The Season 9 Team Awards

After the player awards, it is time for team awards. While you needed one great player to win the player awards, here you need to work as a team to win. That or bribe me accordingly. So who are the best teams in Season 9 at bribing?

Most Fantastic Team Award

With Fantasy Fantasy Footbal League returning in its own competition we were able to use the fantasy points for different purpose too. So what teams collected the most fantasy points this season? Hint: 2 coaches repeated their last season standings. Boring.

Deadly Nightshade (DIV8E)
731 fantasy points

While AndyDavo did not have as many players featured in Player Team Of The Week this season, he was able to collect most fantasy points regardles. And Andy won this 3rd time in a row. I suspect he may be slightly good at the game.

Snow White & the 6 Chorfs (DIV1)
618 fantasy points

Those fantasy points were bought by blood. Blood of their opponents. Hippy repeats his runner up place.

Brutal Geometry (DIV3)
589 fantasy points

And you thought differential algebra was rough. Polygon of Mutilation is my favourite name ever.

Homeopathology (DIV8F)
589 fantasy points

Home of the most dangerous Dark Elf around. We will heard about Foxglove in the future. Hopefully it will be in the obituary.

Best RPG Team Award

Did you get just 2 levels in 4 freaking games? Look at these teams and take a note how it is done. Suprising that this time we have some returning team here as well. I suppose their players died and they had to rebuild them.

Totally Original Elves (DIV8F)
20 level ups

Luclazy switched Khemri for Pro Elfs and now he suffers elf attrition. Nothing original about that. At least the part of the team that still lives has nice level ups.

Bert Space Bounty Hunters (DIV8F)
20 level ups

These Berts suffered similar attrition. From 20 levelups only 11 remain on the remains of the team.

Ratskin Cracker Wreckerz (DIV6)
18 level ups

Hmm. Another team that suffered heavy loses. The levels on this team almost look to be equal to the levels gained this season.

Picking Flowers (DIV6)
18 level ups

Ok. This is clear trend in this category. You need to suffer heavy loses to be able to get fast levels. And this team is not an exception.

2D or not 2D, We Take a Block Anyway Award

This award goes to team that acquired  the highest amount of blocks. Fresh divisions rule.

Play on the Music (DIV8G)
716 blocks

DIV8G was clearly the most bashiest division. These Chorfs bashed through to the playoff spot.

Cpt. Burns' Porky Pirates (DIV8G)
700 blocks

First Chorfs, now Dorfs. 8G was not kind to the elven kind.

Chosen of Papa Nurgle (DIV8E)
686 blocks

Rookie Nurgle took the 3rd spot. Guess they were lucky to avoid rolling 1 in 9s.

We Will, We Will Crack You Award

Are the best blockers as well the best breakers? This award goes to teams that caused the most armor breaks. Smells like a claw in here.

Snow White & the 6 Chorfs (DIV1)
305 armor breaks

Looks like the Mighty Blow, Claw, Piling On Combo is not such a lie after all. Sprinkle little bit of Pro and if you do not double skull it your opponent cries.

Brutal Geometry (DIV3)
251 armor breaks

More than quarter of the breaks were brought to you by Pyramid of Cruelty. How appropriate.

Born to be wild! (DIV7)
237 armor breaks

This is a Chaos team too look for in the next season. I am not a fan of the amount of Tackle on the team. Having 4 already. Don't they know they can get ten tackles just for a 20TV? 

Billy Bird Team Award

This award is given to team that knocked out the most players. It was almost Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V of the previous award.

Snow White & the 6 Chorfs (DIV1)
68 KOs

All the players that got knocked out by this team are considered lucky.

Brutal Geometry (DIV3)
60 KOs

Even the Pyramid of Cruelty has soft heart and let some victims unscathed.

Death Then Dishonour (DIV2)
60 KOs

The 2 first teams are clearly bash teams. Barmution insist his team is hybrid. The 60 knocked out players beg to differ.


Sleeping Beauties Team Award

This award is given to team that had knocked out the most of their players.

Ravens Claws (DIV1)
71 KOs

Rats. You remove them all, you beat their snots. And then they win, they leave you crying and they take your playoffs spot. Any resemblance to my season is purely coincidental. 

Primetime Nibblers (DIV1)
70 KOs

Exactly the same I wrote in for Raves Claws. I hate rats. Cries in the playoff runner up slot.

