All REL – Merry Christmas – Let those Vanity Passes be the little Gift to yourself!

All GMAN – Merry Christmas – I know you want to treat yourself with a new player. Hold off till the New Year!

All BIGO – Merry Christmas – Time to give out the free ‘Punch to the Face’ coupons to everyone!


AMAZONS – Seasons Greetings Ladies! As always, your grace will be called into question this week. Well sadly the answers will not be what you want them to be. If you rely on Dodge, you will be disappointed for Christmas.

BRETONNIAN – As Peasants get the chance at their one feast day out of the year, expect them to be lethargic and more worthless than normal this week. Knights and Blockers will have to pull the weight of the team.  

CHAOS – In the BIG O Minotaurs will stuff more than stockings! The rest of the Rebbl Chaos teams are getting coal for Christmas… that is right, expect those double skulls to pop up. Do your moving before you do your blocking.

CHAOS DWARVES – Hobgoblins will find great gifts for them this year in the arms of their opponents. Just kidding, if you care about them at all, keep them safe. Or you can expect to hire new ones in the New Year!

DARK ELVES – Time to gift the chance of Blood Bowl to a new positional. Maybe you need an Assassin or a Runner. Maybe you old team mate just died. This week is auspicious for a new player if you can swing it.

DWARVES – Runners, this week will be your week for some reason! Rejoice and sing an old Hearth Song as you cross the End Zone Line!

ELVEN UNION – You may find small human children smiling and giving you lists of presents they want. Forgive them and show them the grace of Elven Superiority. Your games against Non-Humans will go well, Humans for some reason will distract you and cause grief.

GOBLINS – Bombardiers, this is the week you have been waiting on. Get on the team either as a full time staff or as a Merc Player, but get out there! Coaches, if you refuse to get one even after reading that, expect the Fanatic to pick up the slack.

HALFLINGS – With Yule Punch on the Menu, people will expect you to drink your fill. Turn the tables on them with your blitz!

HIGH ELVES – REL High Elves will deliver that gifts that keep giving! Expect a high scoring game! The BIG O High Elves will find their block assignments coming through this week. GMAN High Elves will see that the glistening fields and know that the season of giving will give them one more move, but don’t be greedy.

HUMANS – Twas the week of the Yule tide and all through the land.
Not a Human team was whole, not a one of them could stand.
You have been warned, so maybe stay in bed.
You might catch a boot, to your sorry human head.

KHEMRI – GMAN Khemri can count on Skeletons and their Thick Skulls this week. Base for the Holidays. The rest of Rebbl will find that GFIs and Bony Feet do not mix.

KISLEV CIRCUS – Star Players will disappoint this week. Stay Away. Get a Merc if you need one, but also think about hiring any Journeymen you meet this week.

LIZARDMEN – The humans are celebrating a weird holiday and will be easy prey to the Saurus. Human, Norse, Amazon, and Kislev will be easier games than the rest.

NECROMANTIC – Flesh Golems and Wights will bring the family together today. However this is the season of good will and cheer. Once you get the other team under control, just score and let them take their team to the next game. Did you really need another Zombie to feed anyways?

NORSE – Yule Time is upon the warriors of the Great White North. Time to show the weak Southern Teams what the cold hard wind does. Expect to find hand off relays to be the strategy that pays off.

NURGLE – Have you forgotten Papa Nurgle during this season of giving? Do not surf a guy, Stomp his stupid face till he receives the gift of Nurgle’s Rot!

OGRES – Dashing through your foes, with all their broken bones. Ogres do these things, while laughing all the way! HA HA HA HA HA

ORCS – Sad to tell you Greenskins. You will have a Blue Christmas. Things will not go well for you. You can plan accordingly to minimize the loss (Maybe even pulling out the tie) or you can go all out hoping to reverse your fate. Good Luck…

SKAVEN – REL Skaven will find that the other teams are generous with their blocks. You should be generous with your boots! Fouls will either do the work or slip by… so foul on you nasty little rat men. The rest of the Rebbl can expect Skaven to give you what they always do… Broken Players and Movement Movement Movement. Don’t reinvent the Cheese Wheel. Do what the team does.

UNDERWORLD – Warpstones make the best gifts for this team. Expect Mutations to play a great part of your day, so get an extra one for that Goblin whose name you pulled at the Office Party.

UNDEAD – This is the season for unwrapping. Watch your Mummys. Don’t leave them out there to get a boot.

VAMPIRE – Thralls are the gift that keeps on giving. Bring an extra for the after party. You will need him.

WOOD ELVES – They cut down trees and decorate them. Maybe leave yours at home. They will take root most the time as this time is a time of sleep and rest anyways. Catchers will also find that One Turn shenanigans will not work this week.  

- Ledeas

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