All REL – The New Year is around the corner – A new player brings fresh luck to the pitch.
No one said it was ‘good’

All GMAN – Ready to roll new dice for the New Year? Too bad! Double Ones are waiting for you.

All BIGO – Hey Down Under, have you ever considered that the New Year will bring more of the same as last year? Because it will. But there is plenty of room in the Cas box for you and your opponents!


AMAZONS – A new year, A new look?! Ladies, try the style of Blood Bowl you have not been playing! If you dodge, start blocking. If you Screen, Try passing. Look its week 8. Good luck and maybe get yourself something nice this week like a cheerleader or extra Appo.

BRETONNIAN – As the year turns and the peasants are huddled in their shanties, let’s give thanks to the Lady of the Lake and remember that the Knights deserve the ball. Figure on them bringing success this week and don’t bother trying to fluff any other player.
They will disappoint. More than usual

CHAOS – After a visit from Sandy Claws, the New Year looks great. Expect to see some losses of Beast Men, but if you plan accordingly, the fiscal hits will not be that dangerous.

CHAOS DWARVES – Did you know that Hobgoblins are like Piñatas for the New Year? If you get one to pop this week, it will spell good fortune for the following weeks.

DARK ELVES – STAY AWAY FROM THE SIDELINES. If you see a juicy target or think you can sideline cage. DON’T. The crowd is mad at you for being fabulous and beautiful and for sacrificing 1 out of 20 of their babies. You have been warned.

DWARVES – GMAN Dwarves will find inspiration from the Immortal League as GMAN legends Bargin Boozers continue to wow and amaze the crowds. You will be inspired to GFI and Pass and all kinds of Non-Dwarf behavior. DON’T DO IT! Just punch and wall.
The rest of the Rebbl will find Dwarven New Year to be pretty much business as last Dwarven Year. So that is a positive. Good luck out there boys!

ELVEN UNION – Another week of Life vs Death decisions. Your future is hazy. Most of you will find injuries and death after scant weeks of glory. At least you have lovely hair!

GOBLINS – Expect the Refs to be grumpy and unforgiving this week as they wake up with After Party Hangovers.

HALFLINGS – It’s a New Year and time for a NEW Game Plan! Don’t Let your Meat Loaf, Get out there and do the work you want done! BIG O Halflings, Don’t let the woes of last year weigh you down. Tighten your belt and double your efforts. This year’s games will bear fruit!

HIGH ELVES – Between the Speed of the Wood Elves, The Dazzle of the Pro Elves, and the Violence of the Dark Elves. It is hard for you and your kin to stand out. This is the year for High Elves to be known as the Winning Elves. This week is your chance to stamp a mark. Go for the TD, ignore the stall.

HUMANS – New Year, New Opportunities! This is the week of odd level ups for you. So feed that TD to the lineman with 4 spp or throw the vanity pass with the blitzer that needs just 1 spp.

KHEMRI – The cycles of Death and Rebirth have held true once again. The New Year brings the chance to get ahead of the cycle this year. Expect Regeneration rolls to hold well this week.

KISLEV CIRCUS -- Celebration of the New Year requires great feats of daring and scoring. If you can arrange a 3 point game you will be rewarded. Find yourself underscoring and you will see grave misfortune in this week and the next

LIZARDMEN – The Solstices are upon you and the New Year has dawned. This is the time to bring forth doubles on your level ups. Good Luck.

NECROMANTIC – Wights are poised to carry the ball this week. Expect turnovers in the coming week. Not the ball turning over but players dying and new players joining.

NORSE – This week marks the beginning of the end of winter for the Norse of the North (The end of the summer for the Norse of the South) and as such, dark portent are in the runes.
Screen this week.

NURGLE – REL Nurgle teams – This week is the week you can cash in on your Disturbing Presence. I sense that it will do work for you! The rest of Rebbl, You will find that your Disturbing Presence will fail you. You know where the luck is going….

OGRES – REL Ogres – To be honest, You guys are freaks. Strength ups on Gnobblers and Agility up on Ogres. Just keep doing what you are doing fellas.
Rest of you – Well… The 2 other teams in GMAN…. Um…. We need more Ogre Teams

ORCS – Trolls will find their time on the pitch this week to be beneficial. For the 1 or 3 teams that have one. The rest of you it is business as usual. Go punch something. It will make you feel better for being left out.

SKAVEN – The signs are there. The time is now. You know of what I speak. Good Luck.

UNDERWORLD – New Year, Old Problems. Sorry boys but the Animosity will rear its head this week again. Maybe try throwing more goblins. If they are smacking into your opponents or dying, then you won’t be tempted to try and pass them the ball.

UNDEAD – Wights are poised to carry the ball this week. I know that may seem familiar if you read these in order, but really this week is looking good for these guys. Expect Mummies to be next to useless as well. Plan accordingly. Happy New Year!

VAMPIRE – Be mindful of your blood lust rolls. First Half Feedings should be avoided. Bloated Vampires make for a lazy team. 2nd half buffets are ok though.

WOOD ELVES – With the winds of change blowing and the dawning of a New Year, regrowth is starting to happen. Go ahead and hire that Journeyman who did well in this week’s game. His 1 spp or 3 spp or 5 spp gained is a gift for the New Year. Do not squander it.

- Ledeas

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