Welcome folks to the last week of the Horrorscopes.

This week, things will be a bit different.

Instead of creating or seeking predictions amongst the stars, I advise you take time to review your team.

Dark, High, Wood, and Pro Elves -- Are you banged up? Have you enoug players to roster the Full LOS? I know too the injuries of Injuries. To watch your once feared murder machine get gimped and damaged. Or watch your star player be cruely targeted and hunted like a dog.
Maybe it is time to reroll, restart, and regrow. Rememeber even the elves of Lothlorien and Rivendale eventually sailed to the West.

Amazons, Norse, Humans, Bretonnians, and Kislev -- Dear Humans, do you have any Stats? Do you have enough tricks to hang with the teams that excell? Sure you can maybe out bash the elves, but can you out ball handle? Maybe you can out run the Chaos, but can you survive them? No one expects you to go toe to toe with every team, but if you do not have a battle plan, you will find yourself quickly left behind. Take this time to review your players and fire the ones that have lived a life of mediocricy.

Vamps, Ogres, Halflings, Goblins, Underworld -- You are a blessing and a mad person, review yourself please. Do you still have fun? If so, then please continue being the type of players everyone wants to love and is afraid to be. If not, its ok. The teams you picked are hard and no one will fault you for wanting to play new teams.

Orcs, Chaos, Chorfs, Dwarfs, Lizardmen -- Now is the time to count the bodies, I am sure you have a count that is 3 times what you have lost. Maybe it is time to review your team, are you getting the most out of your killers? Can you respond to other threats? Do Humans and Wood Elves blow by you and make you chase them all over the field? Perhaps after you make a Claw, Pile On, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Engine of Death, you think about expanding into otehr avenues of success?

Undead, Necro, Khemr, Nurglei -- Oh Afterlife Masters, Now is a time of reflection. Take a look at your team and see if you still enjoy smashing and ripping your opponents. Nurgle -- With such a variet of style of teams you can create are you accomplishing what you want? Khemri -- How you can stand AG2 is beyond me. Truely you hold the secrets of anchient patientce.

Skaven -- You are to me a team all in of your own. You are a MOVE team in my mind. I know people want to put you in Agility, because of the Gutter Runners. Yet really you are your own mess. No one moves like the rats do. Your review is similar to the Elves, Do you have enough players to keep Fighting? Are your stars still Stars? And yet, you have some mutations and strange playes like other Mutation Teams. Maybe you have a way to solve your failings in manners other have not figured.

In conclusion, I hope you take this down time between seasons to review your team and make sure you want to keep plugging away with the players and heroes you created.
If not, then maybe look at some new teams, new configurations!

Who knows, maybe you might find your fate is best grasped in the hands of a new team!




- Ledeas

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Great Job! - Incesticide

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