Ledeas: Coach Z, (Can I call you Coach Z?) I was wondering if you had a few moments to speak to Rebbl News about your Orc Team Green Dae?
There has been allegations of Orcs being Infused by Vampire blood. Would you care to comment?


Z: These orcs would never infuse their own blood with dirty vampires, who would, no these orca train their whole life’s to be on the pitch. Morning jogs, afternoon weights and for dinner the corpses of their own fallen brethren. Yes these orcs have seen a lot their first couple games orc body after orc body. Until one guy said “uhh why not eaten” and so he did and suddenly, pecs like you’ve never seen appeared on him, Calfs and ankles that would make Olympic runner be jealous of. So this so called rumor of infusing vamps blood is false infact it is the delicacy of fallen orcs and blood (our opponents) sweat and blood


L: While that is terrifying and if I may be so bold as to say "Orc-rageous" perhaps we should divert our attention from the Rumor Mill and to the Bone Grinder that is the Pitch. Do you have any specific goals or plans this season in the Lineman League? Any Teams you have concerns over?


Z: Finally win playoffs and not get rusty first round, and concerns is always claw


L: Speaking of claw, how do you feel with the removal of Chaos. Nurgle, Underworld, and Lucky Skaven are the only claw you might see.


Z: The removal of claw was a smart choice, having easy access to skills doesn't follow the LL code of "git gud roll dubs"


And we close today's interview with a warning to any coach that engages in illeagal Vampire Infusing, The Lineman League is watching.


Artist Rendition of Coach Z







- Ledeas

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