All REL – Regeneration will be up in the air to a coin flip. Be mindful.

All GMAN – Rain will cause delays in games and make balls slippery

All BIGO – Do you have your life insurance paid up? This could be the week of death.


AMAZONS – This will be the week of being out strengthed. Be prepared for tough blocking assignments.

BRETONNIAN – This will be the week of being out maneuvered, watch your square counts… Every step matters

CHAOS – Claws will be sharp today. Expect to see a lot of KO’s on both

CHAOS DWARVES – Bounties continue to heap upon your head. Bathe in the tears, coat your beards with the blood of your enemies. Steal Candy from Baby Hobgoblins! Other than that, expect a pretty normal week…. Actually that was a pretty normal week wasn’t it?

DARK ELVES – You will have early success with the bash game, do not let this fool you. You cannot out bash anything. Take the blessing that Nuffle has provided and don’t try to push your luck.

DWARVES – Stadium Upgrades are the call to action. If you have one expect its bonus to come into play. If you do not have one, get one.

ELVEN UNION – GMAN Elves will find perfect weather for elven shenanigans. The rest of Rebbl should expect your day to be pretty normal with a high chance of Move Busting. You or them, not quite clear.

GOBLINS – I don’t know what to tell you. You are goblins, life is hard enough.

HALFLINGS – As coffee is known to stunt your growth, expect opposition to do the same. They will be bitter and dark about your success and seek to harm you. More than usual.

HIGH ELVES – SPEED is the name of the game today.

HUMANS – In the GMAN the weather of the Elven Union will bless you too!
In the Big O, Watch out for those Blitzers, they are targets as well of Rocks and Pitch Invasions. In the REL expect the body count to rise higher than normal if you do not watch your players.

KHEMRI – Brush your teeth boys! You are going to be stars. Expect extra success in places you would not normally expect them!

KISLEV CIRCUS – In the Big O Blitzers will find themselves the target of Envy and Rocks! You have been warned. Wear your helmet.
Rest of you should expect to find the pitch a little slippery, Watch your landings.

LIZARDMEN – Saurus will find themselves to be the darlings of the pitch, expect MVPs to fall on the Saurus; so plan accordingly.

NECROMANTIC – Have you considered selling Life Insurance?

NORSE – Expect a week of GFI failures. You have been warned.

NURGLE – Have you considered a Beast TD?

OGRES – Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Foot, Right Foot!

ORCS – After the 3 weeks weeding out the weak, it is time to walk in like you own the place. Full Field Press. Let know Elf or Human escape your fists.

SKAVEN – Expect a mutation this week, so make sure you have a plan for that double.

UNDERWORLD – Animosity will be calm today. Try out a pass or hand off to shore up the skill list of a player.

UNDEAD – REL – BRING OUT YOUR DEAD! This is your week you lucky Necrophiliacs! For the rest of you, be prepared for some Wight to Ghoul (or reversed) action – Remember there are Hand Offs available all over the field.

VAMPIRE – Hypnotic Gaze will find a way to let you down this week. Maybe you have a bit of sun in your eyes? Don’t pass either.

WOOD ELVES – Did you bring enough rerolls? You are going to need them.


- Ledeas

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