Bloodsuckers inc. (DIV2)
69 KOs

Randomboy continues to knock out his own thralls at alarming rate.

Sharpest Claw Award

What team caused the most casualties? Take a wild guess!!!

Snow White & the 6 Chorfs  (DIV1)
67 casualties

Last season winner of REBBL Sharpest Claw was not able to reach Orrabi level of carnage but it is still the most terrifying team in GMAN. 

Born to be wild!  (DIV7)
60 casualties

And these are their successors. Slowly growing into the TOP killer shape. Next season in division close to you.

Seven Circles (DIV2)
54 casualties

No, this is not Slaanesh_Slaughterers. But they get to to meet them next season. There can be only one. Whose head is gonna roll off?

Dexter Morgan Team Award

These teams sent most players on their last trip ever. Considering 2 of them are from DIV1 I must say I am very lucky indeed.

Snow White & the 6 Chorfs  (DIV1)
14 kills

I am running of nice things to say about these. Please do not win anything else. Pretty please.

Ravens Claws  (DIV1)
9 kills

3 of these kills were delivered by DP linerat. And I thought my niggling fouls were on point.

The Big Bark Ballers  (DIV8F)
9 kills

Even rookie necro can win this when you roll godlike injury dice.

Most Fs Received Team Award

Which team players received the most respect? It was the season of the Elf.

Last at the disco (DIV6)
11 deaths

Those disco closing times can be realy dangerous.

Bloodthirsty Sea Guard (DIV1)
11 deaths

This team was 2100TV first game of the season. Now they are 1200TV. That is DIV1 to you.

Shurgard Elf-Storage.  (RAMPUP)
9 deaths

First they RAMP you UP. Then they RAMP you DOWN.

Will Score For Food Team Award

Who scored the most and will have the greatest feast?

Deadly  Nightshade (DIV8E)
37 touchdowns

Great result but not enough to win this on REBBL level.

All Rats must DIE (DIV8C)
30 touchdowns

Another playoff team. Almost as if the scoring was a good thing for getting in the playoffs. Orrabi, take a note.

House Fiery Balls (DIV8D)
28 touchdowns

It clearly was not enough for this team though. Better luck next time.

Anti-Gandalf Team Award

YOU CANNOT PASS!!! Yeah, right. I need to level my elfs (or goats) though.

Deadly  Nightshade (DIV8E)
47 passes

How to level the right elf. Take notes on how to not roll 1s.

Chaqua Lions (DIV8D)
40 passes

Another team that passed the elf exams.

Revenge of Power UP! (DIV4)
38 passes

Damn you Razta!!!

Long Bomb Team Award

Not only these team like to pass, they like to chug the ball at great distance.

The Voltrex Vanguard (DIV2)
348 meters

Leave it to high elfs to long bomb.

Bloodthirsty Sea Guard (DIV1)
324 meters

The team did not win it due to premature passing away of Marcus Kane.

Ravens Claws (DIV1)
284 meters

Not only killing and knocking out is this teams bread and butter. Passing is their 2nd most favourite past time.

Running With Ball(s) (Out) Team Award

As opposed to the above award this award goes to team that like to get the ball around by running with it at great distance.

All Rats must DIE (DIV8C)
1452 meters

Where are the crazy dwarfs?

Dirty Black Rats (DIV8B)
1412 meters

Mr. Run For it? Where are thou?

Deadly  Nightshade (DIV8E)
1248 meters

I am disappoint. No dwarfs here either.

Crowd Favourite Award

This award goes to team that love to introduce the opposition players to the crowd the most.

Neverlive (DIV8C)
15 surfs

2 things that impressed me here. It is not AndyDavo and it is Undead team. 

Army of Darkness 1.1 (DIV8G)
13 surfs

Further surfing improvements planned for version 1.2

Jinny's Sugardaddies (RAMPUP)
13 surfs

If not AndyDavo then at least Andy's faithfull follower took his place.

Golden Boot Award

Guess what this award is about. I am running out of ideas.

Things that make ya go UH (DIV1)
21 send offs

I wished I rolled so many doubles on levels as Metal did on fouls.

Snot Battery (DIV3)
18 send offs

There is not better use for snotling than foul.

Wolverine Wraiths (DIV4)
15 send offs

With this fouling score the team really deserved to be deleted.


Alright guys. Season 9 was a blast and i hope Season 10 will be even better. If everything goes smoothly see you all here in about 4 months. In the meantime I wish you all box cars.

- TomasT

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