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Morning ReBBL,

Well, well, well. Looks like a new season will be upon us soon. So all the teams are heading into the play-offs or the challenger cup, the old teams resting their bones between seasons. But what can you do if you are a new coach or your team got utterly destroyed last season or you want to taste a different flavour of nuffles chosen?

If you are looking to sign up for ReBBRL, aka college or minors go looking to ReBBRL sub for info (fresh coaches to the game, i.e. to Bloodbowl, only).

If you got an old team and want to return with it to the league and are not in the play-offs or the challenger cup, allow your players the short retreat and peace, and look forward to the incoming new short and fun lived side league (i.e. imperium ok maybe not short but def fun).

Otherwise look no further than here to sign up.

You were promised a Cup to start the season of, something to get your dead (or not dead yet) players into gear, sure we got that as well. See below the infamous:

Greenhorn Cup

The cup to get your fresh team ready and prepared for the new season or die trying.

First and foremost the RULES go and read them. No there won't be a test, but reading does help understanding them. "I didn't know" ain't a valid defense.

Second go read the league rules, they do apply here as well.

The quick run down

Greenhorn is a swiss style tournament running over 4 weeks in total. It will be played in two sets of two weeks. You can join at either point with a fresh team. If you join at the start you have to play all 4 games unless you reroll after week 2. If you do not reroll and you don't play the last 2 games or don't accept you ticket to those games, the team will NOT be eligible to play next season. And you will get the standard punishment for missing games.

Coaches who played in either play-offs or challenger cup, can join the GH cup with a fresh team after they finished their respective run. And can then either join in week 1 or week 3, depending on when they finish their run.

Sign-ups and Roll over dates

Sign ups close 12h (noon UTC) prior to roll over. Roll over is on the following Wednesdays at 8 PM UTC (20:00 UTC / 22:00 CEST):

Round 1: Starts Wednesday 10th July

Round 2: Starts Wednesday 17th July

Round 3: Starts Wednesday 24th July

Round 4: Starts Wednesday 31st July

Sign ups will be open with new season sign ups over at see the link above for the sign up post.


This competition is cross region so expect to play outside your region.

If a valid attempt by both coaches has been made in the scheduling thread on this sub-reddit. But no working time can be found the game will be awarded as a draw.

No scheduling attempt will result in a concede loss and a strike in accordance to the rules of ReBBL.

So have fun killing each other on the pitch to advance and prepare your teams for a new round of madness.



- Gypsy Prince

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