Welcome to Week 3 and let us see how the stars may guide us.

All REL – Lucky day of the week is Thursday – Perhaps schedule this day.

All GMAN – This is a week of travel, be prepared to play in strange stadiums

All BIGO – The Archer is in power this week, Time for pass plays to reign supreme… or at least be attempted.


AMAZONS – Dear Women of Blood Bowl, This week will be THAT week. Nothing will go right. The stars warn you, play conservative.

BRETONNIAN – Knights are going to find their path to victory being blocked by obstacles. Time to allow the rest of the team to support the Gentry. BIG O – Allow the Catch Skill to be used. Pad the stats and earn some SPP

CHAOS – Warriors this is the season for giving – Casualties, Ko’s, Death… Don’t be stingy.

CHAOS DWARVES – As the hatred of you mounts and compounds, take this in stride. And by stride I mean GFIs for you! DO IT, Give the haters something ELSE to cry about.

DARK ELVES – Be mindful of your blocks. They will let you down or knock you down. Be prepared to have to find alternate paths to victory. GMAN – You will find those GFIs are tempting. Do not push your luck. The week of Travel will only support you so far

DWARVES – Blocks will be fruitful, but be mindful of the 1 die blocks.

ELVEN UNION – Armor will not help this week. You have been warned.

GOBLINS – Did that team have Tackle? Week 3 will bring failed dodges. This the universe will compensate with red dice blocking – to a point. If you need to, try it. If you want it… let it pass.
REL – Landings will work for you this week. FLY ON LITTLE ONES

HALFLINGS – There is more than one way to skin a cat and then cook it! So be prepared to do what it takes to TOUCH DOWN!

HIGH ELVES – Nuffle has slated that things will not go well for you this week.
At least Bob will be happy.

HUMANS – Throwers and Catchers will find great success this week (BIG O Coaches double so) and blocks will be adequate. Watch the Apothecary and Ogre, these ‘outsiders’ may cause you grief.

KHEMRI – This is your week Tomb Guardians. The last few weeks have been low favor for you and now it is your time to stand in the sun. Swing on.

KISLEV CIRCUS – Bears will be playmakers this week! Let the good time roll.

LIZARDMEN – Avoid Passing, NO MATTER WHAT. You have been warned.
Otherwise, the week appears to be normal in all other ways.

NECROMANTIC – Ghouls and Wights will find Ball Carrier Duty to be extra rewarding this week. Be prepared to move the ball in unconventional ways.

NORSE – Runners and Blitzers will shine this week. Linemen are advised to put their affairs in order.

NURGLE – Warriors! This is the week to pick up the ball and to actually SCORE with it!
Level ups will be glorious!

OGRES – Someone read this to the Ogres – Throw Gnobblers – Make FUNNY!

ORCS – REL Orcs can expect to continue to bring pain and suffering to their opponents. BIG O Orcs will find that Blinding Sun will haunt them – skip the pass, go for bash!
GMAN Orcs – Run the ball down the throats of your enemies.
This is your week!

SKAVEN – RAT OGERS UNITE! This is the week for your fury. No longer will you be made to feel ashamed and unloved. Slash and Crash.

UNDEAD -- Zombies, pull it (back) together -- The team will need your strength! Watch out for Ghoul mortality... More than usual.

UNDERWORLD – Mutations are the key this week. Rely on those that have been touched by Warp Stones. In fact, you should grind it up and sprinkle it in your food.

VAMPIRE – With 2 type of players, you might feel that the Horrorscopes are letting you down. Well there is not a lot of variety on your team. Maybe you let us down. Did you ever think of that?! NO, because it’s all about you and your need to drink.

WOOD ELVES – Loaners who earn SPP may become the new backbone of your team. Hire them.

- Ledeas

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