of Athel Loren Award (Most touchdowns scored)

By Orion, you have outscored them all!

Buff Men With Short Legs (DIV3)
17 touchdowns

Snort, hehe, snort. I am crying. Help me. Dwarf is the best scorer in GMAN.

Ready Lizard One (DIV4)
16 touchdowns

Those are nice future leather boots.

Born to be wild! (DIV7)
14 touchdowns

This goat just wanna score touchdowns.

The Hot Potato Award (Most successful passes)

For most Blood Bowl players, a happy and healthy retirement is but a dream. However, these cunning players have figured out the secret to best avoiding being brutally murdered.

Revenge of Power UP! (DIV4)
23 beautiful passes


Raztaaaaa!!! You madman.

Ravens Claws (DIV1)
21 glorious passes

Ok, back to normal now.

Deadly  Nightshade (DIV8E)
18 wonderful passes

Andy is slacking. 3rd place.

Bloodthirsty Sea Guard (DIV1)
18 wonderful passes

Marcus sadly passed away toward the end of the season. He will be remembered.

The Hail Mary Award (Total distance passing the ball)

A dirty elf would tell you that a gloriously long passing play is the pinnacle of Blood Bowl. I don’t know what’s wrong with them either.

Bloodthirsty Sea Guard (DIV1)
248 metres of air

You beatifull bastard. I hope your STR4 successor makes you proud.

Ravens Claws (DIV1)
226 metres of air

I wonder how may of those passed meter were for one turn touchdowns?

High Sails (DIV2)
190 metres of air

GMAN legend staying true to his name.

The Brave Deathwish Award (Total distance carrying the ball)

Some players just don’t love life.

Ready Lizard One (DIV4)
944 metres of terror

These boot are not yet made for walking. Soon.

Buff Men With Short Legs (DIV3)
872 metres of fear

Snort, hehe, snort. I am crying. Help me. This fricking dwarf again.

Neverlive (DIV8C)
830 metres of dread

Wow. How can this happen, without apo or regen?

The What Goes Up Award (Most star player points earned)

The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very very brightly...

Born to be wild! (DIV7)
62 points of fame

On his way to legend in the next season.

Bash Buddies (DIV5)
61 points of achievement

GMAN is really going to have its won killer wolf breed.

Homeopathology (DIV8F)
60 points of glory

Most dangerous DE blitzer in the neighborhood.


The Get Away From Her(e), You Witch(!) Award (Most players surfed)

This category brought to you by The Richest Tea Institute of Tortured Puns.

Mortimer Team (DIV8C)
7 sacrifices to the spectators

Frenzy once.

Dark Angels of Lilith (DIV8F)
5 players pushed out

Frenzy twice.

Note: Not a recent photo as the GFI'ed to death in playoffs

Homeopathology (DIV8F)
5 conscripts for the crowd

Frenzy sold for tree fiddy.

Now that we are ready with Player Awards expect Team Awards in near future.

- TomasT

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