All REL – Watch out for age old grudges as division rivalries start to form

All GMAN – Weather will haunt many games this week, be mindful of the conditions.

All BIGO – Do things seem quiet? Be careful, this is the lull before the storm.


AMAZONS – Ladies, this is the week that will require extra effort. 1 die blocks will pay off. Just keep plugging away at it.

BRETONNIAN – Peasants will find that this week brings the chance to show what you are made of. The goal line is just 13 squares away!

CHAOS – Minotaurs will find that their coaches will expect a lot this week. If you find yourself on a team, make sure you get your job done. Rage after the play. REL – Tzeentch is ready for your weekly sacrifice of pain and blood. Expect claws to be extra sharp!

CHAOS DWARVES – The Fire Dwarves of Chaos teams are poised to bring ruin to their opponents (more than usual) do not let the false tears of your foes or allies distract you from the crushing of bones. Pile Ons are poised to provide providence!

DARK ELVES – Much like the ancient betrayals of yore, this week brings more betrayal.
Pick-ups will be difficult for no other reason than it makes Nuffle laugh. Be mindful. Once you have the ball, do not drop it. You will not get another chance.

DWARVES – PRAISE BE TO GRIMNIR – Slayers are blessed today! All are advised to stay out of their way.

ELVEN UNION – The skill of elves are meant to be shown this week. Roll the dice with abandon and watch as your opponents grumble about Bovine Feces!

GOBLINS – Gold will flow this week. Use it for the inducements. Worry not about bribing the refs – at least not more than usual. Hire Ripper and thank us later.

HALFLINGS – Treemen will be mindful of prepared seed cakes, they know that stomping around will cause them to fall. Be prepared for a lot of your allies to take root. You can't unspill the milk.

HIGH ELVES – Coin will be tight this week, expect low turnouts for the games. Play carefully, lost players will be difficult to replace

HUMANS – Blitzers can expect great games this week, catcher can expect to ‘catch these hands’ so be mindful of your blocks.

KHEMRI – Ancient blood rites will be in favor this week.
Hire the wizard and watch the carnage.

KISLEV CIRCUS -- After being forgotten the first week, let this week be the time to stamp your mark. Catchers will be the play makers.

LIZARDMEN – Slippery skinks will see success this week. Stay away from bribes, they will fail you. In fact, if you have extra coin – Mercenaries!

NECROMANTIC – This week will be a quiet week. This is not a bad thing, use this week to shore up players that need an extra hand. Necromancers will find themselves bored.

NORSE – I can’t believe this! I won’t type it.
*Editor’s note* -- Found tore up paper in waste basket --
Yehtee are in favor and should be used in every play they can.

NURGLE – in the BIGO warm weather will cause Sweltering Heat that will not only put players on the sidelines, but smells wafting from the stadium will cause wildlife to die.
In the REL the Beasts will underperform this week. Best to let the big guy sit still.
In the GMAN – TENTACLES! Get them! They will do the Papa’s work!

OGRES -- *Sigh* Swing – Fist – Smash – Face – GOOD!

ORCS – Da Boyz are in full swing this week. Weaker orcs have fallen in the first week and now is the time to bring ruin. Smash Boyz, Smash!

SKAVEN – Runners will do what they do and they will do it in spades this week. Prepare for all the other rat men on your team to look in envy as Runners accomplish 75% of the work load. It is their time this week.

UNDEAD -- Time to rise and rattle some bones! Wights and Skelletons will lead the way this week. So dont be afraid to toll their bones as you go out for victory!

UNDERWORLD – Time to seek out New Skaven Players. Expect to see a lot of animosity bring ruin. Watch those hand offs.

VAMPIRE – In the GMAN – the blood will be strong this week. Expect less bloodlust rolls than normal. Do not let this lull you into a false sense of success. Rest of the Rebbl can expect pretty much ‘business as usual’.

WOOD ELVES – Loec is in the heart of his chosen. Dancers will be able to leap, pass, dodge, and in essence carry their teams as they often do. GMAN – Treemen will be restful in the sun. Expect them to stay put.

- Ledeas

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