All REL – As the final weeks appear and play off spots are calculated, remember to stop and take the time to smell the stadiums. Is that Fresh Squig Sandwiches?

All GMAN – Make plans now for the trade market! Success can be found there.Import killers and export scorers.

All BIGO – This week is a week of Celebration and Planning. Even if you get eliminated, remember that it gives you more time to plan for next season.


AMAZONS – Ladies This week will bring many stunning moments -- You might spend the game in a daze, trying to take it all in. Relax and focus. You can recover. REL Ladies, look to the passing game to help you. Remember – 3 Squares, Don’t Care!

BRETONNIAN – Be patient with yourself today. You will be wise to be both quiet and cautious. Do something to improve your health or the health of pets (Peasants). The 2-1 Grind is what I see in your future.

CHAOS – job-related or personal projects are apt to come to a head now. Success is in the air. If you do not find success on the field, remember that hobbies can be rewarding in their own right.
REL Chaos Warriors can expect to flex on their opponents. Do they even Blood Bowl Bro?
GMAN Goats are going to live up to the name. GREATEST of all TIME!
BIG O Chaos Teams will find success in working together. Don’t be afraid to move the ball to different players. Give them that OLD RAZZLE DAZZLE!

CHAOS DWARVES – Do your best to be the diplomat. Conflicts of opinion need to be settled in ways that work for everyone involved today. Do your best to see all sides of a situation before you make a firm decision. I mean really, The team you break today is the team that faces your enemies next week. Maybe leave them a little something to play with?

DARK ELVES – If you're feeling low or spacey, what can you do about it? A simple change in habits can make a big difference in how you look and feel. An expansive energy is ideal for getting out socially. Classic Elven plays will fail. Classic Blood Bowl tactics will fail. Step outside the box and let the dice fall where they may.

DWARVES – An enterprise you'd long since given up on, perhaps one involving the creative arts, may suddenly come up again, this time as a real opportunity. Take the chance with a new skill, think outside the box. Or you know. Keep going GUARD, MIGHTY BLOW, STAND FIRM like every other dwarf.

ELVEN UNION – The one great love of your life could finally appear. You may meet this person through work. Don’t be afraid to hire that loaner. Be mindful of Weather.

GOBLINS – It isn't your job to solve all the problems of the world. There isn't anything wrong with doing the best you can with what is in front of you. Walk away if a person or situation requires you to be or do something you know isn't right for you. In fact – F@%#’EM!

HALFLINGS – Well like Grandmother Stoutheart once said, “GET YOUR ASS OUT OF MY KITCHEN YOU THIEVING LITTLE SCAMPS.” Time to hit the pitch and show these people some agility and style. All soups need stirring, so stir those pots!

HIGH ELVES – The people you attract actually bring lessons that make you more spiritually aware and a better person. It's important to think about your best buds and the things they are into. If you have a problem that keeps happening, it's time to pay attention and make some changes. You can’t win all your games with dice. Well I mean, you can… but really it should not be statistically possible.

HUMANS – A financial windfall could come as the result of a coup that no one expected you to pull off. Now how you are going to explain to the rest of the team why you get to go to the Elven Springs and they go to the Bargain Appo Shop…. That is on you.

KHEMRI – If there's a relationship within your family unit that is struggling this can be the day to find the solutions to remedy the situation. It might be that someone there is holding a grudge. If so put them on the LOS, it’s time for them to have their final death.

KISLEV CIRCUS -- The energy today brings wisdom. Bouncy people can seem irritating, but you need their energy. You will make them less likely to do something impulsive. You may be more suspicious and quieter than usual because of an unresolved situation. Not everything is easy. Rely on fundamental Blood Bowl and leave the show boating till another week.

LIZARDMEN – Consider the course your life is now travelling and think about whether or not it's going as you planned. If you notice that you aren't as happy as you could be in any area, give time to thinking about what needs to happen. Then throw all that out. Feelings are for Mammals.

NECROMANTIC – You may feel limited in some important areas. The wise course is to keep things simple. If you have the courage and sense to let go of what's no longer working, you can make important breakthroughs. Reconsider any attitude you have that has been questioned by people you love. Perhaps it is time to use your players in slightly different ways?

NORSE – GMAN – This week you will find that the Nordic Raiders will relive the days of old. Make sure you sacrifice a goat to the All Father.
The rest of Rebbl – AV 7 and Block is still AV 7.

NURGLE – Don't turn down invitations today. A group meeting or social event could be thrown together with casual acquaintances, and your relationship with these people could abruptly change – you know, by sharing the love of Papa Nurgle. Your games are going to be gross as you are this week. Take joy in the acquisition of new players.

OGRES – Throw Gnobbler, something will go splat. Also, Do you have a full crew yet? You need them. Who cares if Ogres go stupid, if you have 6, then maybe 3 will work!

ORCS – You're likely to see opportunities at every turn and take steps to create what you want. Ignore any temptations to cheat or cut corners. There is some risk that you can become ferociously angry or cut someone off if you're frustrated. Extra drama won't work to your advantage. Maybe beating someone on the field is enough. Those fouls can cause you to lose players too.

SKAVEN – Events today may bring you major lessons about surrendering and letting go. It isn't about doing certain exercises or following a certain diet or having a particular philosophy to control your life. It's impossible to control everything that's going on. Release stress and go with the flow. Or just buy new players. Your Call.

UNDERWORLD – Success will find you if you've been training your abilities and this should come as no surprise. You will never be the same.

UNDEAD -- Group activities or social events could put you in contact with a new, exciting person. You could feel a strong physical and romantic attraction. You should kill them and make them join your ranks.

VAMPIRE – Wonderful news comes from far away! So push the opponents into the crowd! The kids love it. BIG O – Get some Vampire teams, you bunch of Try Hards.

WOOD ELVES – Be mindful of your games this week. Watch your scores and remember -- After it's all set in stone, go out and celebrate

- Ledeas

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I do have to say you were right on point, CWs did shine - Incesticide

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