All REL -- Note that some heavy duty cosmic shifting is aligned for the next few days. So, while a lot remains same on surface, there is plenty of internal churning. Stay centered!

All GMAN -- Jupiter moves to Sagittarius – your 7th House. Results will manifest over the next two games.

All BIGO -- Whatever issues you have been facing – it would be best to stay open minded and approach them with a positive mind


AMAZONS – Time to keep an open mind this week ladies, plays that would normally be a negative, could create positive outcomes. As always Strong Bearded men are your weakness.

BRETONNIAN – This week as you face opposition remember that love can come to your rescue. Carry their tokens in your gauntlets and enjoy the imaginary +1 bonus to everything.

CHAOS – You shall fail to initiate debt repayments, early in the month. Now is the time to make that right. Give back to the crowd with blood. Yours or theirs. Your call.

CHAOS DWARVES – The movement of the moon will create moody Centaur. Blocking will allow them to spend their emotional uphevals. Don't expect them to ball handle at all.

DARK ELVES – An electrifying attraction to someone you may have just met could cause your mind to dwell on sex and romance today. No it’s not the witch elf, it’s the referee. They will keep their eyes on you. Watch your fouling.

DWARVES – Business will take extra effort this week. Take a look over your team, give your bank an extra glance. Now is the time to pick up the extra dwarf, now is the time to replace the one you have been wanting to.

ELVEN UNION – It is time to review old tactics. They may not hold up to this new week and an alternate style of play is going to be required. Hit the field and practice.

GOBLINS – Be prepared to say good bye to a dear friend or teammate. But then again, you are goblins, so really this is just another day at the office.

HALFLINGS – A closed mouth never gets fed! Time to be heard Halflings. The trees can’t carry your team… even if they can throw it. Speak up, take the ball, and take the block. Now is the time to be seen.

HIGH ELVES – Some key positional player will seem to be going through some rough things today and it would be best to leave them alone to work things out in their own way. Maybe a turn on the LOS will get them to pull their pointy hats out of their arses!

HUMANS – The winds blow in from the north and bring with them difficulties in the pass game. Expect Bash to take you father this week.

KHEMRI – Your ambition and will to succeed may be at war with your feelings today. Luckily your feelings are as dead as the rest of you!

KISLEV CIRCUS -- The fiery sun will burn overhead reminding you that you only live once – make it an adventurous day. Unless you play Necro or Undead. Those games are going to give you the chance to see the pitch from a new side!

LIZARDMEN – Everyone needs a little solitude from time to time. So today’s game may be the closest chance you have to pitch clear this year. Good Luck in making your dreams come true.

NECROMANTIC – New opportunities will present themselves. Maybe it takes the form of a lucky bounce to a zombie, perhaps it takes the form of a double – take advantage of these moments. They are rare.

NORSE – REL – The Smash of Norse will be on full point this week. This is also the week of good coin, so expect to replace that player you have been wanting to. Everyone else will see a slight difficulty in moving the ball. Don’t get your Man-kinis in a bunch. Just punch your way out.

NURGLE – While you are gross, you deserve love too! This is that week. Hug everything. Around the neck. With your foot. Twice.

OGRES – Hey Coaches, The last few weeks have been for the Ogres, this one is to you. Have you considered the diversity of the team? Sure Break Tackle and Pile On are fun and make for semi mobile death machines. But did you know that Gnobblers can get skills too!? Don’t neglect the little guys. They suck, but you probably should have 8 or 10 of them around.
In the BIG O – Get some Ogre teams. You do yourselves a disservice.

ORCS – Aggressive Mars moves to your Sign; this will keep you energized and active. Go ahead and skip that Blood Bowl Babe if you get the money for one, splurge on a bribe or a Lineman Mercenary.

SKAVEN – You're headed into a time of great wealth in terms of finances and information to help you gain more security. Rats today will not DIE! (and they will try to) Plan ahead though, you know this won’t hold.

UNDERWORLD – You will find countless ways of doing the same thing so that it doesn't get boring. And boy do you need it!

UNDEAD – REL – Did you bring a Skeleton? You will need one soon if not this week.
GMAN – Necromancers will be lazy this week. Don’t count on their help. Igors will pick up the slack if you can get one.
BIG O – have you hear that number one Pop Song – Mummy Hit Them One More Time!

VAMPIRE – GMAN – Vampires bring a taste of the old countries and way to the field. Expect to see the style and aristocracy again, that your lands once knew. The rest of the REBBL can expect business as usual. Rerolls for Bloodlust will lead to ruin.

WOOD ELVES – Old and stale relationships that bring nothing to the table seem to slip away, change dramatically, or disappear altogether. Good let them go. Dead wood will only slow you down.

- Ledeas

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