All REL coaches can expect a higher chance of Casualties as North America will still be directly concerned with rolling as many POWS as is digitally possible. Remember that the Apo is not your friend.

All GMAN coaches can expect to find at least three different times in their game where they will have to make a difficult call on the status of a reroll. The stars are aligned to state you should go ahead and use them.

All BIGO coaches will find them self with a chance at new love. Be careful, It may not take the form you are used to seeing. Those level ups are going to surprise you!


AMAZONS – Be mindful this week. GFIs are extra dangerous as wet fields will cause all kinds of twisted ankles and tripping dangers.

BRETONNIAN – Wizards will be charged today! If you can, get one.

CHAOS – This week will bring you the opportunity to expand. Perhaps it is time to branch out into new mutations that the rest of the team does not already have. Blessing can come in many forms

CHAOS DWARVES – Bulls are going to have a good week this week, Hobgoblins are warned to be mindful. Things will go better as long as formations are held.

DARK ELVES – Stars are aligned in a way that no ritual will be able to change. Be watchful for any Orc in your way. They bring ruin.

DWARVES – This week is going to bring the chance to add new grudges to the book! Rejoice in the opportunity to throw that vanity pass. It is a rare gift.

ELVEN UNION – Star Players will perform strongly this week. If you have the coin, give one a chance!

GOBLINS – Trolls will be hungry at this the first game of the season – DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE THROWN.

HALFLINGS – Treemen will be extra supportive this week, but watch out for Dwarves. Their anger will spoil even the most simple of soups.

HIGH ELVES – Grace and Style are to be showcased in this first week of play. Air out the ball or run the ball with the extra GFIs. This week is your week in the sun… Use it wisely.

HUMANS – Have you been pondering that new purchase? Ogre, Lineman, Thrower, Catcher?! This is the week to make that happen. Sign the line and get on the field!

KHEMRI – Tomb Guardians are in danger as decay can bring about misery. However Skeletons hands will be stronger for hand offs. Watch those passes though!

LIZARDMEN – Stars will be little help as the first cool winds will start to sweep through the REL and GMAN stadiums. Expect sluggish Kroxes, fumbling Skinks. BIGO Coaches should play well as the sun shines strong.

NECROMANTIC – Zombies will cause you grief today, be on the lookout for issues. Ghouls will have great games. In the REL – Flesh Golems should be protected from early deaths. In the GMAN – Wolves will need to watch those dodges. In the BIGO – NO GFIs – Trust us on this one.

NORSE – This week is going to be the week for BLOOD! Don’t be afraid to Pile on if you can! Runners will have the go ahead to make those blocks.

NURGLE – Rotters are this week’s biggest losers. So make sure you bring extras! Papa Nurgle is in your house this week. So while you might lose old friends, this is the week to make new ones!

OGRES -- *sigh* Ogres can’t read. Just rub their bellies for good luck.

ORCS – This week will be a good start for you, expect that armor to hold so go ahead and take the square when you knock your foe down. Be mindful of your Troll (If you have one) as they are hungry this first week.

SKAVEN – Sacrifices will need be made this week. Some of you won’t make it. This is fine as your team (warren?) will continue to grow. Expect SPP to fall like rain for Skaven Teams this week.

UNDERWORLD – As stated for Goblins, watch out for those Trolls.
As stated for Skaven, sacrifices will need be made.
In fact, why not just use anyone else’s horrorscope as you don’t do anything on your own anyways.

VAMPIRE – Thralls will be extra soft this week. Make sure you bring extras!

WOOD ELVES – New shoes are a must as GFIs are going to be tricky… wait.. They don’t wear shoes? Oh… um… Bandages, get lots of bandages.
Traveling Apothecaries will be your best bet in the inducement game.


EDIT: u/FalconMerc Noticed what the writer, editor, and staff missed. No Kislev Circus, thank you for calling this out. The old crystal ball has been thrown down a bowling ally and a new one will be in next week. Week 2 and on will have them included.
Please forgive our oversight.

Kislev Circus creates their own fate on Week 1!

2nd Edit: " Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked "
Undead -- you have our undying regret as u/pscottdai pointed out that you were forgotten as well.



- Ledeas

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