All REL – Mid December’s winds bring a sense of change. The cold reality of some aging star players will be called into question this week.

All GMAN – Casualties will bring you disappointment, do not expect help from Apothecaries.

All BIGO – With Summer around the bend, time for hesitation to end. Roll the dice!


AMAZONS – Ladies should always go first. Expect to see the coin toss go your way! Score quickly and often. BIG O ladies will find the weather to be a fickle BI.. um….

BRETONNIAN – In the GMAN the knights of yore will find Blizzards showing up to bring victory, the rest of the Brets will have to contend themselves with knock down – drag out – scrum for every yard. Good Luck.

CHAOS – The Beastmen will be happy and healthy this week!

CHAOS DWARVES – In the REL – Chorfs will continue to do what Chorfs do. Break Armor and Laugh. In the BIG O you will find that the GFIs will betray you. Not sure what you did to deserve this, but you do. In the GMAN Hobbos will die. Now that may not seem like an oddity but they will be doing it with style and gusto this week.

DARK ELVES – All praise the Stadium Enhancements for they will matter this week!

DWARVES – REL Dwarves will find that their laces are on tight today – GFIs are your allies. Run down those age old grudges. The rest of you stumpy hate machines can expect to see a lot of pushes for some reason. Hey at least that is 1 square closer than you were.

ELVEN UNION – Today is the day to bury that one elf that has one skill that you use that one time in each game. The Kicker, The Dirty Player, The Kick Off Return Expert – Whoever that Elf was, kiss him goodbye. Luckily, there is another line elf around the corner!

GOBLINS – Rain will make Hand offs dangerous, but then you are goblins. So I am sure you will find a way to cheat that too!

HALFLINGS – Don’t let your meat loaf! Square up and take your blocks.

HIGH ELVES –Catchers are going to have to work double as Throwers and Blitzers are busy signing autographs.

HUMANS – Have you considered the glory of the Empire recently? No? Taxes are due and you can expect low winnings this week. Plan accordingly.

KHEMRI – Did you know the living created a fluid known as beer? There are babes that explain how you should consume these fluids! Hire them this week. It will be worth it.

KISLEV CIRCUS – The fur will fly this week as block dice seem to have gone to the dogs. Necro teams will have your number.

LIZARDMEN – I sense doubles in your future. Be they for fouling or level ups, the cards do not say.

NECROMANTIC – Prepare to be out maneuvered this week if you do not watch your steps.
Star Players bring ruin both on your team and against your team.

NORSE – Coming from the land of the Ice and Snow, you will find that weather will aid you this week. Rejoice in the perceived difficulties.

NURGLE – This week is a week of consolidation. Try to keep your foes pinned within your presence.

OGRES – Throw Things, Its Funny!

ORCS – Things will simmer this week, don’t try to make violence happen. If it is there, do it. If not, let the moment pass.

SKAVEN – AV 7 will do what AV 7 do. Past results do not create future events.

UNDERWORLD – This is your week Underworld, though for the life of me I don’t see how.
Did you really just buy another goblin?

UNDEAD – Mummy prepare to adopt new souls for the team, but they need your support. Don’t leave them out there on their own. They may be strong single positional, but they still need the love and support of their coaches.

VAMPIRE – Regen will not be there for you this week. Normally a 50/50 shot, but this week it has a 100% chance of letting you down.

WOOD ELVES – Things will look well for you this week as natural reroll skills carry your day. Don’t get into situations where they are ineffective; don’t expect miracles out of them

- Ledeas

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