The Big 3

  • You get to reroll once at the end of the GH.

  • Once you sign up for GH you go into a GH division, no matter if you reroll or not.

  • No dropping out of GH prematurely, you play your games and you play them fully.


The Greenhorn Cup is a swiss tournament before the season starts with two aims in mind, one to give coaches something to do, while waiting on the season to start as well as giving the teams a leg up into the season and into the play-off (if they make it)

All rules from ReBBL are applying to this competition unless otherwise stated in this rule set.

The competition is played over 4 weeks with one game per week (more on that below).


The competition is inter-divisional so playing outside your preferred time zone is likely to happen.

Basic Rules

Who is this Cup for?

Coaches who are bringing a new team into the ReBBL, either from rerolling their old or signing up fresh (keep in mind, once you sign up with a new team, your old team is considered retired and cannot be brought back)


  • One team per coach can play in the greenhorn cup at once.


  • Coaches from either play-offs,  can join the greenhorn cup after they finished their play off run.


  • Coaches and their teams are added twice in the 4 weeks, once at the beginning and once at the two week mark.


  • Coaches need to finish all their allotted games.

Team retirement/rerolling

Coaches can reroll into a fully fresh team for the season at the end of the GH, just change your team on if you change the name and or race, if you remake the same team with the same team name and race you do not need to change anything. You will be placed in a GH div, so other teams will have 2 or 4 games of development and attrition (with the good comes the bad and with the bad comes the good) ahead of you.


Keep in mind you must play all the games you signed up for with your team, that is either 2 if you joined halfway or 4 if you joined at the start. Missed games are treated under the league wide rules (strikes into bans).

Match making

The matches will be assigned on the win record of the team, and random sorting inside the record bracket. (W = 2; D = 1; L = 0 points)

There will be a scheduling thread in the sub-reddit, you must use that one to schedule your game or confirm the agreed game time. (We have a handy guide for our in season scheduling, that should be helpful here as well.)Since it will be the only written record that will be taken into consideration to admin non-played games. If you run into issues scheduling or finding a time slot that will work, please leave a comment on there as well.


These games will be played as a best of 1 non-Knockout game, with 4 minute turns which means games can end in a draw. 

If there is ANY problem with your game and you might need it reset, DO NOT VALIDATE. This includes things like I set the wrong turn length or that there was a disconnect or anything you think might be a bug as well as your opponent conceding either due to a disconnect or rage quit. If you validate, we cannot reset the match or assign you the appropriate spp (the two winning TDs that cyanide gives you for the concede win, don’t generate spp). You will not end up worth in regards to spp/development, if the game is admined compared with you just confirming it.

Accepting tickets

The Cup will be organised into two team knockout competitions. We are doing regular sweeps of the Greenhorn Division to start the games, so please do accept your tickets ASAP.

This is also important in case your game goes unplayed.

We have a bot that starts all games with accepted tickets every 30 minutes, so no need to ping admins to get the game started, just early ticket acception.

Unplayed games

The games that didn't get played will result in an admin game.
Admin games will always use random spp allocation on your team.
Depending on the effort brought forward by either coach the result ranges from:

2:2 Both coaches made valid efforts to get the game scheduled, but just couldn’t due to
schedule not matching up (2 TDs and one MVP each 11spp)
2:1 If one coach presented less availabilities throughout the week (due to RL events, ie
work, study, school, etc) (11 spp and 8 spp, respectively for each coach)
2:1 win against the AI. If one coach didn’t display any valid effort into getting the game
played. (11 spp and 0 spp and no winings, respectively for each coach)

-:- if neither coach show any valid effort into scheduling the game, the game is

cancelled with no spp nor winning for either coach.

Please be aware the admin teams uses only the reddit thread to come to a judgement on games not being scheduled.


If you didn’t accept your ticket, you will not get spp for that week, no matter what was said in the scheduling thread. Not accepting the ticket is treated as a non-valid schedule attempt for assigning the result of the game.


FYI for the new season

Teams entering into ReBBL are sorted by the region (REL/Gman/BigO) they signed up for, as well as if the coach has partaken in GH or haven’t.

This is done assuming the numbers of teams work out to be able to generate the division. But we try everything in our power to avoid breaking this rule.


- Miraskadu

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